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Imagine the horror if you sold a product that caused damage to a client. It can happen to you!

With the popularity of tech products, we need to be aware of the risks involved. 
In our resource article, The Riskiest Product in Our Industry, we share the IBM disaster with you and offer other beneficial information that will give you an advantage selling this hot product.

While this issue is addressing flash drives, we occasionally cover the topic of product safety. This is not a sexy topic, but it's important. Many companies don't fully understand their role in the supply chain. We will continue to share information, we feel is relevant to the health of our industry.

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   The Riskiest Product in the Industry!

An article written by 
Jenna Markowski  from
Quality Logo Products got us thinking about perils of selling flash drives,
These are one of the most popular items in our industry. 
Flashdrives are a practical item and offer a great branding opportunity. They can however be risky from a supplier, distributor, and consumer standpoint.
We've asked our friends at TIER 1 FLASH to share their expertise on this important issue. In addition to providing some beneficial selling information giving you a competitive advantage, they will give you tools to empower your profitable sales efforts. 
Through July 31st, 2014 TIER 1 FLASH will give you a FREE personalized flashdrive website. They will also teach you how to protect yourself and use that risk to your advantage so you can sell like a pro.
A disaster happened to IBM. Think it can't happen to you? Think again. 
Click here
 to learn what happened to IBM and get more useful information you can use to compete with online sellers and lowball pricing.

It's Coming!  August 6-7!  
Nickolai Mathison from Sonoma Promo talks about the SAAC Show and what they will do to give you a competitive advantage. See them in Long Beach!
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