Strong Families, Strong Communities
Presenters Kristen Palagano of Camp Fire NJ, The Perfecting Church Pastor Kevin C. Brown, Loving Our Cities Executive Director Angela M. Brown, Financial Consultant Ed Willis, Sr., Sicklerville United Methodist Church Pastor Steve Shuster, Winslow Township Mayor Barry Wright and Perfecting Marriages Directors Mike and Tammy Dixon; Presenters Dr. Chris Winfrey, Pastor Kevin C. Brown, Pastor Steve Shuster, Ed Willis, Sr. and Mike Dixon share hope and resources available to help families battling mental and physical health challenges; Guests arriving at the First Annual South Jersey Healthy Marriage & Family Summit.
According to "Economic Indicators and Quality of Life in Southern New Jersey , " of the 21 counties in New Jersey, six of the eight counties that make up Southern New Jersey maintain the highest rates of poverty.   Studies show that income, education, employment, individual health outcomes and civic engagement, among other factors, have a direct impact upon quality of life and the overall state and health of today's families and the communities where they reside.
With a stated mission to enhance the quality of life where we live, work, serve and worship, Loving Our Cities, the community engagement arm of The Perfecting Church, joined forces with Winslow Township Mayor Barry Wright to present the First Annual South Jersey Healthy Marriage & Family Summit (SJHMFS) to strengthen families residing in the eight counties that make up Southern New Jersey.
Held on Saturday, September 24th at Camden County College, the free conference featured workshops on a variety of topics including:
  • Parenting Kids, Teens and Young Adults for Success
  • Budgeting Strategies to Reduce and/or Eliminate Debt
  • Financial Planning for College
  • Tools to Successfully Navigate and Overcome Physical and Mental HealthChallenges
  • Secrets for Improving Communication in Marriage
  • Tips to Safeguard Your Family in the Social Media Age
"The root cause of many issues plaguing our communities is the degradation of the family structure," stated Mayor Barry Wright.  "I am hopeful that this Summit will arm families with the tools they need to overcome today's societal challenges, realizing the future of our communities and nation requires strong family values and marriages." 

Thank you to all of the presenters, as well as the Township of Winslow, Family Strengthening Network, Winslow Family Success Center, Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC) and Perfecting Marriages for your role in the success of this event.  For more information and highlights of the event, be sure to follow SJHMFS on Facebook and Twitter, or visit .

RELEASE of Perfecting Cities
The Perfecting Church hosted the Philadelphia City Center Fall 2016 cohort of the Release Initiative, a multi-ethnic training intensive for potential and existing church planters across the globe.  The training held October 4th - 6th, 2016 also marked the launch of Perfecting Cities, the church planting center of The Perfecting Church.

Twelve men and women from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia were trained to engage a postmodern society with the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  The Release training defines Kingdom, Disciple, Society and Church, highlighting how they intersect and modeling a framework that challenges pastors to move from questioning "how is my church doing?" to "how is my city doing?"

Attendees aspire to plant churches throughout the northeastern region of the United States, committing to serve the most vulnerable in their cities and abroad.

For more information, visit, or call 856-817-6223 for details regarding Release Philadelphia City Center.

Cramer Hill Food Pantry Turns One!
Volunteers, including participants of A Few Good Men as well as Camden Academy Charter School Network students, gather to serve their Cramer Hill neighbors.

The Cramer Hill Food Pantry celebrated its one-year anniversary this month.  A partnership between Loving Our Cities, Food Bank of South Jersey and Camden's Charter School Network, the pantry  addresses the persistent problem of hunger that plagues too many families in the City of Camden, while affording Camden Academy Charter High School students, among other youth, the opportunity to develop their gifts and leadership abilities through service of their community.

The pantry operates from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. every third Saturday of the month with the support of an average of  42 volunteers/month who performed nearly 1,020 community service hours over the past year, distributing food and toiletries to more than 300 families per month.

Click here  for more information or to volunteer.

Trunk It Up!
Friday, November 4, 2016

The Perfect Thanksgiving
Saturday, November 19, 2016
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By Pastor Kevin C. Brown
October 21, 2016

This world is filled with difficulties and hardships and we're going to experience some. Anybody that tells you different is lying. The difference for the follower of Jesus is a great hope and unshakeable promises in Christ. I thought my days of trouble were over when I gave my life to Christ and became a follower of Jesus. But the reality is Jesus suffered, His earliest followers suffered and we will too...

Honor: The Culture of God's Kingdom
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The Perfecting Church produces change in the lives of men, women and children through the transforming power of God's word and presence enabling us to discover and live God's unique plan for our lives emerging as holy, purpose-driven, people of influence who extend the Kingdom of God. 

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