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 February 10, 2017
2017: A Year of Many Changes
A historian will have to check the books to confirm, but I would bet that it is safe to say that this is the first time in North Carolina's rich history, that we are dealing with the White House, Governor's office, and Insurance Commissioner's office all changing political parties in the same election cycle. It's really quite remarkable to think about. Regardless of whether the November election results have you filled with optimism or despair, the reality of newly-elected officials at both the state and federal levels is upon us, and we have to be positioned to help those in power deliver on changes that will be good for independent agents and our customers.
What do all of these changes mean for you? In Raleigh, in spite of much discussion and polling that indicated otherwise, the legislative branch of government did not see very much change. The Republicans have veto proof majorities in both chambers of the North Carolina legislature, and seem to be moving forward without much regard for the change in the Governor's office. To be candid, bi-partisanship is neither required nor expected. As with the overall composition in the legislature, the Insurance Committee of the House and Senate remain largely intact. One notable exception is that Kevin Corbin (R - Franklin), an IIANC member and newly-elected legislator is now serving on the House Insurance Committee. Below are lists of legislators that comprise the House and Senate Insurance Committees. Please let IIANC know if you have a relationship with any of these individuals.
Senate - Insurance Committee List 
While there haven't been significant changes in the state's legislative body, the same is certainly not true at the NC Department of Insurance. With the election of Mike Causey as the new Insurance Commissioner, you can expect to see many new faces in very important roles. IIANC has made great progress in getting to know Commissioner Causey and his leadership team. The Commissioner was gracious enough to address IIANC's Legislative Committee the week after his election, and many of you attended a meet-and-greet that was held for him on January 18th. We are very optimistic that IIANC will continue to have the same excellent relationship with Commissioner Causey and his team as we have enjoyed in the past.
NC Legislature "Long Session"
We are only a few weeks into the 2017 "long session" of the North Carolina legislature, and there has not been much legislation introduced thus far that has the potential to directly impact the state's insurance industry.
A bill introduced this week ( H.B. 34), entitled Automobile Insurance Regulatory Modernization, is the first significant piece of legislation with the potential to impact the P&C industry. In essence, this bill would allow insurers to opt out of using rates set by the Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP), and to instead file and implement their own incentive plans. At this point, IIANC has not fully analyzed the bill to determine if we will support its passage or remain neutral.
What's New in D.C?
In D.C., there will be two huge issues facing the insurance industry that will see action this year. The first is the Affordable Care Act, and what will happen with the promise to "Repeal and Replace" ObamaCare. In addition to the possibility of agents learning to deal with an entirely new health insurance system, any big changes in this area could potentially force NC's legislature and DOI into action, as one possible scenario would be giving more authority to the states in addressing the health insurance systems and delivery.
The major issue facing the P&C industry in D.C., is that the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is set to expire later this year and will need to be renewed. Many of you will remember the temporary extensions that kept occurring the last time the NFIP was up for renewal. Those types of disruptions should be avoided, and IIANC/IIABA will be working tirelessly to get a long-term extension to the NFIP.
IIABA Legislative Conference
The IIABA Legislative Conference is May 3-4 in Washington, D.C., and IIANC is looking for additional members to be a part of our official delegation. If you reside in any of the Congressional Districts listed below and are interested in joining us, then please let me know
Congressional District: Congressman:
1 George Butterfield
7 David Rouzer
10 Patrick McHenry
11 Mark Meadows
12 Alma Adams

Any questions?
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