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Timetable #13 Issued June 15, 2011

Dear Rapido Customer,

It has indeed been a busy month at Rapido!

HO Long Island Osgood Bradley coach

As Jason discussed in his last Telegraph newsletter, in late May we returned from a three-week trip to our factory and suppliers in China. This being my first trip there I was frankly not sure what to expect. Coming from a production background I was interested to see their approaches to solving many of the same issues that I used to face every day!

I came back with a new appreciation of the incredible abilities and capabilities of all of the staff there. Everybody that I met, from our management team and engineers to the production staff and outside vendors, exhibited a great commitment to "getting it right" and that attitude allows Rapido to create the cutting edge models that we have become known for.

Alright - it wasn't ALL work - we did get to play - for one day.
On board a Chinese high speed train at a leisurely 315 KMPH
(a mere 195 MPH). We did go faster....

Since we returned Jason has been on a whirlwind tour of Canada showing off The Canadian and FP9 samples. For a listing of his scheduled stops, click here, and be sure to follow along on his blog as he provides regular updates on his trip. Meanwhile, Dan and I have been busy getting ready for the National Train Show in Sacramento (more on that later) in addition to all of our regular duties.

We have several product updates to bring you, so let's get started....

In this Timetable:

  • Osgood Bradley Run 2 Final Deadline
  • Upcoming Products
  • New Releases
  • New Project Updates & Deposits for The Canadian

HO Osgood Bradley 10 Window Coach Run 2 Deadline

HO Long Island Osgood Bradley coach

The Long Island Railroad's "Dashing Dan" Orange and Gray scheme, one of the upcoming
HO scale Osgood Bradley paint schemes.

Disclaimer - this popular nickname is in fact based on the LIRR's logos used on these trains
and is in no way is related to our own Dashing Dan...

Our factory is ready to start production on the next group of Osgood Bradley lightweight 10-window coaches. As a result we are closing the order desk on June 24, 2011. Remember, all Rapido products are made to order, so be sure to get your orders in before the cut-off date. For an easy to use PDF order sheet (500K) with all pricing and item numbers simply click here.

HO Penn Central Osgood Bradley coach

HO scale Penn Central Osgood Bradley 10-window coach - coming soon!

Upcoming Releases

HO Conrail caboose

Finally on the way.....

There has to be a first and a last. In the case of our popular HO scale Wide Vision Cabooses, the last of the second run to arrive will be the Conrail models. These are on the water now and should ship to dealers around mid-July.

HO Conrail caboose

Rocky Mountaineer's gorgeous new paint scheme, now available in HO scale!.

Also arriving in this shipment will be a special run of HO scale Rocky Mountaineer Dayniter coaches in their new wave scheme. These exclusive cars will be available only directly through Rocky Mountaineer Vacations.

New Releases

HO CP block coach
HO CP Rail Action Red coach

Canadian Pacific coaches in two flavors!

We're so used to being late with deliveries that it's actually nice to announce that we have some new releases that are... well.... early! We have just shipped the new run of HO scale coaches painted for Canadian Pacific, in both the CP "block" and CP Rail "Action Red" (PacMan) schemes. These should be arriving at dealers about the same time as you read this newsletter.

HO Western Pacific steam generator car

Western Pacific steam generator car.

HO Western Pacific steam generator car

Essex Terminal wide vision caboose - #1610.

Also just shipped to distributors and dealers are the HO scale Steam Generator Cars decorated for Western Pacific, as well as Essex Terminal Wide Vision Cabooses, the latter in two paint scheme variations to match the prototypes.

New Project Updates

HO GARX meat reefer

"WHERE'S THE BEE....." errr.... "MEAT REEFER????!!!"

While in China we saw a revised sample of the upcoming HO scale General American 37' meat reefer. They have made many improvements on the first samples (shown above), but more are still to be done. Unfortunately - for this project anyway - our tooling guys have been so busy getting The Canadian and FP9 (did I mention The Canadian and FP9?...Thought so) samples ready for Jason's tour that the reefer had to take a bit of a back seat. The good news is that they are now back to finishing the tooling revisions and are promising new samples in time for the National Train Show in Sacramento in July. So, stop by the Rapido booth (#181/182) and see if they delivered! Dan and I will both be there while Jason recovers from his ongoing attempt to rack up more VIA Rail Canada travel points.

HO Canadian passenger train
HO GARX meat reefer

Ahhhhh... The Canadian!
Skyline photo by James Gardiner.

Speaking of The Canadian and FP9, these projects continue to amaze all that have seen them! The first test samples are frankly nothing short of astounding, and I'm honored to have been able to be part of these projects. Dan and I will have the entire Canadian train at The National Train Show, but for those who can't make it or can't wait, here's a chance to see the samples in action. Just click on the images below to see our latest videos!

HO Canadian passenger train
HO GARX meat reefer

Important note about The Canadian:

Because The Canadian is such a huge project and we are such a small company (still only three full-time employees in North America!), we require a 25% deposit on The Canadian. The deposits will pay for materials and for the new workers we are hiring in China to produce the models. Without the deposits, we can't make the trains. Paying deposits is a bit unusual for the wholesale side of our industry, but unfortunately we have no choice for this project.

You will need to pay this deposit to your dealer by mid-August. This is a made-to-order project. If your dealer does not receive a deposit from you for The Canadian, you will not receive your train when they arrive next year. Please make sure your dealer has your deposit on time.

US and International Dealers: you will need to submit deposits to your distributor before the August 26th deposit deadline. The deposit is equal to 25% of the wholesale price. Because your distributor needs to pay the deposits on August 26th, any orders for which they do not have deposits will be cancelled.

Canadian Dealers: your deposits to Rapido must be postmarked by August 26th, assuming Canada Post isn't on strike!

The Canadian on Tour Blog

As Jason travels across Canada showing off our latest samples of The Canadian and FP9 he has been posting an (almost) daily blog. The entries cover not only his visits to stores and clubs but also his travel experiences. The blog is often irreverent and humorous and makes a great read. Here's a sample from a recent post; you can read the complete entries here.

In Ottawa, the team at Hobby House were extremely welcoming, with coffee and doughnuts for all 60 people who came out to see The Canadian. And they weren't all guys - there were WOMEN there! Holy smokes! What is happening to the world? Women in model railroading? They'll be wanting the vote next! I welcome this infusion of estrogen into our hobby, but I worry for all the heart attacks it is going to cause to our current model railroaders. I'm not sure our wives are going to be too eager to send us off to the club if women are there playing with our trains....

At Hobby House

Presenting to a packed House at Hobby House

Photo by James Edwards.

I feel that I have now truly reached the big leagues as a model train manufacturer. I actually got heckled! Nobody heckles the small guys! Somebody at the back called out "what are you going to do about the tight wheelsets on your models?" I explained why we think the wheelsets have been tight on some of our models - shrinkage in the insulating plastic tube - and that we are working on fixing this for The Canadian. I got a harrumph! in reply. A real, true harrumph! That is AWESOME. I guess the rotten fruit is coming next!

Don't get any ideas.

That's it for now, but we'll have much more to talk about in the next month or two. If you're in Sacramento be sure to stop by and say hello. If not, thanks for reading and watch for more updates after the show and tour.

In the meantime, happy modeling and as always thank you for your support.


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