October 12, 2017
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Welcome to The Pulse!  Please take a minute to check out what's happening in the life of COTA.
Please join your church in praying for the following requests for the life and mission of the church:
+ Please pray for the Rev. Jay Traylor, our new Church Planter in Residence, and his wife Elizabeth. Pray that they can adjust to life in Raleigh, and also to life and ministry in our church and in our city. Pray for the Lord to pave the way to eventually planting a new Anglican church in our city under their leadership.

+ Pray also for the four new believers in our midst who have recently put their faith in Christ! Pray that they will continue in him all the days of their lives. 

+ Continue to pray for those who have been affected by the shootings in Las Vegas. Pray also for the people affected by wildfires in California, and for those who have been devastated by storms in Puerto Rico, Florida and Houston. 


Scripture: Romans 2:6-16 | Luke 8:16-21
Message: Unboxing Our Lights ~ Rev. Patrick Dominguez

Welcome Staff Additions!
We are excited to welcome Ann Dotson and Doug Brogdon as the newest members of our staff.

Ann will begin next week as our Director of Women's Ministry; a part time role that will focus on coordinating Women's Ministry as well as offering pastoral support for the women of the church.

Doug began this past month as our Volunteer Coordinator; a part time role aimed at helping members get connected into church ministry and making our volunteer scheduling, training, and communication more effective.

Please pray for them and their families as they begin these roles.

Ukraine Mission Trip ~ Summer 2018, Apostles will send a mission team to Ukraine to work with local partners running English language camps for college students.  Tentative dates are June 27-July 8, and the trip is open to anyone age 17 and up.  Participants should be prepared to lead Bible studies, practice conversational English, and share their faith.  There will be an interest meeting on Sunday, October 22 at 12:30 in Room 208 or contact Julie Tisdale { jmgtisdale@gmail.com } .
Guatemala Mission Trip ~ Apostles will return to Guatemala City, June 16-23, 2018 working with Potter's House Association.   This trip is primarily about learning and formation.  We will  complete several work projects paid for by our trip expenses as well as have opportunities to interact with children and families in the PHA programs.   There will be an interest meeting on Sunday, October 29 at 12:30 in the Youth Room or contact Kimberly Curlin {kimberlycurlin@yahoo.com}.
Join us Wednesday, October 18:

Marvin Olasky Presentation ~ October 23
Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of WORLD and the author of 20 books, will speak at COTA on Monday, October 23 at 7:30pm. The speech, on speaking Christianty in a skeptical and cynical culture, is free and open to the public. Olasky's books include The Tragedy of American Compassion and Compassionate Conservatism. He is Dean of the World Journalism Institute and holder of the Distinguished Chair in Journalism and Public Policy at Patrick Henry College.


Have you ever wished you could meet more women at Apostles, but do not have the time to make a big commitment? Well, now is your chance! Make a new connection each month and get to know some of the amazing women at this church. Here is how it works: you are given the name of someone new to meet with each month. The two of you connect and come up with a time to meet. It could be a meal, coffee, a play date - whatever works for the two of you!  
Contact:  Janet Whited {janetwhited@outlook.com


10/15 ~ The Deal + Small Groups: 6-8pm
Fall Retreat! ~ Oct 20-22 New Life Camp ~ SIGN UP HERE

Lessons for October 15
> Nursery: God Cares for a Widow {1 Kings 17:7-16}
> Kids Time: God is Able to Save Us {Genesis 6:9, 12-14}
> Big Time {3rd Sundays}: Luke 8:16-21

COTA Missionary Updates
Terri Shell {InterVarsity}  
Brian & Lauren Mann {Greek InterVarsity}
John & Janie Farwell {Athletes in Action} 
Robin Bolash {InterVarsity at Meredith College}
Marion Dewar {Cru @NC State}

Patrick Dominguez   - Senior Pastor
Eric Bolash - Associate Pastor
Jay Traylor - Church Planter in Residence
Jonathan Noel - Director of Music
Paul Morales - Director of Student Ministry
Emily Gebbie  - Student Ministry Assistant
Nikki Greytock - Student Ministry Administrator
Stacey Wiley  - Director of Children's Ministry   
Ashley Crutchfield  - Raleigh Fellows Director
Lee Hilts - Executive Director
Laynette Rustin - Financial Administrator
Laura Witter - Communications and Building Administrator
Marsha Whyte  - Administrative Assistant

Contact Us
333 Church at North Hills Street . Raleigh, NC . 27609
Office: (919) 782-0550 | Pastoral Care Emergencies: (919) 283-2682