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69 Mobley Road, Hamilton, GA 31811
August 16th - 22nd, 2017
Sunday Services: 8:30 am and 11:00 am

St. Nicholas' mission is to be an example of Christ's love 
for all people.
Our vision is to be the center of nourishment in mind, body, and spirit
for all people in our community.  
Office Hours 

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 1:30pm


From Fr. Jeff, 

I'm not the best swimmer, in water or in life. Often, I find myself barely able to tread water. Like Peter, I want to be able to walk on the waves with Jesus, but find myself more realistically struggling to stay afloat. With the demands of wife, kids, extended family, work, friends, and all the utter chaos we see in the news, it can be hard to steadily breaststroke through life. But when we find that we begin to swallow water, all we have to do is cry out, "Lord, save me," and Jesus immediately reaches his hand to do so. It may take some time for us to feel Jesus' arms around us because we're still so in shock from drowning, but Jesus is there. Take a few minutes today to push aside all those worries you might have and pray for God to save you. Feel for just a moment Jesus' hand reaching out to you in the form of a friend asking "How are you?" or in the form of a stranger offering a kindness to you, or maybe even in the form of this text, reminding you that you are in Jesus' arms and he will not let you drown.

*If you would like to receive messages like this in text form from Fr. Jeff every week, text "Add me" to  706-761-0115

Peace, Jeff+

Outreach Ministry Opportunties:

Mondays at 2:00pm 
Holy Eucharist at Harris County Jail, 
contact Fr. Jeff at 706-761-0115.

We are in NEED of 2-3 more volunteers to go with us to the jail, especially on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Mondays of the month. If you would like to help, please contact Fr. Jeff.

Safe Families For Children 
 Please join us for an important and informative meeting of interest to the entire parish this Sunday, August 20, at 9:45 am at St. Nicholas.  The subject is the Safe Families For Children program, and we need the participation of all -- in one capacity or another.  There is a role for YOU, so please come and show your support!

Update to login for members

The latest Instant Church Directory update (Apple version (1,2), allows members to choose their own password to login into the app. This is the extra level of security.

So, if a member is having trouble logging into Instant Church Directory and they are an iOS user on the latest version (1.2), they'll create their own password on the website. The password must have at least 8 characters and contain at least two of the following special characters: capital letters, numbers or symbols.

Once you enter a password and confirm it, click Request Login.
You will receive a confirmation email with a link.
Click on the link and registration is complete!
Close the browser window. Open the app on your phone. You can then login to the app with the password you created.


Another Outreach Ministry Opportunty!

Donate food to fill backpacks. We need nourishing foods such as cheese sticks, applesauce, tuna, granola bars and ravioli. The snacks help ensure that the students - whose families struggle to afford 
food - eat well over the weekend.

Help at St. Nicholas on Wednesdays at 1:40pm 
packing  backpacks for BackSnacks.
Help with deliveries to school on Thursdays.

Contact Grant Flynn at 706-457-9531 to volunteer.

Worship at Christian Valley Church

This year's "pulpit swap" with Christian Valley Church will be on August 27 at 10:00 am with Father Jeff at the pulpit, located on Hwy 315, Cataula, GA

Please plan to be there August 27th which will be filled with joyful worship and fellowship, as we share our traditions with one another. There will be a potluck lunch after the service.

Directions from Pine Mountain/Hamilton: Take Highway 27 South. Drive 7.8 miles from Hamilton Square to Cataula. Turn right on Highway 315 West. Drive 0.5 miles. Watch for the fork in the road - stay to the left on Highway 315. In 0.4 miles, Christian Valley Church is on the right.

Directions from Columbus: Take Highway 27 North. Drive 8.3 miles from Williams Rd. to Cataula. Turn left on Highway 315 West. Drive 0.5 miles. Watch for the fork in the road - stay to the left on Highway 315. In 0.4 miles, Christian Valley Church is on the right.



It is time again for Lobsterfest and that means the amazing 
St. Nicholas Silent Auction! 

This year we are looking for donations of art, tickets to concerts and theatrical events, gift baskets, handcrafted items and gourmet foods. Exciting events are still welcome (e.g. cocktail parties, dinners, etc.) as are vacation homes. 

 Simple Ways you can help:
  • Donate an item
  • Volunteer your professional service
  • Ask a business to donate an item, gift card, etc.
  • Ask friends, neighbors, family to give

All donations need to be at the church no later than Sunday, September 10th. Thanks so much!

If you have any questions or need to make a donation, please contact 
Anne Huie at 706-530-8326 or 
William Morgan at  706-587-2068

Check out for great silent auction donation ideas.
Hello Stitchers! 

e are planning another Saturday stitching session August 19th, 10am-12pm. Hope to see you there! 

Let Katrina know if she can bring wool at 

Call Phebe with any questions

St. Nicholas Lunch Bunch 

Our next after-church lunch will be on August 20, 12:30pm at Callaway's Country Store on Highway 27. 

Come fellowship with your church family!


SNICK starts back on September 6 at 5:30pm!  

Mark your calendars. If you would like to participate in helping in any way, please contact our NEW SNICK Director, Emily Turner at or 706-987-0878. 

If any 6th-12th grader would like to be a Teen Mentor, please come this Wednesday, August 23 at 6:00pm to meet with Emily

please contact Marci Horne for changes


Aside from regular services, St. Nicholas is out and about visiting parish members and community.    Fr. Jeff and LEV's visit hospital or home-bound parish members, family members, Bright Way Personal Care Home, and Harris County Jail.   Other places would love to have visits from us. There is a big need to bring God's love to the community through Eucharist and pastoral care. LEV's are trained to give Eucharist and provide pastoral care.  

Children's Lego Sunday School 
September 10th at 9:45 
We will be starting The New Testament, so the kids will really enjoy this segment!  Come one, come all!  Please also let Rebecca Crowley know if you would like to be in the teaching rotation. As always, thanks for all you do to further the spiritual growth of our youth and our congregation!
Possible 5th & 6th Grade Sunday School Class:
 We are prayerfully considering starting a new youth Sunday School class for our 5th and 6th graders.  We really need a couple of people that would be willing to work with this age group.  We already have one volunteer, so this would be a rotating schedule.  Please contact Rebecca Crowley or Father Jeff for more information.  Thanks!

Choir will start rehearsing on Wednesdays on September 13th from 6:30-7:30.

Choir will start vesting and singing during the 11:00am service on September 17th. 
Choir warm up will be at 10:20am on Sundays.

Bright Way Services

"We took church today to Brightway Personal Care Home.  My wonderful friend, Bert Tomlin, gave a beautiful homily on letting go and letting God do what he does.

I love Sundays with these seniors.

Some of them don't know why we are there but they seem to know we love them."    Author: Linda Sawyer on Sunday, 13 August 2017

Contact  Bert if you would like to participate.

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 

    Adult Formation

A Journey With Mark

Matthew is about to head off down roads to Damascus. But Mark is on his way for a visit.

We will be with Matthew for one more week - Sunday, August 20. Then we will break for two weeks as we enjoy our Sunday at Christian Valley and Labor Day Weekend. Mark arrives on Sunday, September 10th. Books are in the Office.

All are welcome to Adult Formation. What you can expect: 

Exciting and careful reading of the biblical text supplemented by cultural and historical surroundings. 

 Also, good conversation, varied views, new insights into the Gospels, laughter and fellowship are included. 

 It is not stuffy and at times you can expect doughnuts!

Cubs for Christ 
On the 2nd Thursday of the month at Park Elementary starting September 14 at 2:45pm: 

Once a month, we partner with FOCUS to host an after-school Bible club for 2nd-4th graders at Park Elementary. At Cubs for Christ, we sing songs, hear stories, do activities, build relationships, play games, and share snacks. 
If you would like to help in any way, even for one month, please contact Fr. Jeff. 



Humane Society of Harris County

Sporting Clays for Shelter Strays
Sunday, September 24th
Big Red Oak Plantation
2:00 start
$100* per person
NSCA registered on pheasant course
Non-registered on quail course
Go to to sign up!
call Jennifer Daniel 706-325-4723 with any questions
*A portion of your donation is tax deductible. HSHC Tax No. 58-2020386.  The Humane Society of Harris County is an exempt nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We receive no city, state, or federal funding. 


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27 Leslie Cooling 
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3 Chris & Andy Butzon 
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16 Lynn & Kenny Hall 
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31 Sammy & Kristy Hubbard
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If you have not yet filled out a form, please pick one up in the cloister room and return to the church office. Or you can send your info via email to the Parish Administrator at
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Members will be able to view the church and staff information, as well as search and view family members. Members will also be able to call, email or text if a phone number or email address is available on the church, staff or family details. Any changes that are generated on Instant Church Directory Online will automatically download to each member's devices, ensuring they always have the latest information.

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Please look for these cards in the narthex or in the pews and place them in the alms basin if you give electronically.

Father Jeff will bless them at each service along with the other offerings.

Electronic Common Prayer

Electronic Common Prayer, Version 2.0   (eCP)  is a brand new update to the first, fully authorized, interactive version of the Book of Common Prayer 1979 of the Episcopal Church USA.
Click here for details 
GoFundMe Campaign for Zion Church

For our next phase of fundraising for historic 
Zion Episcopal Church   in Talbotton, Georgia , we have set up a 
GoFundMe  campaign. 

There is much to be done to help this amazing bit of Georgia history. 

Please share this and encourage people to be generous. 

For over 160 years, Zion Episcopal Church has watched over the village of Talbotton, GA. There are not many 160-year-old structures still standing in our country.

If you or your family members will be in a play, concert, sports or school activity please send the information to the church  to be printed in the newsletter. 
St Nicholas members can then know what is happening with their church family and perhaps attend some of the functions. Include the event with dates, times and location. This is for children, teens and adults.


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