October 2015

UNIS Students plant a tower garden
CELF's Leadership Training in Sustainability Imparted Measurable Change in NYC Teachers
Teachers in our 2014-15 Leadership Training in Sustainability Program made significant gains in their EfS content knowledge and in three essential EfS teaching areas: use of community and place, systems thinking and on specific sustainability issues. A Harvard School of Education independent evaluator also measured an increased use of STEM activities and of place-based learning to teach the Big Ideas of Sustainability among participating teachers. Congratulations again to our participating schools for embracing sustainability in your classrooms.

MS 447 Recycles

Try these in your school:
How Can Place-Based Learning Help you Achieve Results with your Students?  
  • Use place as the context for authentic learning experiences.
  • Engage students in the local landscape, opportunities, experiences and cultures.
  • Provide a foundation for students to practice skills and develop knowledge across subject areas.
  • Begin with and build on student investigations.
Katie and Karina at the United Nations
CELF Supports Climate Action: Urging Results
CELF Executive Director, Katie Ginsberg and Student Ambassador President, Karina, were thrilled to attend the  Women's Climate Justice Day of Action last week, part of a worldwide day of action.   The event was  an extraordinary afternoon of women leaders joined in solidarity to speak out against environmentally and socially destructive activities and policies, and to present the diverse array of visions and strategies with which they are working to shape a healthy and equitable world. Learn more about the event or about becoming a Student Ambassador.
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Our Partners Fuel our Results: Thank you UNIS!
CELF is pleased to be partnered with the United Nations International School for our  fall Project-Based Learning Course. 
Missed the Fall course? Be ready to join us in the spring for more Project-Based Learning or our new course: Building Environmental Literacy for Health and Advocacy offered in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit and CUNY Center for Urban Environmental Reform.
Noah Bressman in the field

Learn more about Noah's efforts in his interview with The Many Shades of Green broadcast. 
Student Profile: Noah Bressman
Our first Student Ambassador and co-founder of the program, Noah Bresssman, will be starting his doctoral program in marine biology next year. Noah is working to encourage sustainable fishing practices and recently shared some reflections on his time with CELF.  "My experience as a SAM greatly helped me improve my public speaking skills, which I use in classes and for my research and media appearances. My SAM experience also motivated me to continue promoting sustainability around campus, and encouraged me to participate in many philanthropy and community service events around campus and in town." 
Noah adds, "high schoolers should join the SAM program if they are interested in becoming educators, working in STEM, or any field that requires presentations and a lot of interactions with various people. It is also a fun experience that will motivate you into wanting to save the world!"
Current Student Ambassadors recently participated in a round-table planning session and a climate change session at the United Nations. Stay tuned for information on a CELF Student Ambassador hosted fall festival scheduled for mid-to-late November. Learn More about SAMs  
CELF with Fenn School Teachers  
Is Your School Ready to See Results?
Whether you are new to Sustainable Education or want to take your school or district's efforts to the next level, CELF can design a program to meet your interests and needs. Check out our Course Offerings and Contact Us to learn  how we may customize a program for your school, community group or district.
Community Hoops
2015 Summer Participants
2016 Summer Institute Dates Announced
Immerse yourself in EfS for 3-4 days in the graceful setting of Reid Castle at Manhattanville College. CELF's dynamic facilitator team creates an interactive and supportive learning community as you delve into the field of EfS. This course will re-ignite your passion for teaching and provide you with essential skills to support your students.

CELF's mission is to make Education for Sustainability (EfS) an integral part of every school's curricula and culture - from kindergarten through high school - to prepare current and future students to be active and responsible citizens of a sustainable world.