We won!!!!!!!
Goff Three
Dear ones,

Tonight we are celebrating a victory that has been over ten years in the making, and I would like to share my sincere and humble gratitude for all of you for taking this preservation journey with us. 

Today at 11 am, the Sarah Clayes House in Framingham, MA, went up for public auction.  There were three bidders, but none were able to outbid the bank's offer, which was over $800,000.

So the bank won its own auction.

This means that the property is free and clear for the bank to donate the property to our preservation cause.  

Our plan, once the donation is made, is to work with local preservation organizations to add historic restrictions to the property, including opening up the home to the public once a year.  We are seeking an investor who will work with us to preserve the property under these restrictions, now and in the future.  

This has been a labor of love for countless numbers of people, including you.  We couldn't have done it without your interest, your support, and your financial contribution.   

I am hoping that somewhere in the universe a historical wrong -- all of the suffering of Sarah, her family, and the hundreds of others who were wrongly accused of witchcraft in 1693 -- has been righted with today's monumentous occasion.  

With heartfelt and humble thanks,

Janice C. Thompson
The Sarah Clayes House Trust
Take a look at local press about this auction!  

Please visit our website for more information on our project, and to make your financial donation today!


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