The Spirit of Saint Nicholas
The E-Newsletter from Saint Nicholas Episcopal  Church  
69 Mobley Road, Hamilton, GA 31811
March 22nd - 28th, 2017
Sunday Services 8:30 and 11:00am 
SNICK -  Wednesdays 5:30 
(led by Children of St. Nick - followed by dinner)

St. Nicholas' mission is to be an example of Christ's love 
for all people.
Our vision is to be the center of nourishment in mind, body, and spirit
for all people in our community.  
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Ephesians 5:8-14
  • John 9:1-41

From Fr. Jeff:

St. Paul wrote, "...suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us." Romans 5:3-4 
I've never really thought that suffering might come out the other end as hope. Suffering takes all forms: physical pain, emotional struggle, relationship issues, overwhelming odds at work, spiritual challenges, abuse of ourselves or others. Paul is suggesting that if we can withstand suffering without getting bitter or mean, our souls become pliable, and that pliability gives us hope that nothing can truly break us beyond the point of repair. This is the hope that has been given to us. So whatever suffering you're enduring at this moment, know that if you continue to endure, breathe, say your prayers, try to laugh, and trust in God, that hope is just around the corner. 

*If you would like to receive messages like this in text form from Fr. Jeff every week, text "Add me" to 

Peace,  Jeff
SNICK's Feed My Lambs Breakfast Fundraiser and Mary's Meals Envelope Donations!
Thanks to your generosity & participation, we  collected $468.00
Every $20 we received will feed one child for a year!

Sto ries from 40acts
"To answer before listening - that is folly and shame" 
Proverbs 18:13 

Yesterday, I visited with someone I have never met before.  I sat on the front porch and listened for 3 hours to a very active elderly man as he told me the story of his life.  

He spent his career as an over-the-road truck driver, often being away from home for 2 weeks at a time. 

He gave grateful praise to his family for their tolerance of his lifestyle.

He described in great detail his spiritual journey, his church life, and his honest and generous nature.  He spoke candidly about his health conditions, painful arthritis, and beating prostate cancer.  
He admitted his great love of sweets after meals (he offered me peach cobbler to accompany the glass of sweet tea I was drinking).  He has never been a smoker or a drinker.  He has been married to his first wife for 50+ years.

He told me his views on the deplorable state of our world political stage with the gaping holes in the floor.  He went into great detail to describe why he thinks mankind is in its End Times and the coming of the Rapture.  He is experienced, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate; highly unusual qualities these days.  

Then my wife called me for dinner, and I had to go back to reality.  But in those three hours I gave him an attentive ear and developed a powerful bond with my new trucker friend.  I am blessed for knowing him. 
- Chris Butzon

Do you have a story of your experience with 40acts this Lent? Send it to us!


 Episcopal 101 Class  

For those with questions about the Episcopal Church, those who are seeking membership, or those who just need a refresher, Episcopal 101 is a safe place to explore your faith. 
We will meet next on:  March 26th 
For more information, see Fr. Jeff.

Books for the Adult Forum Class 
have been ordered.  
They will be available at the Adult Forum Class beginning March 5th.    
They are $12.00  each.

***Daily Meditations for Lent - 
 Booklets will be available to St Nicholas Families.  
The booklet includes 40 daily readings based on 
Matthew 25.   
They are $4.00 each.
Church Work Day
Date: April 1st

             Work Day at the Church, April 1: Our Cub Scout Pack 109 is leading a work day on the grounds of St. Nicholas to get ready for Easter. 
They are working in two shifts,  9:00am to 12 noon , and  1:00-4:00pm
They will be working on pulling weeds around the church and in the Memory Garden. 
All church volunteers are welcome, even if you can only do one shift. 
For more information, contact Pack Leader Allen Parker 


Baptisms, Confirmations, & Receptions:

If you or someone you know would like to be baptized, the next opportunity will be on Easter Sunday, April 16 at the Easter Vigil. 
If you are interested, please talk to Father Jeff.

An opportunity to worship at historic Zion Church, built as an Episcopal church in the 1840s, will be offered at  4 p.m. Sunday, April 30th, in Talbotton. 
On the N ational Register of Historic Places, Zion's building has been spared modernization. It is a rare Gothic American parish church constructed of old growth timber. 
Assisting Bishop Don Wimberly of the Diocese of Atlanta will be the celebrant and preacher. Several people will be confirmed or received. 
A reception will follow the service and there will be an opportunity to have a guided tour and hear the rich history of the church. 
Zion Church is located at 100 Main Street in Talbotton on U.S. 80. 
Contact Father Jeff Jackson at  (706) 761-0115  for further information. Non-perishable food will be collected for Talbotton families in need.

All are welcomed - Invite a friend.

Welcome to St. Nicholas
Helen Varner Manderson was confirmed at Zion Episcopal on Sunday, March 19th, and has joined our St. Nicholas Family!
Everyone is invited to come on April 7th at 11:00 to make palm crosses for Palm Sunday. 
We will meet at the church. 
Light lunch will follow. 

The form linked above will be inserted in the Bulletin this Sunday.
If you would rather, you may click, print, fill out and bring or mail to the Church.
These gifts must be received by April 9th to be included in the Memorial List in Easter Bulletins


please contact Marci Horne for changes

Journey to Adulthood
Our new youth program continues with our Rite 13 class (grades 6 & up) at 9:45 in the Classrooms, led by leaders 
Sheri Cody, John Brent, 
Jennifer Milton, and 
Bob Hamilton. 
For more information, contact Sheri Cody


Jeana Smith
 for your Letter of Transfer into St. Nicholas!
                                   Kathy McMurtry                          Ashley Taylor

Stewards of the Month
Kathy McMurtry 
Ashley Taylor  
This month's Steward of the Month goes to Kathy McMurtry and 
Ashley Taylor. Kathy and Ashley lead our youngest members in the SNICK, Jr. class  on Wednesday  nights. 
Kathy and Ashley are here every week making sure that SNICK runs well. In addition to leading the class, they are also helping behind the scenes, helping to prepare meals and serve them to the children, helping to set up or take down something, arranging costumes for the Christmas pageant, and much more. 
They give their time so generously and we are so grateful for their ministry at St. Nicholas.


Bright Way Services

Worship services continue at Bright Way Personal Care Home  in Pine Mountain. Other  Lay Eucharistic Visitors are needed for this ministry. 

Contact  Bert  if you would like to participate.

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 


For those who are ill, recovering or needing special prayers:

  Members of St Nicholas:

Jenny Jackson
BackPack Program
Safe Families Program
Lynn Norris
Mabry Collins
Cecelia Rood
Michelle Moody
Bill Eidson
Dave Halmrast
Nate Taylor
Clara Butzon

Family members and friends of the Community:

Denson Franklin
Trish Davis 
Ann Carolyn King  
Fred Young
McCullohs Family
 Brightway Patients & Staff
Dexter Crotts
Gay Shephard
Kelly & Simon Graham
Russ Fackler
Penelope Elliston
Paige Buchanan
Joseph Green
Mark Daniel
Heather Partin
Barbara Hamilton
Cameron Clark
Danny Hatchell

    Prayers for all our veterans, those currently 
serving their country  away from home, 
for their safe return and for their families 
who wait for them.

  1 Anne Simpson 
  6 Ansley Butzon 
  6 Shelley Butzon 
11 Julie Nordin 
11Wesley Brown 
12 Lauren Finklea 
14 Jan Pylant 
18 Bill Eidson 
19 June Wood 
22 Terry Caudill 
24 Beth Brown 
25 Kay Faircloth 
25 Rebecca Crowley 
27 Dave Halmrast
28 Caroline Queener 
31 Ashley Strong 
31 Peggy Martin

 18 Kenny & Terri Townsend
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Thank you, St. Nicholas family, for your active involvement in our parish. 

If you or family members will be in a play, concert, sports or school activity please send the information to the church to be printed in the newsletter. St Nicholas members can then know what is happening with their church family and perhaps attend some of the functions. Include the event with dates, times and location. This is for children, teens and adults.


Please help us keep the church directory as up-to-date as possible.


If you have not yet filled out a form, please pick one up in the cloister room and return to the church office. Or you can send your info via email to the Parish Administrator at

  1. Please include:your names and the names of your minor children,
  2. address,
  3. email addresses,
  4. phone numbers (cell and home),
  5. birthdays and anniversaries.

If you need a new picture or a new name tag, indicate that as well. Feel free to use a favorite picture. Just send it in jpeg form to


Mobile App Installation Instructions

Church members can view the St. Nicholas Church Directory from their iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire by downloading the free Instant Church Directory Members App.  

You may search for "Instant Church Directory" in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore, or use this link: 

After installation, open the Instant Church Directory icon (it looks like a church).  It will ask for your email address.  If your email address is in our church directory, the program will generate a password for you and email it to you.


This worked great for most, but if you have any problems make sure you first check to see that your email address is in the church directory.  


Please look for these cards in the narthex or in the pews and place them in the alms basin if you give electronically.

Father Jeff will bless them at each service along with the other offerings.

Electronic Common Prayer

Electronic Common Prayer, Version 2.0   (eCP)  is a brand new update to the first, fully authorized, interactive version of the Book of Common Prayer 1979 of the Episcopal Church USA.
Click here for details 
GoFundMe Campaign for Zion Church

For our next phase of fundraising for historic  Zion Episcopal Church  
in Talbotton, Georgia , we have set up a
GoFundMe  campaign. 

There is much to be done to help this amazing bit of Georgia history. 
Please share this and encourage people to be generous. 

For over 160 years, Zion Episcopal Church has watched over the village of Talbotton, GA. There are not many 160-year-old structures still standing in our country.

March Workshop: Pathways to Happiness

click to open flyer

Pathways to Happiness
is a 5 part series designed to explore ways to increase our capacity for happiness and joy in our present lifestyles.  Through discussion and learning specific techniques, along with mindfulness and mediation practice, an increase in happiness, health and wellbeing will result.  Drawing heavily on Native American spiritual practices and belief systems each individual will develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, minds and spirits.  Many other spiritual traditions will be incorporated to emphasize that harmony in diversity is an essential part of the pathway to happiness.
Monday March 27 from 6:00pm  to 8pm
Walk in Peace:
This workshop will explore healthy approaches to conflicts, both inner and outer, that create stresses affecting health and happiness.  Our internal dialogue with our selves mirrors the dialogue we engage others in.  Mindful practice allows us to turn off old reactions and incorporate new responses.   Transitioning from fear to love allows us to find unique and creative solutions that are effective to old persistent problems.
Monday April 3 from 6:00pm to 8pm
Walk in Joy:
This workshop will focus on our understanding of the purpose of life, more specifically each participants' unique life perspective.  Then viewing ourselves from the perspective of a loving creator, we will redefine or reaffirm our life purpose and to find our Joy.  The Divine is expressed through that which brings us Joy.  When Joy slips away, our attention is usually focused on non-essential distracting issues.  Increased awareness through meditation helps us to connect to the Divine within and the Joy that follows.
Monday April 10 from 6:00pm to 8pm
Walk in Balance:
This workshop will focus on bringing it all together and learning to live in a balanced way.  We will explore how extremes of any kind disrupt our natural rhythms and how a lack of compassion for self creates unhappiness.  We will become skilled at walking on the high wire with grace and confidence, knowing that each challenge we face only increases our skills and allows us to go higher.  We will focus on developing our inner guidance systems essential for happiness to flow in our lives on a daily basis.  
Workshops to be held at :  1443 17th Street, Columbus Georgia 31901. 
For information and to register call 703-317-2163.   Individual workshop fee is $20.00.  
Fee for all 5 workshops is $60.00.
Dr. Ona Graham
Workshop Facilitator

                          A Not for Profit Corporation

 "See What Love Can Do" Star Nation Healing 400 Brookstone Centre, 
Suite 450, Columbus, Georgia 31904-9266 706-656-0987 / 706-317-2163

Calling all artists, DIY-enthusiasts, yard-sale fanatics, collectors of cool things: The Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry needs your expertise and your chairs for its CHAIRity for CVEM. CHAIRity is held on  May 21  from  Noon to 6 p.m.  at Arts in the Park in Lakebottom Park. CHAIRity features one-of-a-kind chairs donated, created, or repurposed by local artists and friends of CVEM and proceeds benefit our neighbors in need in the Chattahoochee Valley region. There are no real rules for chairs: It can be a chair you decorate, repurpose, create or just something unique you've collected through the years. We are also looking for chairs that others may use to decorate. If you would like to donate a chair, please contact us at  or call  706.327.0400
Let me know if you need anything else please!


Holli Melancon
Communications Director
Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry