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Terces' Fresh Bread We are back from Maine and our precious visit with Matthew's parents.  We are so grateful to still have them living and count our time with them as such a valuable gift.  I was able to read an autobiography of Carl's (Matthew's father) father who was born in 1873 and lived to be 96 years old.  


It was such a beautiful look at some of the strengths and endearing qualities of the Engelhart family: thier love of people and gathering of community, and their acceptance of different ways of thought and appreciation of others. I was also able to experience some living history from a very personal perspective.

How grateful I am for all we have and the ongoing love and support of our family and community. This is clearly a good time to be alive.


On my birthday I rode my bike with no hands and swam in a beautiful fresh water quarry. Thank you to everyone who extended their loving wishes for me in my special day, they were each so deeply appreciated. Anne, Matthew's sister, and her husband Doug came out to Vinalhaven from Boston and made me a delicious birthday cake! Thank you both.


It is great to be home on the farm. This picture is of one of the loaves of bread I made today. We brought the largest harvest so far this year to the central kitchen, over 2000 lbs of farm fresh food, grown right here, which included over 700 lbs of sun ripened tomatoes!

This weekend is Leadership Training and our Farm Dinner, which is almost full, thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm of what we are doing.

With three weeks necessary to fit in nine locations of All Employee Meetings I am present to the on going challenge we are always facing to HOLD OUR SEAT OF UNCONDITIONAL 

LOVE no matter what the circumstances may be presenting!


Can you see that when you are stretched to keep your heart open you are actually expanding your capacity to LOVE MORE?

I love you, Terces

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Be Love Farm Dinner This Sunday in Vacaville!Farm Dinner Just a few seats are left for this event! Join Matthew and Terces for a tour of the farm, a fresh home-grown vegan meal and wine pairing. Click Here to Register! 



ARWebinar The Abounding River Workshop and Webinar

is on 9/24 & 25.  Join us in SF, or in your own living room with some good friends! Click Here for More Info and to Register! 



Abounding River Game Night comes to Berkeley! Join  Lovejoy Sundays, and Shoshana Fridays from 4pm-6pm for a rousing round of the game that started it all! Click Here!  



A New View of Love comes to Cardiff, CA Join Erin Ross and Jon Marro to learn Being, Clearing, and Acknowledgement on Oct. 2! Click Here to Register. 



Breakfast & Brunches Class in Berkeley 

Join Heather Haxo on Sat, 9/24 to learn recipes for delicious raw smoothies, crepes, cinnamon rolls, granola, and more! Click Here to Register. 

Honoring Strangers Invitation to Practice:  Honoring Strangers
Cheyenne invites us to partake in the tradition of honoring strangers as our most important teachers.
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Inspirational Story:My Body
A Letter to My Body
"I honor you as the  channel through which my soul's purpose is able to be conveyed. I apologize for any way in which I have not cared for you as the precious gift you are..."
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Birth as We Know It     
Heather shares some films that have inspired, educated, and opened her to being included in the birthing process. Do you know someone who will be giving birth? Click Here to learn more.  
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