Come Harmonize With Perfecting Chords!

Pictured from left to right are: Members of the Perfecting Chords teaching team Kori Willis, Harold Edwards, Andre Johnson and Greg Moore pose with students at Winslow School #3; Renata Bass performs with students at the 20​14-20​15 Perfecting Chords finale concert; Proud graduates of the Perfecting Chords program prepare to showcase their skills for the community.

Perfecting Chords is an anchor engagement of Loving Our Cities, an effort of Perfecting Ministries to mobilize people to be the church, in addition to attending one, by using our gifts to meet the needs of our neighbors in the cities where we live, work, serve and worship.

Currently offered in all four elementary schools in the Winslow Township School District, Perfecting Chords is a FREE, after-school program designed to instill a love of music and their neighbors in the hearts of students in first through third grades. Introducing students to basic music theory, harmony and melody while building their character and a greater sense of connectedness and community, Perfecting Chords begins in September and continues through April, concluding with a public, finale concert at Winslow Township High School.

Now in its fourth year, Perfecting Chords is in search of teachers and support staff who share a passion for children and music to grow its program. For more information and to apply, click here, or email

A Few Good Men Host Season Kick-Off

Volunteers rally to raise up the next generation of male leaders; Local athletes answering the challenge to join A Few Good Men; Curtis Myers defining qualities of a good man.

A Few Good Men hosted its annual kick-off rally and BBQ at United Artists Washington Township on Au​gust 12​th, teaming up with high school football coaches from throughout the South Jersey area to transform some of the region’s most talented athletes into tomorrow’s exceptional leaders.

More than 75 students attended to answer the challenge to become a good man, committing to participate in a series of character-development workshops and community service with the opportunity to be recognized at the end of their respective football seasons for their leadership on their teams and within their school, churches and communities.

Check out the article that appeared in South Jersey Times here. For more photos of the event, click here and visit for more information.


National Night Out

Pictured clockwise from left to right: Pastor Kevin Brown leads Winslow Township in prayer to kick-off 20​15 National Night Out; TPC members Catherine Hankins, April, Ashley and Nolan Ward pose with Mayor Barbara Wallace and Senator Fred Madden in Washington Township; TPC member Tom Chamberlain enjoying a night out with his neighbors; TPC member LeToyja Averhart serving her neighbors in Winslow; TPC members Jeff Jasner and Marcia Myers cheering on their neighbors in Westampton Township.

TPC joined its neighbors Au​gust 4, 20​15 for National Night Out, staffing booths, serving water ice, facilitating games and distributing literature in Washington, Westampton and Winslow Townships.

National Night Out annually convenes more than 37​.8 million neighbors across 16,​124 communities to promote police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and involvement in crime prevention activities. Click here for more information and photos.


Oc​t 29​ - 31, 20​15
After the Vows Marriage Retreat
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Sep​tember 12​, 20​15
TPC 20/20 New Members' Class
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“Changing Shepherds”

By Pastor Kevin Brown | Aug​ust 2​8, 20​15 

David makes a profound statement when he says, “the Lord is my shepherd...” We all have a shepherd. In fact we have many shepherds. Shepherds are the things we pursue and follow. They are the habits and ways that define our lives and set our course. They are the things that influence our motives and direction in life. According to a recent Pew Research study on religion and public life 70.6% of those living in the United States self-identify as Christian. But one look at our morning TV shows or our nightly news reveals 70% of us can not honestly claim the Lord is the one shepherding us.

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Plenty: Developing Faith in God's Provision
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The Perfecting Church produces change in the lives of men, women and children through the transforming power of God’s word and presence enabling us to discover and live God's unique plan for our lives emerging as holy, purpose-driven, people of influence who extend the Kingdom of God.