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I know, it's hard to call Donald Trump a sentient being, and most of the Miss USA candidates are questionable, but there is no longer any question about the elephants.

elephantsSince Elephants Are As Smart As Great Apes & Dolphins, Isn't It Time For Elephant Rights?
the donald
Stuck in the rough:  Donald Trump's Scottish Golf Course Becomes Mini-Golf
Miss USA
Miss California does, she's a geek.  Why Don't Miss USA Contestants Believe in Evolution?
How has it come to this.  Al Gore Blasts Obama, Media for Dropping the Ball on Climate
field kitchen
Perhaps most people have more than they really need. Is It Time To Rethink the Built-In Kitchen?
And I thought it was the solution to climate change.  Tesla to Stop Production of Electric Roadster, Shift Focus to Model S
bike repair
Keep it in tip-top shape. 
Learn Basic Bike Repair with These 9 DIY Videos
goat cheese
Pair with 2007 Tablas Creek Espirt De Beacastle Baked Goat Cheese with Red Onion Confit
When are they old enough for Harry Potter?  Do You Underestimate What Your Child Can Read? 
Say hello to our new sibling!

How Gas Prices Work
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