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January 2018


January Special
with C. Bean
Intuitive Reading/Spirit Drawing/ Reiki 
Cost: $60
A 45 minute Reiki session followed by a 30 minute Spirit Drawing/Intuitive Reading.
Spirit-infused drawings offer wisdom, truth & healing energies.  In the stillness of a moment, C connects with the information held in your energy field perceiving images with intuitive messages, which provide clarity and support for your journey.
To schedule an appointment call 614-486-8323 or click

January Special
25% Off
(normally $60 but now $45)
 13 Sign Astrology  Reading
with Natalie Miller
In a 13 Sign Astrology reading, you can expect a much more precise interpretation that integrates ancient ideologies of the constellations as they really affect you.  Includes a typed up copy of your reading for you to reference at any time.
To schedule an appointment call 614-486-8323 or click here.  
Open Your Heart And Intui tive Eye Chakras
with Shmuel Merimi
Tuesday, Jan.16, 5-8p
Cost: $45 for 30 min. session
The New Year has started and you have set your resolutions, but where are your heart and mind set to?  Tune your Heart and 3rd Eye with a session to open your heart and intuitive chakra using Sound Healing with tuning forks!  This tool will help you with your goals. 
To register, click here. 
Beyond: What Does It Mean to Be Psychic?
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, January 1, 6-8p
Divination Using Mental Imagery
Monday, January 8, 6-8p
Cost: $10
The Beyond Series has been developed with the understanding that, in some way, everyone is intuitive, psychic, empathic or spiritually gifted. Some of our gifts come to us through birth, usually passed down to us generationally through our family lineage. Sometimes we awaken to our gifts as we progress through life.  And some of our gifts are quite possibly things we have learned and experienced in previous lifetimes, a part of who we are in the very Essence of our Soul.  But always, always, our Psychic & Intuitive abilities can be enhanced and improved upon through personal spiritual growth and development.
The Beyond Series is great for anyone, whether you want to develop your intuition for personal reasons, if you want to share your intuitive gifts with family & friends, and especially if you feel called to use your psychic & intuitive gifts professionally.
On the 1st Monday of each month, the Beyond Teaching Series will help you develop personally in your spiritual growth & in your knowledge of the spirit world and psychic realm.
On the 2nd Monday of each month, the Beyond Divination Series will allow you to practice on real people with hands-on results of your abilities.
Taking both Teaching & Divination classes will help you be a well-rounded practitioner
Call the Center at 614-486-8323  
or click  here. 
  Goddess Unleashed
with Megan Adair
Sunday, Jan. 14, 2-5p
Cost: $45
What would it look like for you to boldly embrace your freedom? Would you like to feel at home in your body? What would it be like to wake up each morning and move into life from your power? Welcome to God(dess) Unleashed.
In this workshop, you will be invited into the Divine Feminine to reclaim your power via movement exploration, vulnerability in sharing, meditation, and connection. All gender expressions are welcome, and the pace of movement will be self directed. You will engage your body, embody your power, and step
into your freedom. What are you waiting for?
Instructor: Megan Adair, is a movement facilitator, dancer, yoga instructor.

To register, please call 614-486-8323 or click here..

Animal Reiki Class
 Sunday, Jan. 7, 9a-5p
with Denise Musser & Kaye Smith
Cost: $150 
Animal Reiki Friday Night Class
with Kaye Smith
January 12 & 19, 6-9p
Cost: $150 (Must attend both Jan 12 &19 classes for certification)

Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. Learning Animal Reiki gives you the ability to take a more active role in animal health and well-being by understanding and energetically working with animals. Your connection with your own animals will strengthen as you learn to understand each other on a deeper level.

You must have taken Reiki I or be Reiki trained to take Animal Reiki. This is a full day class that will go in depth into many areas of energetically working with animals. Learn treatment techniques for assessing energy imbalances throughout the animal chakra system (energy centers) and how to work with each of these energy centers to enhance the effectiveness of each session. Hands-on practice is included.

Classes are designed for anyone who has animal companions and wishes to energetically enhance their animal companions' lives. It's also beneficial to those who professionally care for animals, or work with animals in a volunteer capacity.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.

School of the Modern Shaman
Level 1: Power, Protection & Passion
with Heidi Howes
 January 20, February 10 & March 3
Cost: $399
You're invited to:
*Become the bridge between Heaven and Earth as a Shaman
*Learn and experience the foundational healing methods of shamanic practice in order to awaken fully to the healing power within you
* Build an indepth relationship with your personal guardians, guides, and teachers who will take you onto your path of individual power, unearthing and developing your unique healing skills and talents
* Learn shamanic healing techniques and how to apply them to your own life, your business, your family, your world.
Level 1 will consist of 3 eight hour classes. Classes will be recorded and live cast so you will be able to make up any missed classes or also take it completely online in your own time.  You can work on assignments within the Facebook group where the class members interface with Modern Shaman Heidi Howes and each other to work on skills.  Certificate upon completion. 

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click  here. 

Life Path Series:
The Journey of the Soul
with Melody Jenkins
4 Thursdays, January 4-25, 5-7p
Cost: $100

What is the Soul?  Why do we reincarnate?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  What is my Soul here to learn?  How can I stop repeating the same lessons over and over again? W hat if I feel like I am supposed to be doing something more with my life?
This 4 week workshop will help us to not only learn general concepts about our Soul, but also help us to take a look at ourselves on a deeply individualized basis. You will be given several personality tests and also receive a personalized natal chart and numerology report. We will explore who we really are by looking at the results of this information.
Life Path Series: Living a Life in Balance
8 Thursdays
 January 4 - February 22, 7-9p
Cost: $200

We will be exploring 7 key areas of life, discovering which ones are in or out of balance and creating a goal oriented path to bring more balance into our life.
We will set weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals in each of these 7 life areas. We will map and chart a plan to achieve our goals. And we will be accountable to each other, encouraging each other along on Path!
This 8 week workshop will help you identify:
Your Hub (The Foundation on Which Your Life is Built)
Your Valve (What Motivates You)
Balance Blockers (What Blocks You in a Life in Balance)
Balance Accelerators (What Propels You Toward a Life in Balance)
Come prepared to dig deep, work hard and be transformed!!
These are intimate workshops, with only 6 participants plus the instructor. Sign up today!

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.
Healing Drum Circle
with Iggy Garcia
Saturday, Jan. 27, 7-9:30p
Cost: $donation

For thousands of years, group drumming has been part of almost every culture around the globe.  Students have shown that drumming can accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system, produce feelings of well-being and can have a calming effect of people suffering both emotional and physical pain.  This ancient ritual remains alive today.
To register, please call the office at 614-486-8323 or click  here.
Essential Oils Topical Classes
Manifestation & Visioning with Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, January 2, 6-8p
Healthy Weight Management with Essential Oils
Wednesday, January 17, 6-8p
Cost: $10

When you attend these classes, you will receive an Itovi Biofeedback Wellness Scan and help in creating a 4 Month Wellness Plan!
Maintaining our well-being is an everyday task. When we speak of wellness, we can be talking about our physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual well-being. Essential Oils can be used in all aspects of life: helping us maintain good health, cleaning our home, personal hygiene care, in the kitchen.
Essential Oils can be used in all aspects of life: helping us maintain good health, cleaning our home, personal hygiene care, in the kitchen. Come learn how essential oils can help us while eliminating the need for chemicals. Essential oils are a safe & natural alternative!
To register, please call the office at 614-486-8323 or click  here.
Chakra Balancing Meditation & Affirmations with Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Monday, Jan. 29, 6-7p
Cost: $10

Join us for an hour of affirmations and meditations, focusing on each of the 7 major chakras and helping awaken each chakra with the use of essential oils!
To register, please call the office at 614-486-8323 or click  here! 
NOTE:  The Reiki Center uses Young Living essential oils in classes and services.
The Gift of Giving
The temperature wa s 15 degrees and dropping quickly a couple nigh ts ago. As we approached a freeway ramp late one night, we spotted a lone figure holding a small sign.  Only someone desper ately in need o f funds would be out on a night like this, I reasoned, reaching for my purse.  
A small hand accepted our gift, and we heard a quiet voice saying "thank you."  I was stunned. It was a young girl. Perhaps a runaway teenager. Or maybe someone who felt that the streets were preferable to her home.  
I've thought a great deal about her in the past few days, hoping that she was safe, ate enough, was warm enough.  Then I think about those all over the world who are in similar circumstances. How different our lives are.
As we enter 2018, light workers are being asked to 'hold the space" for others, to do more, care more and love more for those who are on another path.  I'm proud to say that The Reiki Center serves as home base for many of the area's light workers, providing emotional and physical support to those who may believe they have few options.  

If lack of funds is preventing you from receiving emotional support or wellness services, please contact Stone Soup Project at the Center (614-486-8323) to see if we can help.   
And please know that every volunteer who provides those services believes that the gift of giving also provides a gift for each of us volunteers as well. 

Linda Haley, RMT 

 Columbus Reiki
Spiritual Services Meetup 
with Mickey Stephan
Egos, Intuition, Angels and Spirit Guides
Tuesday, Jan. 9, 6-8p 
Grounding, Protection and Spiritual Ethics
Tuesday, Jan. 23, 6-8p
Cost: $10
This group is the first of its kind in the area for Reiki practitioners and like- minded kindred spirits of all things spiritual and metaphysical.

The Tuesday evening group meetings follow a two-part format consisting of a presentation on a specific topic for the first 60-90 minutes ending with 30-45 minutes of practicing and learning our psychic development skills by doing round-robin readings for one another. Doing open readings in this setting teaches one to be more confident in receiving and delivering intuitive readings, and to get immediate validation from a recipient in a class learning environment. Most people are quickly amazed on the impressions they begin to intuit and the accuracy of their readings over a relatively short time.

The Columbus Reiki and Spiritual Services Group will meet twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at The Reiki Center. 

Join us! We've been waiting for you....

Mickey Stephan, is a Reiki Practitioner, Ordained ULC Minister, and experienced Tarot and Oracle card Reader.
To register click  here!

Holistic Pain Management Workshop for Your Dog and Cat
with Dr. Carol Gifford
Sunday, Jan. 28
Cost: $60
Almost every dog and cat will experience joint and/or muscle pain at some point during their lives.  Some pets have pain from an immediate injury while others suffer from chronic painful conditions like arthritis.  Many pharmaceutical options are available, but there are also many holistic choices as well.  In this workshop, we will discuss some pain-relieving supplements and herbs, as well as techniques such as acupuncture and acupressure, massage, Reiki and chiropractic for dogs and cats.  We will demonstrate many of these gentle and effective techniques.

Dr. Carol Gifford graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.  During the past 10 years, she has earned certification in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chinese herbs and veterinary spinal manipulation therapy/chiropractic.  Dr. Gifford is one of only 20 veterinarians worldwide to achieve fellowship to the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture.  Carol offers her patients a holistic approach to wellness using acupuncture and chiropractic, as well as laser therapy, herbs, diets and nutritional supplements.

To register click here!
Access Bars (R)
with Paula Jurko
Saturday, Jan. 27,
Cost: $350, repeat $175
Do you feel like life is working against you?  Break Free with Access Bars!

Access Bars is all about empowering you to receive in life.
To receive the amazing, joyful abundance this is possible! 
What else is possible for you?
What is being happier is easier than you thought?
How will you benefit?
*No longer function from limitation and judgement
*Quit being the effect of your story
*Put an end to the struggle, trauma and drama in your life
*Quit fighting this reality and create what you really desire
*Stop the endless mind chatter
*Handle whatever comes at you
*Be present in every moment
*More, ease, more joy and more space to BE YOU!
1 Dynamic Process
Paula Jurko began her private practice in 2009 after the passing of her mother.  It was then that she realized she wanted to love what she was doing with her life.  Her private practice includes many modalities all of which have facilitated her in her personal journey as well as others.
In 2013 she began to realize that the missing piece to all the things that were lacking in her life was her ability to feel that she was deserving to receive - receive money, success, health, joy and relationships.  She felt that if she could focus on being open to receiving more - then all areas of her life and living would improve.  As the universe works, she had her first Bars(R) session in March of that year and immediately knew she wanted to share this with everyone.
Paula became an Access Bars(R) Facilitator in August 2013 and in August of 2017 she became an Access Consciousness(R) Certified Facilitator.
To register click here.

Meditative Yoga

with Jennifer Eichhorn
Jan. 4,11,18 & 25
Sundays, Jan. 7,14 ,21 & 28
Cost: $12 for single drop in
$40 for 4 class pass
$80 for 10 class pass

Meditative Yoga is a yoga class that is accessible to all levels from beginner on.  This class combines movement, conscious breathing exercise (pranayama) and guided meditation in a restorative setting with blocks, bolsters and blankets to support the relaxation and expansion of body, mind and spirit.

Jennifer is a dedicated seeker and Yoga on High certified teacher.  She delights in sharing with others the wild joy, limitless freedom and deep connection offered in the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.

Mini Sessions
iTovi Wellness
BioFeedback Mini Sessions
    with Melody Jenkins
Wednesday, January 3, 6-8p
Cost: $20 for 20 minute session
Why Guess When You Can Know!!
This Scan will make recommendations of Essential Oils & Supplements for all Aspects of Your Health.

As the iTOVi scan runs, your body will naturally react to frequencies and the scanner will record these changes, identifying supplements and essential oils that match. As the scan ends, these frequencies are recorded, analyzed, and compiled into a personalized iTOVi report. Based on the information gathered during each session, the iTOVi App will recommend the oils or supplements to which your body had the strongest reactionary response. These recommendations are presented in your report, ordering each product by the strength of their reaction. Using the recommended oil or supplement will bring your body's frequencies back to its optimal state.
Please call to reserve your time slot or sign up on-line
To register, call 614-486-832
3 or click here. 
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith 
Monday, Jan. 8, 6-8:30p
Cost: $20 for 20 min. session

These mini sessions will give you an introduction to what Animal Reiki can do for your pet. Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. It also helps with chronic pain, behavior issues, transitioning to a new environment, etc.  
To schedule your mini session with Kaye for Monday, Jan. 8 click here. or call  (614) 486-8323. These sessions fill quickly, so don't wait too long!

Hand Massage Mini Sessions
Lisa Feldman
Tues, Jan. 9, 6-8p
30 minute session for $20!
Be transported to a wonderful world of relaxation through hand massage!  Using her strong, intuitive nurturing hands, Lisa Feldman will help you reduce your stress and tension.  Many satisfied customers report greatly improved circulation, range of motion and cessation of pain in their fingers, hands, head, neck and shoulders in addition to feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.
A great value at only $20 for a 30 minute session!  Other times are also available.  
Schedule an appointment today!
Call the Center at 614-486-8323  
or click here.
Sound Healing Mini Sessions
with Kelly Bisson
Tuesday, January 9, 6:30-8:30p
Cost: $20 for 20 min. session
Kelly will be offering mini sessions using Tuning Forks for Sound Healing. Everything is energy and vibration, including light, colors and sound. Come experience how different frequencies can enhance your healing & wellbeing!
To register, click here! 
Messages from Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Wednesday, Jan. 10, 5-8p
Thursday, Jan. 18, 5-8p
Cost: $20 / 20 minutes

Spirit Messages offer a perspective outside of one's earth e xperie nce. From the Divine vantage point, we
re given wisdom to step over the seeming obstacles in our lives. Spirit readings are done by holding the client's hand,
light touch, or psychometry. 
To schedule your mini session with Cheri, click here or call 
(614) 486-8323. These sessions fill quickly, so don't wait too long!
Shamanic Mini Sessions
with Heidi Howes
Monday, Jan. 22, 6-8p
Cost: $20 for 20 min. session
In these intuitive shamanic readings you will receive the healing message most pertinent to you at this time. Some of the possibilities to experience in these very short but powerful sessions include: power animal retrieval, extraction, soul retrieval, oracle readings/divination, and connecting to loved ones in the afterlife. 
Call to book your appointment soon as these fill up quickly!
To register, click here. 
Oneness Blessing
with Denise Musser
Thursday, Jan. 18, 7-9p
Cost: $10

What is the Oneness Blessing?
* Opens the doors to a consciousness of Oneness with all life
* Creates a shift in the brain which activates kundalini and quiets the ego
* Awakens intelligence
* Increases ability to learn and enhances memory retention
* Creates better brain synchronization
* Brings love to relationships
* Heals hurts
* Increases listening ability
* Awakens compassion
* Instills affection
* Invokes access to higher energies
* Creates a prosperity consciousness
* Infuses vitality
* Heals and relaxes the mind
* Cumulative effect is experienced with each session

To register, click here.
Services Offered
Reiki and...
  • 13 Sign Astrology
  • Akashic Records
  • Animal Reiki
  • Ayurveda
  • Canine Massage
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Depth Energy Package
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)
  • Gentle Massage
  • Guided Release
  • Herbalism
  • Holistic Health Assessment
  • Human-Pet Sessions
  • IlluminAura Restorative Experience
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Intuitive Health Assessment
  • Iridology Assessment
  • iTovi Wellness BioFeedback
  • Numerology
  • Past Life Regression
  • Pranic Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage
  • Runic Tarot
  • Russian Numerology
  • Shamanic Services
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Spirit Drawing
  • Therapeutic Art Sessions
  • Trager Approach Massage
  • Yoga
Please go to 
for description and costs. 
You may book either online or by calling the office at 614-486-8323.
The Center's nonprofit agency, Stone Soup Project, unites volunteers from all modalities with those in our community who don't have - but greatly need - wellness services. For information on SSP, click here. 
Class Idea and
Instructors Wanted

Are you looking for a class on a specialized topic that we may be able to feature in a future calendarof events?  Are you able to teach this class? 

We would love to hear from you. 
Please contact the Center at 
614-486-8323 or by email at
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Winter Psychic and Wellness Fair
Saturday, January 13, 12-5p
All sessions are $20 for 20 minutes and are on a first come basis!
Services & practitioners:
Melody Jenkins ~ Runic Tarot  & iTovi Wellness Biofeedback Scan 
Anastasia Shevchenko  
      Numerology Readings &   
       Numerology Compatibility 
Natalie Miller ~13 Sign Astrology  
Cheri Roof ~ Messages from Spirit 
Heidi Howes~ Shamanic Mini  
Kelly Bisson ~ Sound Healing and  
Linda Haley ~ CranioSacral  
Jane MacMillan ~Akashic Records 
C Bean ~ Spirit Drawings 
Angel Moon ~ Massage 
Lisa Feldman ~Hand Massage 
Richard Horton ~Spiritual Direction 
Denise Musser ~ Reiki 
Kaye Smith ~Reiki 
Jeanette Collins ~Elemental  
Linda Mizer ~Thai Massage 
Barbara Mason ~ Trager Sessions
Free Children's Clinic
Saturday, Jan. 6
10a - 1p
Cost: Free
The Reiki Center's Children's Clinic is held on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00am-1:00pm.  Our focus will be to provide the benefits of our most popular services to children up to age 12, in an age appropriate way.  We will assist participants in learning how to navigate the stressful, pressure-filled world they live in through relaxation techniques, creative therapies and stress relief modalities such as Reiki, Laughter Yoga and Art Therapy techniques.  We will also explore ways to quiet and focus the mind, manage breathing and recognize stress.
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult the entire time they are at the Center.  All activities will be held in an open setting.  Ample  free parking. Services provided by skilled volunteers from The Reiki Center and our sister agency, the Stone Soup Project.
Our goal is to help your child feel more confident, happier and peaceful.  We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday!
Gamma Wave Meditation
with Cameron Elkins
Tuesdays, Jan. 16,23,30 & Feb. 6
Cost: $10

Discover how unlocking and activating the gamma brain wave state can help you become more creative, learn faster and recall more than you could before - all while enjoying a new meditative experience.

Most people don't realize that our emotions can trigger a particular pattern of brain wave activity.  Each emotional state (e.g. fear, excitement, sleepiness, anger, sadness, dream-state) has its own associated brain wave frequency pattern, and these patterns have their own corresponding heart rate and breath rate.  Activating specific breathing patterns allows us to master our emotions.

Cameron Elkins is a Reiki Master and also a Meditation teacher who has a deep understanding of the hidden connections between the mind and the breath.  Cameron is devoted to exploring the intricacies of attaining and maintaining a blissful and joyful mental state, as well as peak levels of energy through a variety of therapies, including mental, physical, and emotional detoxification, cleansing and calibration.

To register click  here.
  Intro to
Shamanic Journeying 
with Heidi Howes 
Friday, Jan. 5, 6-9p 
Cost: $35
This is the method the shaman uses to "see in the dark". Deepen your connection to yourself and the multiverse with an experience of direct revelation.  You will learn about shamanic practice as a spiritual path and how you can see into the imaginal realm and a much larger picture of our world.  Each participant will have an opportunity to connect with power animals, other unseen allies, and experience firsthand the magic behind the veil.
You will also learn to do basic divination and open up to greater experiences with your intuition and personal guides. Shamanic Journeying is a skill most anyone can learn with practice and is a valuable tool for navigating this life with heart.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click  here.
Shamanic Reiki Class
with Heidi Howes
Sat, Jan. 6 
Cost: $75

In this class for Reiki Practitioners we will explore and practice shamanic healing techniques and how to incorporate them into your Reiki practice. Techniques we may cover include Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, and Extraction. Learn to trust and develop your divination skills more, explore more in-depth work with teachers and guides, and expand your practice with Spirit to power up your healing abilities.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.
reiki hands Traditional Certified
 Usui Reiki Classes
Reiki I Weekend Class
with Linda Haley
Sat, Jan. 20 & Sun,Jan. 21
  Cost: $300
The Reiki Center is the only facility in central Ohio which provides Reiki training in the traditional (original) method.  The difference between traditional and modern (Western) Reiki training is significant, as the original version provides more comprehensive training, and a deeper understanding of the practice's spiritual impact on your life, i.e. finding meaning and purpose.

Classes are small, no more than 8 students, to permit maximum time for personal instruction.

Four personalized hands-on Attunements will prepare the student to clear blockages from the body in preparation for receiving, feeling and working with healing energy. 

Students will discover peace of mind just by employing an easy to use technique.  Learn multiple meditation techniques.  Identify and transmit healing energy to relieve a headache or an aching muscle without medication. Hands-on experiences will show you how to feel energy and see its immediate impact on yourself, family, friends and pets. Learn specific techniques to enhance your practices, including how to create a positive affirmation to help clarify and realize your goals, how to develop intuitive abilities and how to connect with your Guides. 

Course includes a binder of instruction materials and vegetarian lunches.
To register, please call
or click here. 
Reiki 2 Class
with Linda Haley
Sat.Jan. 27 & Sun. Jan. 28
from 9a-5p
Cost: $350

The Reiki Center is the only facility in Central Ohio that offers Reiki training in the original (traditional) format, providing a far more comprehensive education.   

The Advanced Reiki Class significantly enhances the skills you discovered in the Reiki 1 class.  Four personalized hands-on Attunements further clear blockages and extend your connection to the life force energy.  Discussions will include how to develop your intuitive abilities to sense blockages in yourself and others, as well as how to effectively connect with your Guides for their assistance.

Students will also receive detailed instruction in how to work effectively with others.  Learn how and when to use the Reiki symbols for maximum benefit, how to provide an effective distant healing treatment, and how to set up a professional practice, if this is a career path you have selected. Advanced Treatment Guidelines address in detail the wide variety of physical and emotional responses you or your client may have to a treatment, as well as what actions to take. Discover how to realign your own body and spirit in an extensive Chakra Balancing Exercise. 

Class includes course handouts, vegetarian luncheons and snacks, as well as ample practice time. This is a two-day class (Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm.)

Classes are limited to 8 students, to provide maximum personalized instruction.  Students who have not taken the Reiki 1 class at the Center must demonstrate competency and knowledge equivalent to the Center's classes.
To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.
Reiki 1/ Animal Reiki Combo Friday NightClass
with Kaye Smith
6 Fridays, Jan. 26-Mar. 2, 6-9p
Cost: $400

Are you interested in learning how to help your pets but you aren't Reiki-trained?  If so, this special class is for you!
The Reiki Center is the only center in central Ohio to teach both Animal Reiki and Reiki in the traditional (original) format.
This class will teach you the Reiki I curriculum.  You learn to relieve a headache or aching muscle without medication.  You will use hands on techniques that will show you how to feel energy and see its immediate impact on others.  These techniques will prove valuable as you begin to work on yourself, family, friends and pets.  You will learn how to create a positive affirmation to help clarify and realize your goals, how to develop intuitive abilities, and connect with your guides.  You will learn Reiki in the traditional method which provides a more comprehensive training, and a deeper understanding of the practices spiritual impact on your life, i.e. finding meaning and purpose.
We combine this with our Animal Reiki class.  Animal Reiki is an energetic connection specially adapted to pets and other animals which offers targeted pain and stress techniques through a light touch. You will be able to take a more active role in your pets health and well being and strengthen your bond as you learn to understand each other on a deeper level.  You will learn treatment techniques for assessing energy imbalances throughout the animal chakra system and how to work with these energy centers.
Classes are small, no more than 4 students to permit maximum time for personal instruction.  This is a six week class that will run each Friday evening from 6-9pm.  Four personalized hands-on attunements will prepare the student to clear blockages from the body in preparation for receiving, feeling and working with energy.  The ethics and delivery of a successful session will be addressed in detail.  Hands on sessions working with humans and animals will be included.
This will teach two of our most popular classes together.  You will enjoy taking classes and learning with like-minded animal lovers and will have the same classmates through your 6 weeks of class.

To register, call 614-486-8323 or click here.
Free Reiki

Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, Jan. 15, 6-8p
If you have yet to try Reiki, or are familiar with its many healthful benefits but are short of funds for a full treatment, our Free Reiki Clinic is for you. Or stop in for a tune-up between your regular visits! Each person will receive 15-20 minutes of healing Reiki energy from skilled practitioners. Walk-in only.

Free Reiki Share
with Linda Haley
Sunday, Jan. 28, 6-8p
Cost: Free

Reiki practitioners of all levels of training, as well as all lineages, often enjoy the opportunity to participate in communal Reiki sessions known as "Shares." The sessions give each person a chance to learn from one another as practitioners, as well as benefiting from multiple healing hands during the sessions. Reiki Shares are offered on the last Sunday of the month from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Please arrive prior to 6 pm, as the Share begins promptly at 6 pm.

Save The Date

Feb.1,8,15,22...,..Meditative Yoga
Feb.1,8,15,22......Mindfulness with                    Mudras
Feb. 2  ...............Intro to Shamanic
Feb. 3  ............. Children's Clinic
Feb. 3 .............. Shamanic Reiki
Feb.4,11,18,25... Meditative Yoga
Feb. 4 ................Animal Reiki
Feb. 5.................Reiki Review
Feb. 5 & 12.........Beyond Class
Feb. 6 & 21........ Essential Oil  
Feb. 6................Gamma Wave  
Feb.7 & 15..........Messages with
Feb. 7................iTovi Wellness  
                              Mini Sessions
Feb. 10 &11....... Reiki 1/Animal  
         Reiki combo 
Feb. 12...............Animal Reiki Mini  
Feb. 13...............Sound Healing
                              Mini Sessions
Feb. 13...............Hand Massage
                              Mini Sessions
Feb. 13 & 27.......Spiritual Service
Feb.15...............Oneness Blessing
Feb. 16..............Reiki 1/ Animal
                        Reiki Combo Friday 
                                  Night Series
Feb. 17 & 18.......Reiki 1 Class
Feb. 19...............Free Reiki Clinic
Feb. 20...............Open Your Heart &
                    3rd Eye Mini Sessions
Feb. 24...............Journey Through
                                The Chakras
Feb. 24...............Healing Drum
Feb. 25...............Free Reiki Share
Feb. 26...............Shamanic Mini
Lost & Found
Are you missing your favorite water bottle or coffee mug?  Please stop in the office the next time you're at the Center and see if it's still there.

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