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grandmothers by minoucheTo Our Caf Gratitude Community,


With great sadness we are announcing the upcoming closing/sale of all Northern California Caf� Gratitude's.


A series of aggressive lawsuits has brought us to this unfortunate choice. Although we believe that we have done nothing wrong and our policies are completely legal, it will cost us too much money to defend them in court.  Despite telling the attorneys that brought the lawsuits that the current structure and resources of Caf� Gratitude are insufficient to sustain and defend our community, they have refused to give up and are forcing us to close.


We appreciate the loyalty of our employees and customers over these past 8 years and are grateful for having had the opportunity to serve each of you. We were happy to tolerate low margins and sustain ourselves on the transformation and personal growth of our people, while providing local organic vegan food to our community in an atmosphere of unconditional love. That commitment is under attack and we are not able to weather this storm.


This process will take a few months so please keep coming in and  let's celebrate our 8 years of success together, we are grateful for you!


We have come to realize that it isn't how we serve that is most important but rather that we serve.


Our mission will survive this, as love cannot be threatened.grandmothers by minouche


Thank you and love to you all,


Matthew and Terces Engelhart on behalf of Caf� Gratitude, LLC


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grandmothers by minouche Inspired Leadership & Community Building Workshop

We have secured a larger space for this workshop!  Join us on 12/3 & 4.  Click Here for details and to register.


Holiday Fixins  

Holiday Favorites come to SF!

Join Heather Haxo on 12/3 to learn how to create a live holiday feast complete with pumpkin pie! Click Here for details. 



Join Patti Searle for 'Holiday Sweet Treats'! 

Learn how to avoid refined sugars, dairy products, and unhealthy fats this December! 12/17 in Santa Cruz. 

 Click here for Details. 


Book Signing with Mielle Chenier Cowan Rose!
Join Mielle on Dec. 3rd, 7th, and 10th at our San Rafael, San Francisco, and Berkeley Cafe Gratitude locations, for a signed copy of  Piece of My Heart: A Collection of Vegan Recipes & Cooking Techniques.

Holiday Desserts for Entertaining with Chaya   Join us to learn the secrets behind raw desserts. Chaya is at the top of her game, and these are classes you won't want to miss!      
Click Here!
grandmothers by minouche   Invitation to Practice: 
Letting Go

"Impermanence is not a theory. It's happening every moment." - Thich Nhat Hanh


Karin shares her process with accepting loss, and shares insights for our community as we all undergo a major transition.
Focus On: Shoshanagrandmothers by minouche
A long time member of the Cafe Gratitude community shares her passions: for massage, for natural healing, and for transformation. 

Click Here to find out more about the life and work of Shoshana Frumkin. 


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Caf� Gratitude is a community dedicated to honoring the planet and all of its inhabitants through sustainable and healing foods.  We have six locations in the bay area, sell products across America and have an online store.  We practice what we call Sacred Commerce, a method of seeing business as a vital agent of transformation and awakening.
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