Food Drive Partnership!
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Southwest Organic Producers is pleased to announce a food drive partnership with St. Martin HopeWorks. At SWOP we recognize the value of giving back. As a special thank you, SWOP is offering 15% off of your next purchase when you donate to the cause. We are accepting donations of non-perishables, clothing, and more!

Craft Reserve Back in Stock!
They're back in stock! We have the craft reserve O-Pen cartridges in Super Lemon Haze and Bubba Kush. These offer great durability paired with a no-solvent product, delivering consistency and potency with every puff. With limited stock and priced at $44.99, these cartridges will not last long on our shelves. Come by and get yours today!

Updates and Info
Myrcene: The most common terpene.
Have you ever heard of hops? As in hops and barley used for beer? Myrcene (Here's how to say it!) is a close relative of hops. One of the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis, Myrcene has sedative tendencies. As a relaxing agent, this terpene is best suited for Sleep, pain, and anxiety.

1 to 1 Cartridges: The best of both worlds. 
There are many ways to use cannabis medicine. Among the most "budding" methods is vape. With vape there are far less particulates inhaled than smoking flower. Also, as the medicine is concentrated, dosage can be managed more precisely. What is unique about these cartridges is they are a 1 to 1 ratio for THC and CBD. This means for every puff equal amounts of THC and CBD are absorbed, making this an ideal vape for pain and anxiety.
Opioid Addiction as Qualifying Condition Meets New Mexico Board Approval, For the Second Time...

Last year, the health advisory board reviewed and approved opioid addiction as being a qualifying condition for a medical cannabis card. However, Lynn Gallagher, Secretary of Health, shot down the idea. The health board has again presented the condition to Gallagher for approval.

Specials and Deals
The package deal for this week is an Edi-pack. Featuring Bhang Nuggets, 2-pack Val-Halla Gummies, and a choice of strain Oral Spray, all for $25, this is a great way to experience the medical effects of edibles. We are also continuing our sale of ALL strains at $10/gram

From 2pm to 4:20pm and Sat 2pm to 4pm, all pre-rolls are $4.20 and Rosin is 10% off! Make your day a little happier with Happy Hour at SWOP!

Edible Gummies!
These gummies are made with a Hybrid oil and are available in three flavors; Tropical Twist, Tangerine and Sour Watermelon! Available in two sizes; 2-pack for $4.99 and 6-pack for $10.99! Each gummy has 10mg of THC.
Need to renew? Know someone who wants to become a patient?
Need to renew your card? Know someone who could benefit from getting their patient card, but not sure where to start? Reach out to Dr. Rosenberg! Available
for walk-ins on Wednesday and Friday, and by appo intment.
Learn More about Dr. Rosenberg and Medcan Consultants.

What's next...
  • Featured artist program
  • Newly harvested strains in processing
  • Bhang chocolates to come shortly
  • Educational/informational courses

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