The E-Newsletter from Saint Nicholas Episcopal  Church  
69 Mobley Road, Hamilton, GA 31811
November 1st - 7th, 2017
ONE SERVICE on November 5th - 10:00 am

St. Nicholas' mission is to be an example of Christ's love 
for all people.
Our vision is to be the center of nourishment in mind, body, and spirit
for all people in our community.  
Office Hours: Monday -Friday 8:30am - 1:30pm

From Fr. Jeff,

If you want to sum up a religious, spiritual, holy, godly, or just plain good life, it's not very complex: Love God. Love Neighbor. In fact, those two simple things are interconnected. If we love God, we'll love our neighbor. If we love our neighbor, we'll love God. Yet despite the seeming simplicity, these commandments are challenging. They push us both inward and outward. How can we love God when there is such pain in the world? How can we love our neighbor when they may not love us or treat us kindly? Don't be fooled. There are no boundaries or excuses. We don't love God or neighbor seeking something in return. We just simply love. Here's a task to get you on the right path. Whoever next crosses your path today, love them without hesitation. Recognize that God lives in them just as God lives in you. They may not realize that fact yet, so love them enough that they might. 

*If you would like to receive messages like this in text form from Fr. Jeff every week, text "Add me" to 706-761-0115

Peace, Jeff+


This  Sunday, November 5 , we will celebrate the Feast of All Saints, one of the Principal Feasts of the Church Year. 
Don't forget there will be ONE service at 10:00am. 

But also don't forget that Daylight Savings Time is ending and  on Saturday  night, we are to change our clocks BACK one hour.

We will begin our service in our beautiful Memory Garden as we remember all those who have gone before us. If you have someone to add to our All Saints List, please email us back with their name.

We will also collect our pledge cards at the Offertory, ask God's blessing upon them, and celebrate the generosity of our congregation, who are ALL SAINTS.

After the service, we will continue our celebration with a potluck lunch. Please bring a dish to share.

And last but not least, we will have our Episcopal 101 class after the potluck as we discuss the importance of Scripture to our Episcopal faith. All are welcome!

It will be a full and wonderful day spent with your church family. I hope you'll all be there!

Help Zion!!



November's Steward of the Month goes to all of those anonymous givers  who give to the needs of the community and to the church.

Recently, Father Jeff told a story of a church member who had fallen on hard times and how another parishioner gave a sizable gift anonymously to fill that need. Such gifts are given with such love (and often tears) and are equally received with the same sense of overwhelming gratitude. 

There are so many in our church who give this way, and they do so because they want their gift to be given without the ties to personality, status, or position. They just do it because they are able to give, and because they are generous souls. Some give money, some give their time quietly, some give their skills without hope of any recognition. 
So this month's Steward is for all those who quietly give. You know who you are, and we hope that you know how appreciative we are for all you do for St. Nicholas.

Trunk or Treat was a SUCCESS!!! 
 Thank you to everyone who contributed and worked hard to make this night an amazing one!

Outreach Ministry Opportunties

Mondays at 2:00pm 
Holy Eucharist at Harris County Jail, 
contact Fr. Jeff at 706-761-0115.

We are in NEED of 2-3 more volunteers to go with us to the jail, especially on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Mondays of the month. If you would like to help, please contact Fr. Jeff.

please contact Marci Horne for changes


Aside from regular services, St. Nicholas is out and about visiting parish members and community. Father  Jeff and LEV's visit hospital or home-bound parish members, family members, Bright Way Personal Care Home, and Harris County Jail. Other places would love to have visits from us. There is a big need to bring God's love to the community through Eucharist and pastoral care. LEV's are trained to give Eucharist and provide pastoral care.  

Pot Luck Sign Up

Please know that there is still a sign-up sheet in the Narthex for the potluck lunch on  Sunday, November 5 . Take a moment to stop by and let us know what you'll be bringing. This is so helpful in planning. 

If you are unable to attend,  but wish to contribute to the potluck, email Sue Halmrast at

~Thanks for all your help and yummy dishes!!
Worship at Zion

Our next service at Zion will be on November 12 at 4:00pm. All are welcome!
LEV Training

Another wonderful opportunity to show our love and compassion in the community has presented itself and as usual many hands are needed.

Roosevelt Place in Warm Springs currently has seventeen residents and has asked us to bring communion to there staff and residents the third Sunday of each month. 

In addition Oak View Nursing Home in Waverly Hall has also invited us to give communion to their residents.  They have around 100 residents and we will give communion to them every fourth Tuesday of the month. 

Martha Dimon and Bert Tomlin will be taking the lead on visiting these homes and will welcome anyone to join them each month. 

The scope is great so please pray about whether you should be a part of this ministry.  If you would like to join us please contact Father Jeff and he will schedule the necessary training. 

You will be much more blessed than the residents of these homes.

Bright Way Services

"We took church today to Brightway Personal Care Home.  My wonderful friend, Bert Tomlin, gave a beautiful homily on letting go and letting God do what he does.  I love Sundays with these seniors.  Some of them don't know why we are there but they seem to know we love them."  ~Linda Sawyer

Contact  Bert if you would like to participate.

Our choir rehearses on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm.

Choir warm up will be at 10:20am on Sundays.

FOCUS Thanksgiving Food Drive

We are getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and can use your help in many different areas. Last year we helped 300 families and expect to help at least that many this year.  Monetary donations are always welcome since we can purchase food at Feeding the Valley for $0.19 a pound.  Items that we have not been able to purchase, but need, are canned tuna, jam, and soups.

We also need plastic bags (Kroger, Wal-Mart) doubled, and we need volunteers. On Friday, Nov. 17 we will be preparing the bags so we'll need volunteers to man tables and fill bags.  

On Saturday, Nov. 18 our clients will be picking up their food and we can use volunteers to help carry the groceries out to cars. If you can help please contact Judy Westbrook at, be sure to include Focus on the subject line or call her at 706-663-4505.

Thank you. Your support makes it possible for us to help the needy of Harris County.

-Julie Nordin
Food Bank, Chairman


Another Chance to Help Our Community

Donate food to fill backpacks. We need nourishing foods such as cheese sticks, applesauce, tuna, granola bars and ravioli. The snacks help ensure that the students - whose families struggle to afford  food - eat well over the weekend.

If you'd like to help out with BackSnacks
Contact Grant Flynn at 706-457-9531 to volunteer. 


2nd -Tai Jackson
8th- Lynn Norris
9th- Jeff Cody &
John Blackmon
13th- Lange Taylor
19th- Darlene Dameron
25- Hollie Queener
30- Connie Blackmon

19th- Sheila & Chris Dixon
26th- John & Connie Blackmon

Please take a moment, and say a prayer for...

Jim & Becky
Jocie & Johnny
Wallace & Marianne

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 

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Electronic Common Prayer

Electronic Common Prayer, Version 2.0   (eCP)  is a brand new update to the first, fully authorized, interactive version of the Book of Common Prayer 1979 of the Episcopal Church USA.
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GoFundMe Campaign for Zion Church

For our next phase of fundraising for historic 
Zion Episcopal Church   in Talbotton, Georgia , we have set up a 
GoFundMe  campaign. 

There is much to be done to help this amazing bit of Georgia history. 

Please share this and encourage people to be generous. 

For over 160 years, Zion Episcopal Church has watched over the village of Talbotton, GA. There are not many 160-year-old structures still standing in our country.

If you or your family members will be in a play, concert, sports or school activity please send the information to the church  to be printed in the newsletter. 
St Nicholas members can then know what is happening with their church family and perhaps attend some of the functions. Include the event with dates, times and location. This is for children, teens and adults.