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April 3rd , 2017
The Regional Link
Spring 2017 Edition

Clay, Effingham, Fayette, Jasper and Marion Counties
Forgotten Illinois: Newton and the reality of America's Heartland 
Members of the Newton, Ill., Rotary Club meet for lunch every Tuesday at noon in a backroom of Parklanes, a local bowling alley.

Meetings begin with a prayer, a group rendition of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," and handshakes throughout the room. You can hardly hear the bowling pins falling while community leaders and concerned citizens eat their lunches and discuss with each other the happenings of the city.

They're focused; brought together out of concern for their nearly 200-year-old city. Newton faces many of the same trends as other downstate communities. Jobs have left, residents have moved, and politicians aren't listening.

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New SCIRPDC Website 
In the early months of 2017 the SCIRPDC website has undergone a
substantial overhaul. While content changes have been rather 
minor, the entire design has been modernized. The intent was to create a web site that has more efficient navigation  tools, the new drop-down menu bar as the prime example, as well as create a more attractive and cleaner design. 

Rather than list each individual change made, we invite you to wander around our new website for yourself and see, what we hope, is a much more efficient browsing experience. Please click the link below to view our new website!

Agriculture and the Illinois Economy
Agriculture's impact on the state's economy ripples beyond fields and livestock buildings to the industries and services that support farmers. In turn, those industries and services provide jobs and economic stability across Illinois, especially in rural areas.  Illinois agriculture accounted for one of every 17 jobs in the state and contributed $120.9 billion in sales to the state economy, according to a 2015 Decision Innovation Solutions study.

Some major agribusinesses are well known here and elsewhere, while others' recognition resonates in the agriculture sector they support and the communities they call home.

For example, Automated Production (AP) System ships swine feed storage and delivery systems across the country and to global customers from Christian County. Its parent company, Grain Systems Inc., operates its global headquarters and a 1-million-square-foot plant in Assumption. In Illinois, the company employs 750, including 200 in Taylorville.

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Illinois: Highest Tax Burden in the Nation
March 14th, 2017 report has found that the State of Illinois has the highest combined state and local tax burden among all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This report combines state and local  taxes to create an overall effective tax rate for the median household in each state.

According to the report, the median Illinois household pays approximately $8,162 in 
annual state and local taxes, including sales taxes, property taxes and income taxes. This includes the highest combine state and local tax rate in the nation of an effective 14.76% on the average median household. This tax rate is found to be 37.66% larger than the U.S. state average.

To read more and utilize the 2017 United States interactive tax burden map please click below.

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