Our summer school attendees were able to get out and have some fun despite experiencing one of the rainiest weeks any of us have seen for some time.
There are a few pictures from this week items we could use help with in the classroom sections.
There were a few questions about summer billing this week so I wanted to clarify that we do not bill daily but by the week during the summer months and staffing was based on what families signed up for prior to May 1.
I hope that is helpful and that we have  drier  days ahead!
Kind regards,
Thanks and Gratitude
To Ms. Stephanie for her never ending maintenance improvements at Sun Grove!
School News

Help Needed!
We are looking for a small crew to paint the new elementary studio space on July 16. The effort will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the hours can go toward 2017-18 parent fundraising hours. Parents can log into Transparent Classroom and look for the form to sign up.

Wood Needed
Ms. Stephanie is working on a special project and she is looking for scrap 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 plywood or better. If you can assist please let us know.

Toddler - Primary - Elementary Summer Programs:
If you have any questions through the summer please call or use sgms@sungrovemontessori.org. When we return in the Fall, classroom communications will flow through through Transparent Classroom using our gmail accounts. Thank you!

Summer Spanish Lessons: Ms. Angie will be offering private and group lessons on-site at the school, but independent from school administration. To view the details click on the following link: 
Spanish Lessons Information  To sign up for lessons click on the following link: Summer Spanish sign up  Please direct all inquiries directly to Ms. Angie at areyes@sungrovemontessori.org
Calendar -  Google Calendar Link
Tuesday, July 4th
Independence Day
Holiday for all
School Closed
Classroom Information
INFANTS: Octopus Room & TODDLERS: Angelfish & Clownfish Rooms
We are looking for a 46" baby gate and a 36" baby gate. If you have an extra we could borrow or keep it would be much appreciated. 

Special thanks to Ms. Milly and those who assisted with the Infant-Toddler music fence project!
PRIMARY: Redfish room & Narwhal room  

Keep watch for more information on a possible summer garden work day in July and for items that might be helpful in the Primary garden redesign.

Ms. Diana's Summer Camp themes by week are:
  • June 12th - Artful Antics
  • June 19th - Myths & Legends
  • June 26th - Space Adventure
  • July 3 - Backyard BBQ (sports)
  • July 10 - Mad Science
  • July 17 - Wannado Week
  • July 24 - Dinosaurs
  • July 31 - Going Green (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle)
If anyone is cleaning out or replacing dishes or silverware, the middle school is looking for gently used forks and Correlle dishware in plain white or simple patterns. Dessert plates, dinner plates and bowls are needed the most. Thank you!
Fundraising Opportunities

The SGMS business directory:  
Always available to reference on our website!  Click on the image or  HERE

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."
-- Maria Montessori