Dear Bit-By-Bit Friends,

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your support of Bit-by-Bit Medical Therapeutic Riding Center. It is through the generosity of our committed donors and friends such as yourself that Bit-By-Bit has expanded  and grown over the past year. “Gracie,” and many children like her as well as her family, come through our  doors daily looking for small and large miracles. 
Gracie’s mom Krista best expresses the impact that hippotherapy has had on her daughter and family:

 “Gracie started hippotherapy at 18-months-old. We saw improvements right away and she started putting weight on her feet at 20 months and then started sitting independently at 2.5 years. We are so thankful for the quality of life improvements that hippotherapy has given Gracie. When we were given the CDG (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation) diagnosis, we were told (given her underdeveloped cerebellum) it was unlikely she would walk. But here we are 3 years later (at age 4) and Gracie is proving everyone wrong! She is cruising furniture and walls, working toward independent walking. We are all thrilled, but the most excited person is Natalie. Part twin sister/part therapist, Natalie is Gracie's biggest cheerleader!”
  Our amazing team of therapists, horses, family members, and volunteers are why we are so successful. Our unique approach not only helps our clients physically but provides incredible emotional and spiritual healing as well. No child or adult seeking therapy is ever turned away from Bit-By-Bit. This past year alone we subsidized 40% of the cost of therapy to our clients. Providing for the therapy needs of a child or adult with special needs or development delays can be prohibitively expensive, especially when services are not covered by insurance. Please consider sponsoring a hippotherapy or therapeutic riding session for a child in need. 
Every bit helps!
  • $65 pays for 1 new riding helmet for our kids
  • $50 provides 1 therapeutic riding session for 1 child
  • $100 provides funds for 1 child to receive a hippotherapy session
  • $250 provides 5 therapeutic riding sessions for 1 child
  • $500 will pay for 1 new station in our sensory paddock
  • $1,000 supports scholarships for families in need
On behalf of the children, staff, volunteers, and board of directors I thank you for your dedication and support of our horses, clients, and programs.


Sara Greene, Chair, Bit-By-Bit
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MARCH 17, 2018
  If you are interested in becoming involved with the MEGGAN MORENCY WILD WEST NIGHT, or if you want to volunteer for Bit-By-Bit please visit our website by clicking button below 
  We are in desperate need of a new utility vehicle to  level our arena to keep our horses safe and healthy. Would you or anyone you know be able to donate either a vehicle or money towards the purchase of one? Please contact Susan at 954-246-9171.