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December 2017

Schedule with Kelly Bisson and receive 20% off any of her services: Reiki, Sound Healing, Intuitive Health Assessment or Detox Foot Bath.

Schedule a CBD Massage at the introductory rate of $80 for a 60 minute massage with Angel Moon.
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Winter Special
with Jeanette Collins
Elemental Reflexologist

It is the season for giving! Buy two Elemental Reflexology gift certificate sessions and receive $20 off.   Offer ends Jan. 31, 2018

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Arrival of the Light Beings
with Linda Haley
Friday, December 15
Cost: $10

It's difficult to talk about.

People will think you're crazy if you said that you saw an angel or something from another planet. Maybe you've seen a UFO or strange lights that couldn't be explained. Sometimes you feel like Earth isn't really your home.

Perhaps your child has an awareness and compassion that seems far beyond his young years. Or you regularly watch "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel and know that of course we've been visited for eons, so why not now? Or you're startled to receive intuitive thoughts and messages from unknown sources and worry that you're losing your mind.

Visitations, sightings, and channeled messages are more common that you might believe. Just realize that you're not alone and that countless (sane!) people across the world are awakening to the reality of who the divine visitors are and why they are here.

You're invited to share your experiences in a safe setting and understand how Light Beings are a reality. They're here now. We will discuss who they are, how they connect with us, and why you may be someone who is being contacted. And we'll discuss who the New Kids are.

If you're having experiences, maybe it's because it's your time to wake up.

Instructor: Linda Haley, Director of The Reiki Center, knows how difficult it can be to talk about experiences that may appear crazy to others.

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Lab Puppy

Animal Reiki Class
 Sunday, Dec. 3, 9a-5p
with Denise Musser and Kaye Smith
Cost: $150 (prepaid)

Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. Learning Animal Reiki gives you the ability to take a more active role in animal health and well-being by understanding and energetically working with animals. Your connection with your own animals will strengthen as you learn to understand each other on a deeper level.

You must have taken Reiki I or be Reiki trained to take Animal Reiki. This is a full day class that will go in depth into many areas of energetically working with animals. Learn treatment techniques for assessing energy imbalances throughout the animal chakra system (energy centers) and how to work with each of these energy centers to enhance the effectiveness of each session. Hands-on practice is included.

Classes are designed for anyone who has animal companions and wishes to energetically enhance their animal companions' lives. It's also beneficial to those who professionally care for animals, or work with animals in a volunteer capacity.

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School of the Modern Shaman
Level 1: Power, Protection & Passion
with Heidi Howes
 January 20, February 10 & March 3
Cost: $399

You're invited to:
*Become the bridge between Heaven and Earth as a Shaman
*Learn and experience the foundational healing methods of shamanic practice in order to awaken fully to the healing power within you
* Build an indepth relationship with your personal guardians, guides, and teachers who will take you onto your path of individual power, unearthing and developing your unique healing skills and talents
* Learn shamanic healing techniques and how to apply them to your own life, your business, your family, your world.

Level 1 will consist of 3 eight hour classes. Classes will be recorded and live cast so you will be able to make up any missed classes or also take it completely online in your own time.  You can work on assignments within the Facebook group where the class members interface with Modern Shaman Heidi Howes and each other to work on skills.  Certificate upon completion. 

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.

Simply Oils: Frankincense
with Anastasia Shevchenko
Thursday, Dec. 7, 6-8p
Cost: $10

In our hectic, dynamic, information-overloaded world, it might be hard to digest all the information available about essential oils. Too many options may create a certain degree of frustration which may not only prevent people from living a healthier lifestyle, but paralyze even the best intention.

Don't let this frustration stop you! Start your journey with just one oil.

Whether you are an experienced "oiler" or a just a beginner, this class will present you with in-depth information about one single oil. We will be learning about the oil's origin, its specific characteristics, scientific research data, historical uses, legends and stories connected with the oil, and different ways this oil could be used in every day life.

Every student will receive a handout with recipes and enjoy the beautiful pure aroma of oils during this class. A limited amount of oil also will be available to purchase.

To register, please call the office at 614-486-8323 or click  here.
NOTE:  The Reiki Center uses Young Living essential oils in classes and services.
 Essential Oils from Ancient Scripture
with Anastasia Shevchenko
Thursday, December 21, 6-8p
Cost: $10

Join us as Anastasia shares The 12 Oils of ancient Scripture!  Anastasia will share how these oils were used for spiritual and medicinal purposes, and how we can still use these oils today.  Oils presented will be Sandalwood (Aloes), Cassia, Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Myrrh, Myrtle, Onycha, Rose of Sharon (Cistus) and Spikenard.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click  here!
Oneness Blessing
with Chuck Reynolds 
Thursday, December 14, 7-9p
Cost: $10

What is the Oneness Blessing?
* Opens the doors to a consciousness of Oneness with all life
* Creates a shift in the brain which activates kundalini and quiets the ego
* Awakens intelligence
* Increases ability to learn and enhances memory retention
* Creates better brain synchronization
* Brings love to relationships
* Heals hurts
* Increases listening ability
* Awakens compassion
* Instills affection
* Invokes access to higher energies
* Creates a prosperity consciousness
* Infuses vitality
* Heals and relaxes the mind
* Cumulative effect is experienced with each session

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Services Offered
Reiki and...
  • 13 Sign Astrology
  • Akashic Records
  • Animal Reiki
  • Canine Massage
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Depth Energy Package
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)
  • Gentle Massage
  • Guided Release
  • Holistic Health Assessment
  • Human Pet Sessions
  • IlluminAura Restorative Experience
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Intuitive Health Assessment
  • Iridology Assessment
  • Numerology
  • Past Life Regression
  • Pranic Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage
  • Runic Tarot
  • Russian Numerology
  • Shamanic Services
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Spirit Drawing
  • Therapeutic Art Sessions
  • Trager Approach Massage
  • Yoga
Please go to
for description and costs. 
You may book either online or by calling the office at 614-486-8323.
I Know You're Breathing, 
But Are You Alive? 

My husband Don and I recently spent some time in the Red Rocks Canyon area of Nevada.  While navigating a slot canyon and hunting for ancient petroglyphs, I was reminded of the above saying. The energy of these magnificent rock formations, the intense blue sky and the moments of absolute silence created an odd combination of profound peace and indescribable joy. Do people who live in such beauty everyday have the same response?  I hope so.  But the healing energy of sacred spaces reminds me how important it is to create your own moments of peace and joy to be ALIVE, and not just live.

It's called a Modern Medical Miracle and the Center is now offering it.  CBD Oil is the element of cannabidoids that is federally legal in all 50 states for targeted pain relief, yet it doesn't provide the "high" associated with THC.  I can attest to how well a CBD Massage relieves achy muscles.  Consider trying one today, or offering it as a gift to someone you love.

From all of us at The Reiki Center, our very best wishes for a happy, healthy and meaningful holiday season.

Linda Haley, RMT 


Winter Solstice Celebration
followed by
Drum Circle with Iggy Garcia
Wednesday, December 20
Cost: Love Offering Appreciated

Join us in welcoming the Return of the Light at our annual Winter Solstice Celebration from 6 - 7 pm.  Then stay for an energetic Drum Circle with Iggy Garcia from 7 - 8:30 pm.  Have a drum or rattle?  Bring it!  Don't have one?  No problem. We'll have some to share.

Held on the new Lower Level Addition. (Note that there are stairs.)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Diana Rankin's
Sacred Circle
Friday, December 8
Cost: $20

Sacred Circle Meditations and Messages include an evening of story, a guided meditation for personal and planetary healing, and individual psychic messages from Spirit for participants. Sacred Circles are open to everyone and are given for a love offering, suggested $20. Love offerings are appreciated and allow Diana to continue to provide Sacred Circles. Gathering in Sacred Circle helps you to accelerate your growth and manifest your dreams and desires. Sacred Circle helps to alleviate suffering in our world and heal our planet.

Sacred Circles begin with a story, often about an ancient myth and how the stories fit into our modern-day lives. After the story, there is a guided meditation that takes you on a personal journey that adds to the world. In the third part of Sacred Circle, Diana gives psychic messages to audience members. Messages are teaching moments that have meaning for everyone in attendance.

To register click here!

Meditative Yoga
with Jennifer Eichhorn
Dec. 7, 14, 21 & 28
Sundays, Dec. 3, 10, 17 & 31
Cost: $12 for single drop in
$40 for 4 class pass
$80 for 10 class pass

Meditative Yoga is a yoga class that is accessible to all levels from beginner on.  This class combines movement, conscious breathing exercise (pranayama) and guided meditation in a restorative setting with blocks, bolsters and blankets to support the relaxation and expansion of body, mind and spirit.

Jennifer is a dedicated seeker and Yoga on High certified teacher.  She delights in sharing with others the wild joy, limitless freedom and deep connection offered in the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.

Intro to Animal Reiki:
How it can help you help your pet
with Kaye Smith & Denise Musser
Sunday, December 17, 2-4p
Cost: $10

Join Animal Reiki Practitioners Kaye and Denise in a discussion to discover how you can take a more active role in your pets health and well-being by using Reiki to assess and correct energy imbalances in their systems.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here. 
Mini Sessions
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith 
Monday, December 11
Cost: $20 / 20 minute sessions

These mini sessions will give you an introduc-tion to what Animal Reiki can do for your pet. Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. It also helps with chronic pain, behavior issues, transitioning to a new environment, etc.  

To schedule your mini session with Kaye for Monday, Dec. 11 click here or call  (614) 486-8323. These sessions fill quickly, so don't wait too long!

Spirit Drawings 
& Intuitive Messages
    with C. Bean
Tuesday, December 19, 5:30 - 7:30p
Cost: $20 for 30 minute session

Spirit-inspired drawings offer wisdom of truth and healing energies.  In the stillness of a moment, C connects with the information held in your energy field perceiving images, shapes and colors, with intuitive messages, which provide clarity and support for your journey in this moment of time. 

C. Bean is a Reiki Practitioner, trained at The Reiki Center. She earned a BFA in Fine Arts, from CCAD in Columbus, OH, and a MA in Expressive Art Therapies, from Lesley University, in Cambridge, MA. She retired from private practice as an Art Therapist working with children and families in the foster care system in addition from the field of Mental Health, Juvenile and Adult Corrections, with the State of Ohio, in 2012. 

In 1992 she received nudgings from Spirit to use her art materials to bring forth the unseen energies that were present among the people and the places that she was in connection with.
Please call to reserve your time slot or sign up on-line
To register, call 614-486-832 3 or click here. 

Hand Massage Mini Sessions
Lisa Feldman
Tues, Dec. 12, 6-8p
30 minute session
for $20!
Be transported to a wonderful world of relaxation through hand massage!  Using her strong, intuitive nurturing hands, Lisa Feldman will help you reduce your stress and tension.  Many satisfied customers report greatly improved circulation, range of motion and cessation of pain in their fingers, hands, head, neck and shoulders in addition to feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.
A great value at only $20 for a 30 minute session!  Other times are also available.  
Schedule an appointment today!
Call the Center at 614-486-8323 
or  click here.  
Messages from Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, Dec. 13, 5-8p
Cost: $20 / 20 minutes

Spirit Messages offer a perspective outside of one's earth e xperie nce. From the Divine vantage point, we
re given wisdom to step over the seeming obstacles in our lives. Spirit readings are done by holding the client's hand,
light touch, or psychometry. 
To schedule your mini session with Cheri, click here or call 
(614) 486-8323. These sessions fill quickly, so don't wait too long!
Save The Date

Jan. 3...................iTovi Wellness        Biofeedback Mini Sessions
Jan. 4.................Life Path Series
Jan. 4,11,18,25..Meditative Yoga
Jan. 5 ...............Intro to Shamanic Journeying
Jan. 6  ............  Children's Clinic
Jan. 7,14,21,28.. Meditative Yoga
Jan. 7 ...........Animal Reiki Class
Jan. 8 ...........Animal Reiki Mini Session
Jan. 9............Hand Massage Mini Sessions
Jan. 9............Spiritual Service Meetup
Jan. 9 ...........Sound Healing Mini Sessions
Jan. 10...........Messages with Spirit
Jan. 12...........Animal Reiki Friday Series
Jan. 13..........Winter Psychic & Wellness Fair
Jan. 14...........Goddess Unleashed
Jan. 15...........Free Reiki Clinic
Jan.17............Essential Oil Class
Jan. 18.......... Messages With Spirit Mini Sessions
Jan. 18...........Deeksha Oneness Blessing
Jan. 20 & 21...Reiki 1 Class
Jan. 20...........School of the Modern Shaman
Jan. 22...........Shamanic Mini Readings
Jan. 23...........Spiritual Service Meetup
Jan. 27 & 28....Reiki 2 Class
Jan. 27............Access Consciousness Barrs Class
Jan. 27..............Healing Drum Circle
Jan.28...............Free Reiki Share
Jan.  29............Chakra Balancing Meditation with Essential Oils
The Center's nonprofit agency, Stone Soup Project, unites volunteers from all modalities with those in our community who don't have - but greatly need - wellness services. For information on SSP, click here. 
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Angel Moon to offer
New Massage Services 

Hot Stone Massage
The soothing comfort of heat combined with the massage experience to bring rest, relaxation and ease of motion.
Cost: $120

Oncology Massage
Gentle, compassionate massage to help your journey to cancer recovery.
Cost: $65 for 45 minutes
$80 for 60 minutes

CBD Massage
Experience the benefits of all- natural CBD to relax tight, tense muscles. 
Cost: $95 for 60 minutes

To book your appointment with Angel  click here or call 614-486-8323.


Free Children's Clinic
Saturday, Dec. 2
10a - 1p
Cost: Free

The Reiki Center is happy to announce the new Children's Clinic to be held on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00am-1:00pm.  Our focus will be to provide the benefits of our most popular services to children up to age 12, in an age appropriate way.  We will assist participants in learning how to navigate the stressful, pressure-filled world they live in through relaxation techniques, creative therapies and stress relief modalities such as Reiki, Laughter Yoga and Art Therapy techniques.  We will also explore ways to quiet and focus the mind, manage breathing and recognize stress.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult the entire time they are at the Center.  All activities will be held in an open setting.  Ample  free parking. Services provided by skilled volunteers from The Reiki Center and our sister agency, the Stone Soup Project.

Our goal is to help your child feel more confident, happier and peaceful.  We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday!
What is Chiropractic?
with Dr. Nicole Lefton
Wednesday, Dec. 6
Cost: Free

How to Stay Young Your First 100 Years!!   Are you sick and tired of being  sick and tired?  Come to this class to learn:

*  How to prevent the most common cause of mobility disorders
*  The true cause of disease
*  About the proven, safe and effective chiropractic technology

A chiropractic adjustment will be demonstrated at the class and a FREE posture analysis will be offered to all who attend.

Presented by Dr. Nicole Lefton, Chiropractor at Advanced Wellness Center.

To register, please call 614-486-8323 or click here 

  Intro to 
Shamanic Journeying 
with Heidi Howes 
Friday, Dec. 1, 6-9p 
Wednesday, Dec. 13, 6-9p
Cost: $35
This is the method the shaman uses to "see in the dark". Deepen your connection to yourself and the multiverse with an experience of direct revelation.  You will learn about shamanic practice as a spiritual path and how you can see into the imaginal realm and a much larger picture of our world.  Each participant will have an opportunity to connect with power animals, other unseen allies, and experience firsthand the magic behind the veil.
You will also learn to do basic divination and open up to greater experiences with your intuition and personal guides. Shamanic Journeying is a skill most anyone can learn with practice and is a valuable tool for navigating this life with heart.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.  

Shamanic Reiki Class
with Heidi Howes
Sat, Dec. 9
Cost: $75

In this class for Reiki Practitioners we will explore and practice shamanic healing techniques and how to incorporate them into your Reiki practice. Techniques we may cover include Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, and Extraction. Learn to trust and develop your divination skills more, explore more in-depth work with teachers and guides, and expand your practice with Spirit to power up your healing abilities.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here. 
reiki hands Traditional Certified
 Usui Reiki Classes
Reiki I Weekend Class
with Linda Haley
Sat, Dec. 16 & Sun, Dec. 17
 Cost: $300 (Prepaid)
The Reiki Center is the only facility in central Ohio which provides Reiki training in the traditional (original) method.  The difference between traditional and modern (Western) Reiki training is significant, as the original version provides more comprehensive training, and a deeper understanding of the practice's spiritual impact on your life, i.e. finding meaning and purpose.

Classes are small, no more than 8 students, to permit maximum time for personal instruction.

Four personalized hands-on Attunements will prepare the student to clear blockages from the body in preparation for receiving, feeling and working with healing energy. 

Students will discover peace of mind just by employing an easy to use technique.  Learn multiple meditation techniques.  Identify and transmit healing energy to relieve a headache or an aching muscle without medication. Hands-on experiences will show you how to feel energy and see its immediate impact on yourself, family, friends and pets. Learn specific techniques to enhance your practices, including how to create a positive affirmation to help clarify and realize your goals, how to develop intuitive abilities and how to connect with your Guides. 

Course includes a binder of instruction materials and vegetarian lunches.
To register, please call
or click here. 
Reiki 2 Class
with Linda Haley
Sat. Dec. 9 & Sun. Dec. 10
from 9a-5p
Cost: $350 (Prepaid)

The Reiki Center is the only facility in Central Ohio that offers Reiki training in the original (traditional) format, providing a far more comprehensive education.   

The Advanced Reiki Class significantly enhances the skills you discovered in the Reiki 1 class.  Four personalized hands-on Attunements further clear blockages and extend your connection to the life force energy.  Discussions will include how to develop your intuitive abilities to sense blockages in yourself and others, as well as how to effectively connect with your Guides for their assistance.

Students will also receive detailed instruction in how to work effectively with others.  Learn how and when to use the Reiki symbols for maximum benefit, how to provide an effective distant healing treatment, and how to set up a professional practice, if this is a career path you have selected. Advanced Treatment Guidelines address in detail the wide variety of physical and emotional responses you or your client may have to a treatment, as well as what actions to take. Discover how to realign your own body and spirit in an extensive Chakra Balancing Exercise. 

Class includes course handouts, vegetarian luncheons and snacks, as well as ample practice time. This is a two-day class (Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm.)

Classes are limited to 8 students, to provide maximum personalized instruction.  Students who have not taken the Reiki 1 class at the Center must demonstrate competency and knowledge equivalent to the Center's classes.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here. 
Free Reiki

Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, December 18, 6-8p
If you have yet to try Reiki, or are familiar with its many healthful benefits but are short of funds for a full treatment, our Free Reiki Clinic is for you. Or stop in for a tune-up between your regular visits! Each person will receive 15-20 minutes of healing Reiki energy from skilled practitioners. Walk-in only.

Are you looking for a class on a specialized topic that we may be able to feature in a future calendarof events?  Are you able to teach this class? 

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact the Center at 
614-486-8323 or by email at
In The Community

We are accepting donations of coats, hats, gloves and scarves for the Tri-Village Coat Drive.  Find the box located in our lobby! Now until December 20th!
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