It was wonderful to see family and friends in their 20's attire enjoying a night out to benefit our school. The next step will be closing out the financials to see how close we came to our goal!
We also enjoyed staff appreciation gifts and sentiments this past week and wanted to thank our Parent Ambassador chairs, Marisa Cage and Jade Cyr-Hoke and all of the parents who donated toward the effort. We all felt very appreciated. 
As we move toward the end of May and focus more planning for the 2017-18 school year there will be a look at what went well, what could have gone better and where we can improve. With that said, we have incredible committee chairs but they could really use help. All are welcome and appreciated and there isn't a better way to knock out fundraising hours while working side by side with other parents who wish to see our school grow and thrive! The current committees are:
  • Fundraising (meets monthly or as needed and helps run the larger fundraising events)
  • PR/Marketing (meets monthly and supports outreach into the community)
  • Grounds/Maintenance (meets quarterly and helps run parent work days)
  • Parent Ambassador/Classroom Parent (meets as needed and helps support school/classroom events and staff appreciation)

Committee meetings are listed in the Vine and all are welcome. Please let us know if you have questions or interest!

Kind regards,
Thanks and Gratitude

A special thank you to our Gatsby Gala Committee chairpeople Heather Merson, Marisa Cage, Jade Cyr-Hoke, Lisa Floyd and Christina Coppola for coordinating all the details that made our Auction and Gala a success! Additional thanks to Snyder Marketing and several Sun Grove staff members for their coordination and work, as well as, to  everyone who supported the Gatsby Gala with their table sponsorships, auction donations, ticket purchases and attendance! 

School News

Before/After care request - If you are spring cleaning or would like to purchase to donate girls underpants sizes 2-5, it would be greatly appreciated.

Toddler - Primary - Elementary Summer Programs:
Statements for summer programs will be sent out at the beginning of the month for the weeks that individuals signed up for. 

Calendar -  Google Calendar Link
Thursday, May 18th Middle School Grandparent/Parent Luncheon and Expert Project Presentations Beginning at 12:00 pm
Friday, May 19th

Lower Elementary Showcase
Elementary Classroom
Tuesday, May 23rd Upper Elementary Showcase 6:30pm Upper Elementary Classroom
Thursday, May 25th 8th Grade Celebration & Dinner 6:00pm 
Middle School Cafe
Friday, May 26th
Last Day 
for all students. Please be sure to pick up at 12:00pm
8th Grade Graduation & Transition Ceremonies
Monday, May 29th
Memorial Day
Holiday for all
School Closed
Our school is fortunate to have many hard working committee volunteers and while some committees function within the structure of our board, others are open to all and help is always appreciated! 
Fundraising Committee
3:30pm Sea Turtle Cafe
Monday, May 15
PR & Marketing Committee
3:30pm Sea Turtle Cafe
TBA Parent Ambassador Committee
Physical Plant Committee
4:00pm Sea Turtle Cafe
Thursday, May 18
Board of Directors
4:00pm Middle School Classroom
Classroom Information
INFANTS: Octopus Room
The Infant teachers would like to thank everyone who supported the Infant  classroom lottery tree and bid on the classroom auction item! 
TODDLERS: Angelfish & Clownfish Rooms
a students enjoy the outdoor environment
Ways to create a Montessori environment at home for Toddlers:
  • Make things accessible to your young child.
  • Provide low shelves or drawers for clothing; lower the rod in the bedroom closet.
  • Keep a small step stool in the bathroom and kitchen so your child can reach the sink.
  • Arrange toys and games on low open shelves with a particular place for each. Sort smaller items into trays or baskets by category, such as puzzles, art supplies, and blocks.

PRIMARY: Redfish room & Narwhal room  
Primary students working on various works

Ways to create a Montessori environment at home for Primary students: 
Having your child help at home can bring similar rewards. Take the time to teach each skill separately and to repeat the lesson as needed. Each task your child masters adds to his confidence and self-esteem.  Young children can peel vegetables, fold their clothes, match their socks, and care for pets. 

East Primary
Auction Gift
West Primary
Auction gift

Sharing Schedule
Items should start with the letter of the week.  Please no toys or stuffed animals.
5/10 Zz
5/17 Free Sharing
5/24 Free Sharing
5/31 Free Sharing
 showing the final class auction gift
students work to label maps

The Seahorse room has  enjoyed having transition friends over for visit days. The students  have been looking at the flags of South America and worked on identifying the flags and labeling them.  

Thank you for all the donations towards the classroom auction basket!
View from last week's seining trip

The Orca room began their study of Ancient Rome with a "visit" from a Roman patrician. We will spend the next few weeks learning about grandeur of the Roman Empire.

The theme for this year's showcase will be "Roman Holiday".

students have fun with some standing cut-outs at their Spanish field trip to Costa Azul

YEARBOOKS ARE HERE!  If you have not purchased a book there are copies available for $50 per book. Books can be picked up at Cafe or by contacting any middle school student or staff member.
Middle School links:

MIddle school staff & students travel this week for their annual Learning & Adventure trip. 

Thank you to the generous family who donated time and items for the Gatsby Gala middle school basket!
Fundraising Opportunities

The SGMS business directory:  
Always available to reference on our website!  Click on the image or  HERE

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."
-- Maria Montessori