(OCT 27, 2016)

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Gods Final Warning
  Important Message Must See:
To America the backslidden country of his grief sorrow and anger
Jeremiah 7:8-10King James Version

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Prophetic! UN Doubles Down on Removing Jewish, Christian References to Temple Mount
 That the United Nations World Heritage Committee is hostile to Israel's connections to the Temple Mount almost goes without saying, but the body's latest move can be viewed as nothing more than an attempt to "whitewash" Jewish and Christian ties to the holy site from history entirely.
URGENT: "NSA Files" "10 Reasons Russia Is Ready For War"
  The "NSA Files" reveals 10 reasons Russia is ready for Nuclear War
Meteor Hits Russia / 6.4 Quake Hits Italy  
Meteor crashes into Russia While a 6.4 earthquake hits Italy apocalyptic signs of the last days
(OCT 26, 2016)
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Building Real Faith
  The challenge facing each of us as Christians is, how do we build real faith? What is involved?
Ask God for more faith, Prove what you believe, Study what the Bible reveals about faith, Stir up God’s Spirit. Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit, Live by faith. Put into practice what you read in the Scriptures, Endure trials that will arise as you strive to live by every word of God, Don’t compromise or deny the true faith.

Teaching on Having Great Faith For Your Life! 
  When Jesus was on this earth, there were two people in the Bible that He described as having great faith.
Great faith is worshiping God in spite of your feelings.
Great faith has great persistence.
Great faith is undeniable.
Great faith will be tested.
Great faith is not deluded by a sense of personal importance.

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Judgement Is About Ready To FALL! 10-20-16

  Prophetic Alert & Word!! Judgement Is About Ready To FALL!

Moving Toward a Cashless Society

Soon physical cash will cease to exist. Paper money will be a relic of a bygone era. When cash is declared worthless and money is all electronic, the one-world government will have so much power it will be able to dictate who is allowed to participate in the economy. In the past, people wondered how the Antichrist would be able to keep people from buying and selling. We now see that the technology is already upon us that could make it impossible for you to buy or sell if you don’t have the Mark of the Beast.

 Sweden is expected to be totally cashless within five years. Over half of Sweden’s banks refuse to deal in cash. Also, buses, street vendors and even churches already accept plastic or virtual payments. Not only in Sweden, but all over the world there is a massive movement to switch to electronic banking. Sixty-two percent of 1000 Americans surveyed expect to see a cashless society within their lifetime. A recent poll by the Mayor of London’s public relations company, London & Partners, revealed that 68% of British people think physical money will be completely replaced by cashless technologies by 2036.

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Prophesied Events before the Second Coming

By Rick Brinegar

In the year 2015, many important steps were taken toward the 
fulfillment of several major prophecies given for the times just ahead.
Here are several events that are prophesied to occur just before the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ:

  1. A global economy will be established.
  2. A peace agreement will be signed between Israel and the Palestinians marking the beginning of the Final Seven Years to the Battle of Armageddon.
  3. A war will emanate from the Euphrates River region that will kill one-third of the world’s population.
  4. There will be an increase in homosexual activity.
  5. A world government will be established on earth.
  6. The Holy Roman Empire will be reborn and become the center of world power.
  7. A world religion will cause all to pledge allegiance to the Antichrist and his world-governing system.
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