The Season of Unfolding
YPL Posting - Aries Issue  


The Equinox signals a perfect time for creating balance within our lives.


With that in mind, I'm departing from my usual monthly discussion to inform you of a wonderful new healing process I have, recently, experienced and tell you how it dovetails with the work I do.


The process, called BIO-SHIFTING, has been developed by Dr. Alizabeth Ruiz.       

It provides a mapping of a person's energetic body to determine the root cause of physical, emotional or life concerns and, in doing so, allows for a new perspective that shifts one's physiology and energy, instantly.  (I can vouch for that.)


As such, it is complimentary to my Emotional Maturation process that helps one evolve and refine the sensibilities and reactions developed in infancy that are, now, deemed negative or problematic for oneself and/or those with whom one interacts.


Together, these modalities act as a personal "Refresh Button," allowing for the personal blossoming that is in harmony with the upcoming season.

For the next month, Dr. Ruiz is offering the BIO-SHIFTING experience at an introductory fee of $150.  


And, while Emotional Maturation is, normally, a part of my Negativity Clearing process, I am going to make it available during the Aries period as a stand-alone opportunity for $125.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Ruiz at 626-437-0443 or via email at  My contact information is below.

 Have a refreshing springtime.  You deserve it.


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              For those outside of the New York area, sessions can be had via Skype.   

Brian Porzak

22 Grove Street, Suite 5E

New York, New York 10014


  Skype: brian.porzak 
Healing Facilitator Brian Porzak








As I mentioned in my last few postings,

a powerful entity has offered to work through me for Physical Healings. 

Since I did not ask for this and with no guarantee as to results,

I've been offering free Physical Healing sessions during the past few months.

These have gone very well, 

so, now, I will make them part of combined

Channeling/Negativity Clearing sessions.



See my website for additional information and fees.