THE SURGE  June 2016

Save The Blue

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State Water Board Weakens Drought Regulations Despite Environmental & Climate Benefits

Data recently compiled by the UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency shows  the state's nearly 25 percent reduction in water usage resulting from aggressive statewide conservation regulations reduced electricity usage more than all other energy efficiency practices undertaken during the same time period -  combined .

Yet, shortly after the release of this landmark information, the State Water Board decided to significantly weaken its emergency drought regulations, allowing water districts to essentially set their own standards through self-certification and focusing on regional aggregation conservation standards rather than reduction requirements for each water district. As expected, this is already leading many water agencies to abandon mandatory conservation requirements

"It is confounding that the State Water Board would undermine one of the most effective water conservation programs in this country; one that also slows climate change and reduces air pollution by lessening electricity demand," says LAW's Executive Director Bruce Reznik.
LAW Volunteer Night

Interested in volunteering with us?
Join aspiring volunteers on August 9th for our orientation & mixer! You'll hear from LAW staff on how to get involved in protecting our coastal and inland waterways, and then meet the current volunteer team for happy hour!

Already on board?
All of our volunteers are invited to enjoy drinks & appetizers and meet the other dedicated individuals volunteering at LAW! 

LAW Backs LA Groundwater Replenishment Project

LAW Staff Attorney Arthur Pugsley testified in support of the "Los Angeles Groundwater Replenishment Project" at a public hearing held in Encino on June 14, while providing comments on how to improve the recently released Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The project will provide advanced purification of nearly 10 billion gallons of recycled water per year from the Tillman treatment plant in the San Fernando Valley. Highly purified water will be piped to two large fields near Pacoima, where it will infiltrate into the ground for later reuse.

Recycling water is an environmentally beneficial, energy efficient, and cost effective step towards meeting the City of LA's goal to cut our water imports in half by 2025. LAW promotes a "four R" approach to water - reduce the amount of water we use through conservation;  reuse greywater and captured stormwater;  recycle water through wastewater reclamation; and restore our existing groundwater supplies and the ecosystems impacted by our poor water practices.

Take Action! Voice your support for recycling water. Read the City of Los Angeles' Draft Environmental Impact Report and submit your comments by July 11. 
LAW's Annual  Making Waves  Benefit:
Tickets & Sponsorship Opportunities Available Now!

Joi n hundreds of LA's business, philanthropic and community leaders as we raise awareness and funds needed to help LAW safeguard our coastal waters and inland waterways.

Making Waves 2016 will be held   Thursday, September 29
at the historic Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.

Celebrating World Oceans Day!

On June 11, LAW celebrated World Oceans Day with Terranea Resort in the Pt. Vicente Abalone Cove Marine Protected Area (MPA) located along the Palos Verdes peninsula. LAW Community Programs Manager Michael Quill, and an MPA Boat Based Survey crew, met Watershed Program Coordinator Melissa von Mayrhauser and Dive Program Coordinator Ian Jacobson as they led a kelp forest kayak tour. The group discussed invasive algae, kelp restoration, water quality and MPAs on the water at the site of our past kelp restoration efforts, now inside the MPA.  Check out the photos here TownHall
Desalination Town Hall: July 21 in Manhattan Beach

Join LAW and a number of our partners, including Heal the Bay and Surfider Foundation, South Bay Chapter, at a town hall meeting to weigh in on the future of LA's water management systems and learn about alternative solutions to desalination, like the facility being proposed along our coast by the West Basin Municipal Water District.

When :    Thursday, July 21  at 7:00pm 
Where:  The Joslyn Community Center Auditorium in Manhattan BeachStaff
LAW Welcomes New Staff!
Jasmine Reynoso, Development & Communications Coordinator

A Los Angeles native and outdoor enthusiast, Jasmine is thrilled to be joining the LAW team. Previously , she served as the International Program Manager & Latin American Sales Manager for experiential high school programs centered on environmental conservation and human rights.

She has traveled to over 20 countries, where she worked on various environmental and educational causes, such as partnering with local NGOs in the Dominican Republic on  mangrove restoration, marine conservation efforts, and aqueduct construction projects. She also loves hiking and has climbed Mount Fuji's Pilgrimage Trail.  Jasmine holds a B.S. in Product Design from Stanford University. 
Sharon Licht, Events & Membership Coordinator

Raised in Huntington Beach, Sharon is a lifelong ocean lover and passionate conservationist. Prior to joining LAW, she worked on communications and event planning at a nonprofit organization that advocates for organic and sustainable family farmers. Sharon is an avid gardener and baker of all things vegan.

Sharon holds  a B.S. in Conservation & Resource Studies from UC Berkeley, where she focused on agricultural ecology and conducted her thesis research on the bioremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals.