I love the celebration of mothers (and fathers, but I will talk more about that on June 18). What an incredible gift and responsibility to love and guide another soul through their journey in life . . .
I am a firm believer that mothers come in many forms and that they are not always biological. I am truly blessed to have an assortment in my life. A loving biological mother, an incredible mother-in-law that treats me as one of her own, aunts and others, that throughout my life have nurtured and shared the ultimate gift of love without boundaries! 
Enjoy this Mother's Day in whichever form it takes for you.  I know I will. 
Kind regards,
Thanks and Gratitude
Leanna Haag for all the donated time and research put into our PR and Marketing campaign.
To all who are showing their ultimate support by entrusting us to provide another year of education for their children.
School News

Even the horse joined in the dress up fun!

Before/After care - Ms. B.J. would like to Thank all for any donations sent in. The daycare staff is still accepting donations. 

Toddler - Primary - Elementary Summer Programs:
Statements for summer programs will be sent out at the beginning of the month for the weeks that individuals signed up for and look for information regarding elementary camp themes soon!

Calendar -  Google Calendar Link
Thursday, May 18th Middle School Grandparent/Parent Luncheon and Expert Project Presentations Beginning at 12:00 pm
Friday, May 19th

Lower Elementary Showcase
6:30pm Elementary Classroom
Tuesday, May 23rd Upper Elementary Showcase 6:30pm Upper Elementary Classroom
Thursday, May 25th 8th Grade Celebration & Dinner 6:00pm 
Middle School Cafe
Friday, May 26th
Last Day 
for all students. Please be sure to pick up at 12:00pm and note that lunch will not be served
8th Grade Graduation & Transition Ceremonies
Monday, May 29th
Memorial Day
Holiday for all
School Closed
Our school is fortunate to have many hard working committee volunteers and while some committees function within the structure of our board, others are open to all and help is always appreciated! 
Fundraising Committee
3:30pm Sea Turtle Cafe
PR & Marketing Committee
3:30pm Sea Turtle Cafe
TBA Parent Ambassador Committee
Physical Plant Committee
4:00pm Sea Turtle Cafe
Thursday, May 18
Board of Directors
4:00pm Middle School Classroom
Classroom Information
INFANTS: Octopus Room
Enjoying the outdoors while the cool weather lasts.
Ways to create a Montessori environment at home for Infants:
  • Soft, cotton clothing that enables free range of the limbs is best
  • Make sure that babies are not being restrained by their clothing or by furnishings
  • Simple wooden toys and mobiles
TODDLERS: Angelfish & Clownfish Rooms
learning about letters in their names
 Ways to create a Montessori environment at home for toddlers:
          • Have children put away one toy/material before using another
          • Art work should be displayed at the child's eye-level
PRIMARY: Redfish room & Narwhal room  

Ways to create a Montessori environment at home for Primary students: 
  • Have your child help at home
  • Teach real life skills
  • Take the time to teach each skill separately and to repeat the lesson as needed
  • Each task your child masters adds to his confidence and self-esteem

Sharing Schedule
Items should start with the letter of the week.  Please no toys or stuffed animals.
5/17 Free Sharing
5/24 Free Sharing
5/31 Free Sharing

This week in the Seahorse room students worked on some very special Diamante Poems.  They learned about the The Three Sisters-squash, bean, and corn in preparation for an upcoming extension. 
Spanish groups enjoyed preparing and tasting different Spanish dishes this week with Ms. Angie.  
preparing tacos with Ms. Angie
  • Please check your cars or home for loaner folders and return to school.
  • The Seahorse Showcase is on May 19th @6:30.  Students should be back at school by 6:15.

A special Roman visitor

The Orca room is busy p reparing for their showcase on   Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30pm . The students are excited about creating their costumes and props for the "Roman Holiday" theme. Any donations of white sheets would greatly be appreciated.

Students enjoyed a magic show and much more at Wonderworks.l
After planning, budgeting, and making all of the arrangements, the middle school students were able to embark on an annual learning and adventure trip. We think it is safe to say that everyone learned something new, visited places they had never been, experienced adventure and fun was had by all! 

DON'T MISS GETTING A YEARBOOK!  If you have not purchased a book there are copies available for $50 per book. Books can be picked up at Cafe or by contacting any middle school student or staff member.

Fundraising Opportunities

The SGMS business directory:  
Always available to reference on our website!  Click on the image or  HERE

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."
-- Maria Montessori