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February 23, 2013
As we've said before, this is the time of year when the model companies make their plans for the coming year or two (or three, etc) known to collectors around the world. Yesterday, our friends at Replicarz made it official: They will produce a 1/18 scale model of the iconic STP Turbine car, driven in the 1967 Indianapolis 500 by Parnelli Jones.
STP Turbine
The Turbine will be produced in a yet to be determined limited edition with a $229.99 price tag. Target for release is late 2013. We will pass along details and updates as we receive them. You can reserve one (or more) HERE
Since the Turbine, along with the Lowenbrau Porsche, stand at the top of our 'all time' 1/18 scale wish list, it may be a good idea to place an advance order for this one! 

One of the things that caught our eye in the 2013 TSM Model Catalog was this proposed series of Shelby Daytona Coupes in 1/43 scale. 
TSM Cobras
In a press release sent to dealers and collectors on Friday, TSM announced a collaboration with Daytona Coupe Designer Peter Brock to produce 1/43 scale replicas to the differing specifications of each of the 6 original Coupes. 
The 5 pieces shown above represent three of those cars. 
We are accepting orders for all 5 models (click HERE) but no pricing or release date information has been made available to us as yet. As it is with most (all?) of our 1/43 scale suppliers, the time between announcement and release seems to be growing longer each season. Still, it's always good to have your name on the list for stuff like this!


Enjoy the race tomorrow!



 - Paul