The Spirit of Saint Nicholas
The E-Newsletter from Saint Nicholas Episcopal  Church  
69 Mobley Road, Hamilton, GA 31811
December 7th - 13th, 2016
Sunday Services 8:30 and 11:00am 
SNICK -  Wednesdays 5:30 
(led by Children of St. Nick - followed by dinner)

Christmas Services at St. Nicholas: Join us as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus!
December 24, 5:00PM : Children's Christmas Pageant
December 24, 6:00PM : Christmas Eve Eucharist
December 25, 10:00AM : Christmas Day Eucharist

St. Nicholas' mission is to be an example of Christ's love 
for all people.
Our vision is to be the center of nourishment in mind, body, and spirit
for all people in our community.  

Bishop Wimberly visits December 11:
We will celebrate 
St. Nicholas Day 
with assisting bishop 
Don Wimberly 
at 8:30 and 11:00am. 

We will have a pot-luck lunch following
the  11am service. 
It's time to pull out your Advent favorites (chili,
greens, fresh bread, citrus salads?) and maybe a few Christmas specials as
Bring what you can, come for the comraderie and a chance to get to  know one of our bishops.

Isaiah 35:1-10

 James 5:7-10
Matthew 11:2-11

"Let every heart prepare him room." 
This holiday season is an opportunity to do what the hymn "Joy to the World" suggests and create some extra space in our hearts for God to be born anew. 
This is a season where we recognize that the God of the Universe cares enough about us that he was willing to become an innocent, crying, drooling baby, born in a animal stall to homeless refugee parents. 
When there's not room in the inn, where can Jesus be born? 
If we're honest, sometimes our hearts resemble that barn, and yet Christ can still be born there! All we have to do is make a little space. 
Take some time today to be quiet, mentally shovel the stalls of your heart, and set up a little crib for Christ to be born again. 

*If you would like to receive messages like this in text form from Fr. Jeff every week, text "Add me" to 

Please support St. Nicholas in supporting Harris County residents facing financial emergencies to pay their home heating cost and stay warm during the winter. 
Share the Warmth is a FOCUS program and each dollar contributed will be awarded by St. Nicholas to families in need who have nowhere else to turn. Thanks for your support and gift.
Journey to Adulthood
Our new youth program continues with our Rite 13 class (grades 6 & up) at 9:45 in the Classrooms, led by leaders 
Sheri Cody, John Brent, 
Jennifer Milton, and 
Bob Hamilton. 
For more information, contact Sheri Cody

SNICK Christmas Pageant Rehearsals

This year's children's Christmas Pageant will be rehearsed at SNICK on Wednesday nights, 

December 7 and 14. 
The Pageant will take place on Christmas Eve at 5:00pm
All children are welcome to participate! 
For more information, contact Sheila Dixon.

St. Nicholas Writes , our church's writing group,will meet on  Sunday, December 18th , from 9:45-10:45  in the Adult Formation classroom.  
We will view a 30-minute lecture from the  Great Courses series on a fundamental plot formula that anyone can use and which underlies much of our traditional fiction. 
Discussion will follow. 
Visitors, observers, and guests welcome!  
Inquiries: Dianne Armstrong:  706-221-9020

Zion Episcopal Church

Click on the link above to go to the website to read about the history of and view incredible photos taken of Zion Episcopal Church

Vestry Nominations 
It is time to nominate new Vestry members!

 Kin Brown, Sheri Cody, Nick Simpson and Katherine Johnson are rotating off of Vestry this year.   

A Vestry person must be a confirmed member and 18 years or older. Preferably they should be a pledging member and at St Nicholas for one year. 
The last two requirements can be waived by Vestry vote.    
Terms are three years.  Believe it or not the three years pass quickly.
Many gifts are needed to lead and serve  St. Nicholas.   
A primary qualification is the desire to be with a great group of Christian people who work by consensus and productive brainstorming.   
The people remaining on the Vestry are Rebecca Crowley, Sue Halmrast, Martha Dimon, Steve Morse, Bill Caudill, Bob Hamilton and Phebe Robertson.    
Talk with Fr Jeff or any Vestry person if you want to explore the possibility of  serving on Vestry.    


atlSERVE (Mission Weeks) | June 25-30, July 9-14
These are our service and mission outreach weeks in Atlanta for our middle and high schoolers. The high school week is  June 25-30 and the middle school week is  July 9-14. We have many service partners including meal delivery, facilitating a VBS, sorting donations, working in gardens, serving in soup lines, and joining the homeless in morning prayer. These weeks are about learning how to serve and be served by others. Last year, we had over 90 youth attend our mission weeks. There are opportunities for adult leaders (that could be you) to help lead the week. There are leadership opportunities for high schoolers to help lead the middle school week. Mark your calendar, and please let your youth know! Register for high school  here and middle school  here.


DYC Staff | December 10-11
This is an opportunity for our high school youth to lead a retreat for middle and high schoolers. The retreat is at Camp Mikell from  January 6-8. Staff training is at Mikell from  December 10-11Apply here.

Youth Leadership Initiative | June 2-4
This is a weekend Leadership Retreat for rising seniors and those just graduated. Bishop Wright, Mary Hooper, and I will lead a weekend centered around teaching our youth what it looks like to lead as Jesus calls us to.  Apply here.

EYE 2017 | July 10-14
This is the National Youth Event held every 3 years that brings almost every diocese and over 2,000 young people together for a 4-day event. This year, it is at the University of Central Oklahoma. Many subjects are covered and youth get a real opportunity learn, grow, and build community with young Episcopalians across the faith. Many parishes are contributing a full scholarship for one of their own youth to attend. Please  contact me if you would like to sponsor one of your youth. We also have partial and full scholarships for at least 10. Youth can apply  here.

If you have any questions about these events or applications, please contact me directly! 
Thank you for participating in our Diocesan Youth Ministries!



Almighty God, who...dost promise that when two or three are gathered together in thy Name thou wilt grant their requests; fulfill now, O Lord, the desires and petitions of thy servants, as may be most expedient for them.
Bright Way Services

Worship services continue at Bright Way Personal Care Home  in Pine Mountain. Other  Lay Eucharistic Visitors are needed for this ministry. 

Contact  Bert  if you would like to participate.

Worship Ministers Needed : 
There are several opportunities to serve in our worship at St. Nicholas. If you are looking to deepen your spiritual life by being an Acolyte, Altar Guild Member, Flower Guild Member, Greeter, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lay Reader, or Usher at either 8:30 and 11:00 services, please contact Worship Committee chair Chris Butzon

please contact Marci Horne for changes

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 

Religion is not a method, it is a life, a higher and supernatural life, mystical in its root and practical in its fruits; a communion with God, a calm and deep enthusiasm, a love which radiates, a force which acts, a happiness which overflows.

For those who are ill, recovering or needing special prayers:

  Members of St Nicholas:

Nate Taylor
Clara Butzon

Family members and friends of the Community:

Paige Buchanan
Mark Daniel
Heather Partin
Barbara Hamilton
Doug Brown
Cameron Clark
Gene Wells
Danny Hatchell
Joseph Green
Chris Price

In Thanksgiving For:

Our St. Nicholas Worship Ministries

In Loving Memory of:
Sam Roney

    Prayers for all our veterans, those currently 
serving their country  away from home, 
for their safe return and for their families 
who wait for them.


December Birthdays
  1     Molly Jackson
  5     Barbara Walker
  9     Austin Hubbard
  9    Jeb Brown
10     Larry Nordin
13   C hris Butzon
16    John Winsness
16   Lynne Taylor
18    Blanton Whitworth
19    Samantha Dixon
26    Sheri Cody

December Anniversaries

  2   Ed & Leslie Cooling
            17   Erick & Danielle Whitworth
 18   Dave & Sue Halmrast
                                             26   Bill & Suzy Eidson
                                             29   John & Rose Brent

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Zion Episcopal Church

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Youth Worker Fall Update

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If you have not yet filled out a form, please pick one up in the cloister room and return to the church office. Or you can send your info via email to the Parish Administrator at

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Church members can view the St. Nicholas Church Directory from their iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire by downloading the free Instant Church Directory Members App.  

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This worked great for most, but if you have any problems make sure you first check to see that your email address is in the church directory.  


Please look for these cards in the narthex or in the pews and place them in the alms basin if you give electronically.

Father Jeff will bless them at each service along with the other offerings.

Electronic Common Prayer

Electronic Common Prayer, Version 2.0   (eCP)  is a brand new update to the first, fully authorized, interactive version of the Book of Common Prayer 1979 of the Episcopal Church USA.
Click here for details 

GoFundMe Campaign for Zion Church

For our next phase of fundraising for historic  Zion Episcopal Church  
in Talbotton, Georgia , we have set up a
GoFundMe  campaign. 

There is much to be done to help this amazing bit of Georgia history. 
Please share this and encourage people to be generous. 

For over 160 years, Zion Episcopal Church has watched over the village of Talbotton, GA. There are not many 160-year-old structures still standing in our country.