Summer Sprouting Specials from The Sprout House.
Free seeds and a Secret Coupon and just listed Warehouse Specials
Hello Sprouters!
It is going to be a great summer because we can all sprout to supplement our home gardens, farmers' market purchases, CSA goody bags or boxes and grocery store veggies. Sprouts are great additions to your delicious summer veggies AND they can be eaten by themselves, too. Toss a handful of sprouted beans or greens into most summer dishes to add texture, flavor, and great nutrition.

With every purchase of $40.00 or more you will get 1 pound of our Exclusive   3 Bean Crunch FREE! That's right, a pound of certified organic, non-GMO seeds FREE with your purchase. I like this as my go to summer bean mix because I can add some to those great leafy green early summer salads, or once they are sprouted I make a little oil and vinegar dressing
and use the beans as a side dish that everyone can enjoy.

 I love the convenience that our Hemp Bag Kits offer to sprout beans and grains. You can take the bags along with you to work but better still take them on a hike, or camping trip,or kayaking. They love to get out and move around as much as you do. Hemp Bag Kits are on sale for 10% off. 

Do you need a sprouter that can do it all? Beans, small leafy greens, large leafy greens, and the grasses? You should try our Healthy Sprouter. This sprouter gets it all done from the very tiny to the grasses. And you can sprout a variety of seeds at the same time. Check out our YouTube video to see how easy it is.

Do you need an easy book to read over the summer? May I suggest Sprout Lady Rita's Home Grown Sprouts? It has lots of how to photos so you can grow your sprouts at home. The book is on sale for 10% off the regular price.

If you make a purchase of our   Dozen Seeds or  Dozen Mixes you will get a sample size of the 3 Bean Crunch added in as well.

All of our Summer Seeds are on sale for 10% off the regular retail price. The summer seeds are:   3 Bean Crunch French Lentil Garbanzo, and  Adzuki Beans.

We still have a few more packages of   High Mowing Seeds Garden Veggies left. It is not too late to put some of these in the ground. They are also on sale for 10% off the regular retail price. 

I have populated our Warehouse Specials Page. Please note: These items are on a first come, first served basis. For the sprouters, there is only ONE in stock. All items are sold AS IS and the Warehouse Rules apply: NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES, NO CREDITS I have a GAIA Sprouter, slightly used.

Thanks for reading all of this and for your efforts here is the Secret Coupon Code: SECRETSUMMER2018

This code will get you an additional 10% off 3 Bean Crunch, French Lentils, Garbanzo, and Adzuki. It will also give you an additional 10% off High Mowing Vegetable Garden Seed.

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Summer gives us an abundance of fresh veggies from different sources. Use this time of year to reset your body and give it the nutrition it wants and needs. Lots of leafy green veggies that include sprouts can help your body feel better. Once you get into the habit of eating more greens during this time of year, it will stay with you in the winter months. too. Don't forget to share your sprouts and extra veggies. It may be old hat to you to eat sprouts everyday, but for some people your act of kindness can open a new world.
These offers are good from June 1 2018 to August 31 2018. 
Your friend in sprouting
Sprout Lady Rita