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I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~ Ruth Stout
Greetings from the Emerson Brook Forest!

It's a good time to be alive! We are witness to "the great turning," a term coined by Joanna Macy to indicate the shift from industrial growth society to one that sustains life. All over the planet, people are gathering to demand socially, environmentally and financially sound leadership. People are becoming more conscious of how their purchases affect others and the environment. In response, businesses are adopting a "Triple Bottom Line" approach. The "cost of goods" now takes into consideration any threat to clean air, pure water and the preservation of the ecosystems that host a diversity of life on the planet.

Last weekend, The Sustainability Project participated in the celebration of Earth Day. The Monadnock Region cares! Millions will participate in climate change marches happening around world this weekend. Join us right here in Keene on Saturday, April 29th. (more info below) We never have to give up on our dreams for a healthy planet and nurturing habitat for all of us. Please make a date to join us in the Emerson Brook Forest as we rekindle our collective love for this beautiful garden planet.
Warmest Regards,
Valerie & Lenoir
~ Calendar of Events ~
Community Work Day
Sunday, April 30th, 10 am - 1 pm
57 Emerson Brook Dr. Gilsum, NH
Join us in the Emerson Brook Forest for our first community work day of the season. We will be working on our trails and in the gardens. One of our goals for the day will be to eliminate a patch of Bishops Gout Weed. This pretty ground cover, still available from nurseries, will  crowd out native species if allowed. We'll also be mapping out the perennial polyculture plantings to be installed in May.  Long pants, sturdy shoes, work gloves, a bag lunch and plenty of water are recommended. If you aren't able to do the physical aspects of the work, we'd love your input to help make our center a place for everyone.

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:30 pm
Cleveland Building Community Room, 21 Roxbury Plaza, Keene
Most  Board of Directors meetings are held at the Cleveland Building Community Room, 21 Roxbury Plaza, Keene.   The Sustainability Project exists as a community resource to support efforts in line with our mission. Come learn about The Sustainability Project's journey so far and help us envision the good work to come.  If you plan to attend, please email   or call 603-209-7272.  This will enable us to confirm the location and send you the meeting agenda.   

Monadnock Permaculture Meet-up Group:  Plant Swap / Barter
Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30 pm
Green Energy Options, 79 Emerald Street, Keene
Now is the time to reclaim garden space that has been overrun by sprawling perennials and to divide up those perennial clumps. Dividing these clumps helps the original plants regain their vigor and yields additional plants. And, there's no better place to share the abundance of your garden thinnings than at a Plant Swap.

We'll begin the meeting with our always scrumptious potluck and then proceed with the swap. We'll have 3 categories of plants:
1.) the plentiful, where there is likely enough for every interested member (this can include seeds and seedlings)
2.) plants of limited quantity that will be "raffled" every interested person puts their name in a hat and the lucky draw wins
3.) plants that have a price tag or barter attached to them.

Each gardener will share information about the plant needs, yields, and characteristics. Invite your friends to share in this marvelous expression of community networking. And, if you happen not to have any plants to share, come anyway! We'll send you home with your arms full!

One important note: Please be extremely careful not to bring plants that are overly opportunistic (like Bishop's Goutweed, etc.) to share. If you have any possibility of having one of these uninvited plant guests in your give-aways... please let everyone know to keep a watchful eye out in order to avoid the possibility of contaminating a native landscape.

Join the Monadnock Region Permaculture group by clicking HERE!

Community Work Day
Sunday, May 21st, 10 am - 1 pm
57 Emerson Brook Dr. Gilsum, NH
Join us for a community work day in the Emerson Brook Forest. We will be planting a  polyculture in our  20' long rain garden and tiding up trails for the season. Long pants, sturdy shoes, work gloves, a bag lunch and plenty of water are recommended. If you aren't able to do the physical aspects of the work, we'd love your input to help make our center a place for everyone.

Looking ahead...

53rd Annual Rock Swap & Mineral Show
Saturday & Sunday, June 24th & 25th
Gilsum Elementary School & Community Center
Once again, The Sustainability Project will be offering a Wholesome Foods Breakfast at the Rock Swap.

Give Peace a Tri Triathlon
Sunday, July 16th
The Sustainability Project has partnered with Robyn Hannett to host the Give Peace a Tri triathlon and 5k race.  For more information or to register click here. Proceeds from the event support The Sustainability Project and Yoga for Peace.  Stay tuned for more information.
Summer Internship:
The Sustainability Project envisions a dynamic upcoming year in the Emerson Brook Forest. Interns will be a key component of on-site development and program planning at the Center. Interns will support mission-driven activities, collaborate with others and cultivate their leadership skills. They will work with TSP core members to create a supportive, fun, healthy, and whole learning environment for Workaway volunteers, overnight guests and visitors to the center through a variety of planned activities and programs. For more information or to apply, please visit: .
~ The Community Bulletin ~
The Community Bulletin offers members of the community a means of sharing information. All relevant submissions received during any given month will appear in the following month's newsletter. Please email submissions to Please list the subject as "The Community Bulletin" and as a heading to your description, please categorize your entry as either:
Needs (I'm looking for a...., or help with....)  
Give-Aways (I have something to offer- items or services- either for free or in exchange.)  
Home Share Needed (I need a place to live. Please say something about yourself and what you are looking for.)  
Home Share Offered (I have a space in my home to share. Please say something about yourself and what you are looking for.)  
Community Event Listings (I have an event coming up.)

Community Event Listing: 
People's Climate March: Monadnock Region
Saturday, April 29th, 10 am march from the parking lot behind Margaritas to Central Square.  11 am Rally, Speakers & Music.  2 pm film 'The Burden: Fossil Fuel, The Military & National Security' at the Keene Public Library.  Sponsored by the Climate Action Group, Monadnock Progressive Alliance. 
For more information visit:

Thanks for visiting us at the Monadnock Earth Festival!

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