The Process of Life
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"Who are we?  Just a speck of dust within the galaxy," is a lyric from a song in the wonderful film Begin Again.


Indeed, we are all derived from stardust.   And, it's been a long, long process to bring us to the state of human development we have reached thus far. 


The key word is process.  In the course of our lives, we must all go through various processes to move us toward self-actualization. 


We start off with the decision to enter this dimension in order to progress on our soul's path to the fulfillment of its contract with Creator.


Our parental choices are to learn obstacles to overcome or virtues to develop.  And, birth puts us at the bottom of a pyramid we are intended to ascend.


Our triune brain as described by Dr. Paul MacLean is, initially, triggered by the instinctual need of hunger (the reptilian brain) and the emotional need for protection (paleomammalian brain) from this unfamiliar world, seemingly inhabited by giant creatures, who are either kind or cruel.


Wants and needs, plus the obstacles that face them, build our emotional responses and feed our intuition.  Then, as our reasoning (neomammalian brain) begins to kick in, the primary emotions derived from our upbringing and environment form our principle mood(s), as well as which brain-level is dominant, e.g., "Everyone's out to get me" - Reptilian; "Give me.  Give me." - Paleo; "Let's discuss." -  Neo.


How we balance instinct, intuition and thought, then, defines our ego.  And, contrary to some philosophies, ego is an essential part of being a human.  We have to find and learn our instrument before we can join the universal symphony, i.e., move from the Self to the All.  Without our particular note, we would not be of much use to the All.   


We are part of a network of minds, using brains to develop our notes in the grand symphony.  Together, we create meaning and, ultimately, we are each other... bringing form out of formlessness.  And, if we do it right, that form will be something spectacular!


Getting rid of negativity and the fear/suffering/chronic stress it produces is essential to allowing for the natural or intended state of bliss to develop...the elevated state as opposed to the survival or lower state.


But, that takes experience and learning from it.  So, most of us have to go through several "ego lives" before we can move into our "chair" with our fellow players.


The human brain is an organ of consciousness.  The ultimate process is to go to an awakening of consciousness and, then, a "deconstruction" leading to non-duality... 

a unity of oneness, the seamless wholeness, the no-separation. 


One's singularity has to move to being conscious one is Conscious.  And, becoming Conscious allows the exercising of Will on a higher level.  It allows us to be able to truly love. 


Real love can only exist when one can see through the separateness.  Love is how oneness feels.


Of course, getting to this state is the struggle of existence.  And, the first hurdle that must be overcome is the reluctance to believe the struggle is worth it.  


Here's a clue to help in that regard...  If nothing else, the harmony of our cells unconsciously working together should teach us there is worth, not only in our particular part, but in working together with everyone else.  


But, even then, the struggle takes persistence.  (Note that contrary to popular opinion, doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, is not the definition of insanity, but of practice.  And, as any good athlete will tell you, without practice, you will have nothing.)


The good news is that if you ever feel stuck in your process, help abounds.  At all times, there are all sorts of waves of transmission around us to nurture our process, but sometimes we miss the most important ones simply because our tuner is not on. 


If you need help in getting your tuner turned on, let me it's never too late.

The future is changeable. 




Thanks to Dr. Herbert Holt, Dr. Paul MacLean and Prof. Robert Thurman 

for helping in the process of informing my thoughts, above.


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