It isn't what we SAY or THINK that defines us, but what we DO.     

- Jane Austen; Sense and Sensibility
Join us for our FREE Open House & Workshop Event June, 14th. See below for details!
Men's Health at a Glance

A significant number of men are concerned about their risk for developing prostate cancer. This is especially relevant now since the frequency of monitoring PSA values has been in recent debate amongst groups who develop screening guidelines. Although all men are at risk for prostate cancer, there are known factors that increase a man's chance of its development, such as: 
Fitting in Fitness

Since when did we start assigning time spent working out to successful results? This is a deep rooted fallacy in the fitness world - the more time you spend in the gym, the better you will look and feel -- False! 
Join us for our FREE Open House & Workshop Event!
Wednesday, June 14th: 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Guido Iovinella
Best Personal Trainer Ever!

Guido with Laurie!
It's always great to get feedback from happy clients! Stram Center Personal Fitness Coach, Guido Iovinella dedicates his life to helping others achieve their personal fitness goals.

Summer is the Season of Colorful Foods!
There is so much research about the healing power of color in our plant foods. All those colorful pigments have many powerful healing nutrients and eating the rainbow is a great strategy for daily fruits and vegetables! The foundational of eating all those colors is that plant foods have so much to offer including vitamins and minerals, fiber as well as their colorful compounds.

FREE Presentation by Dr. Ronald Stram, Tuesday June 13th
Lyme Disease and Diet: What You Need to Know!

Dr. Ronald Stram will speak about the importance of diet and nutrition in the treatment of Lyme Disease. Food is medicine and it plays a crucial role during treatment of Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Stram will explore dietary protocols and nutritional supplementation therapies for fighting Lyme including those that address enhancing the immune system, maximizing gut health and detoxification during treatment. Dr. Stram will take questions after the presentation.

Event will be held at: CoreLife Eatery 4700 Vestal Parkway East Vestal, NY 13850. Event is SOLD OUT for the 6pm lecture. Due to much demand, Dr. Stram will speak again at 7pm for a repeat presentation.

There is still time to register. Please note: the lecture will be live streamed. Check our website announcement for the live stream link at the time of the event!
Chinese Healing Herbs and Tick-Borne Disease
By:  Rebecca Rice L.Ac., MSAOM

There are a number of different herbal protocols to address Tick-Borne Diseases at multiple stages and with its varying symptoms. Chinese herbal medicine is no stranger to Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. Many Chinese herbs contain broad spectrum antibiotic and antiviral properties as well as other constituents that diminish the pathogenic load in the body.

At The Stram Center

Wellness means something different to every individual and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain more energy, learn how to eat right for your body's needs, or simply feel your very best - this program is for you.
Yoga For Bone Health
New at The Stram Center!

Our Yoga for Bone Health is focused on anatomy and proper alignment to improve your posture and balance, give you greater flexibility and range of motion, decrease stress and help counteract osteoporosis.

Yoga for Bone Health is Thursdays, 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM. Next class is June 15th! Class size will remain small for individual assistance. Click the button below for more details.

Reiki II Certification Class

Reiki is a powerful yet subtle tool to open one's heart, to healing and to being healed. Join Rebecca Rice, the Stram Center's licensed acupuncturist and Reiki Master for a certification in Reiki - expand your horizons!

Reiki II is designed as a continuation of Reiki I. Learn to incorporate Reiki more deeply into your practice. Saturday June 10th 10am - 2pm $150 fee per class Manual and Certificate provided - pre-registration requested.
Reiki Circle
FREE For Reiki Professionals

A Reiki Circle is an opportunity to experience and practice Reiki. These sessions are open only to certified Reiki practitioners (of any level.) Enjoy our space to heal and grow in Reiki energy. Please bring your certification. Sessions are free.

Please check our calendar for our next Reiki Circle session.
Beginner's Yoga
Saturdays: 10 AM to 11 AM

If you are curious or have wanted to try yoga for enhanced health and well being, this beginner yoga class will gently guide you through common poses used in yoga classes. 

3 classes pre-paid: $30, drop in class: $12 
FREE Guided Meditation
Wednesdays at 7:30 PM

During this free meditation group, our instructor, Janaki, encourages meditation through practice and spiritual story-telling. These sessions are free and serve as an introduction for beginners as well as a practice for experienced individuals in the cultivation of clarity and mindfulness.
Lyme Support Group
2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6 PM

Worldwide Lyme
Join us in the lobby of our Delmar location - we welcome you to come share your stories, frustrations, achievements and find support and guidance.  Family and friends are welcome! FREE. 
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