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October 5th , 2017
The Regional Link
Fall 2017 Edition

Clay, Effingham, Fayette, Jasper and Marion Counties
The Millennial generation has been dealt a difficult hand, especially with regard to finding work and keeping it for any duration of time. Coming of age after the last recession, the Millennials entered a job market much different than the one they were born into. The outsourcing of jobs, continually diminishing benefits, stagnant wages and the emerging gig economy, based on short-term and temporary work, is all this generation knows.

However, it may be those same forces making it difficult to find and keep a job that create an opportunity for millennials to utilize their generational talents and qualifications to be excellent entrepreneurs. Millennials were born into an ever-growing technology-based environment and economy. They are excellent at multi-tasking...

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SCIRPDC Regional Interactive Web Map
This new and fully interactive web map presents a dynamic perspective of the SCIRPDC Region. This Story Map includes a short overview of the SCIRPDC organization, but more importantly, allows the user to engage and interact with each SCIRPDC county and municipality. 

The web map experience allows the user to view demographic and economic information, as well as several points of interest for each local government entity within the entire SCIRPDC region. We hope you take the time to utilize this great regional tool! 

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Economic Development organizations have three key ways of facilitating the creation of jobs and capital investment in any market area in the world. The market area is simply the municipality, county, state or region of which the organization operates and functions.
  • Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) - Growing and expanding existing firms;
  • Entrepreneurial Development - The creation of new firms; and
  • Business Recruitment - The attraction of external firms into the market area
Comprehensive economic development programs utilize a combination of all three approaches, with differing priority, to achieve successful market area economic development. However, growing and expanding existing market area businesses is and always will be much more manageable and successful than business attraction or business start-ups. This is especially important in predominantly rural areas of Illinois, such as the SCIRPDC five-county jurisdiction. 

SCIRPDC is now offering a BRE Program to aid communities within our five-county area to establish a Business Outreach program focusing on open communication regarding bot active catalysts for and barriers against future business growth in the local community.

For more information regarding this program please download the BRE Program Fact Sheet below and contact our office at (618) 548-4234!
Centralia Downtown Business District Map
Throughout the month of September, SCIRPDC staff worked with the City of Centralia to develop a Downtown Business District map to market and illustrate the City's vibrant downtown area. This map provides viewers with a layout of the City's downtown including those buildings that currently have space available. 

Additionally, there is a map legend showing each and every active business and organization in the downtown area. The intention of this map is to aid in continued marketing efforts for downtown businesses as well as draw new businesses to fill the currently vacant buildings.

Please Click Here to view the Centralia Downtown Business District Map.

If your community is interested in furthering your Downtown marketing efforts with a illustrative map, either online or hard copy, please contact us!
South Central Illinois Regional Planning & Development Commission
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