Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Pulse, the e-newsletter designed for you to keep your finger on the pulse of The Perfecting Church and the many ways we are Loving Our Cities!

Exactly four years ago today, The Perfecting Church held its first service at United Artists in Washington Township on July 10, 2011. Little did we know that the torrential downpour we experienced just two days prior at our celebratory "Lift-Off" was actually a sign of what was to come, as a standing-room only crowd flocked to witness the "new thing" God was doing in a movie theatre!

We continue to stand in awe of how little becomes much in the hands of God, the little acts of kindness, service and obedience of a perfecting people in the hands of a perfect God, has the power, like Jesus, to not only transform the lives of individuals, but entire communities.

Thank you to all the many members and friends of The Perfecting Church who daily strive to be the church in addition to attending one. This is for you!

Pictured clockwise from top left: Donna and Bobby Baines with daughters Mariah and Phoenix; Don Smith answering the call to #BeTheMatch; Deb Dana paints a smile on a child's face; Derrick Lee, Cryhthen Langhorne and Alma Padgett "turn up" the grill; and TPC members and friends perfect their line dance moves!

In celebration of its 4th anniversary, The Perfecting Church hosted its annual outdoor service followed by a community-wide ?Loving Our Cities? BBQ for its neighbors.

As the community engagement arm of The Perfecting Church, ?Loving Our Cities? seeks to enhance the quality of life in the communities where we live, work, serve and worship by mobilizing people to be the church in addition to attending one. As such, this year?s Loving Our Cities BBQ not only gave guests the opportunity to "be the church" but to #BeTheMatch as it hosted a donor registration drive inspired by Phoenix Baines, a member of The Perfecting Church who rose from a life-threatening HLH diagnosis and is now on the path to a full recovery following a successful bone marrow transplant.

Check out photo highlights here and visit www.BeTheMatch.org to join the donor registry.


Fri?day, Ju?ly 1?0, 20?15
Marriage PCell
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Sun?day, Ju?ly 1?2, 20?15
Guest Speaker: Dr. Bishara Awad
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Living With Momentum...

By Pastor Kevin Brown | Ju?ne 2?6, 20?15 

If there's one person in the bible who stands out as a person that can teach us something about momentum it's Joseph. Momentum is defined as the strength or force that something has when it is moving; the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. Most of our lives are full of stops and starts. Each challenge, obstacle and set-back brings with it threats that we are going in the wrong direction, we're ill-equipped or simply deceived to believe God is with us and we're with God.

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Matters of the Heart
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The Perfecting Church produces change in the lives of men, women and children through the transforming power of God's word and presence enabling us to discover and live God's unique plan for our lives emerging as holy, purpose-driven, people of influence who extend the Kingdom of God.