These things can happen. I was at someone's house and I had to use the bathroom. Right above the commode was a sign, "Public Relations Department." At first glance this made me laugh, and then a sober thought crossed my mind - What do people really think of public relations?

The sad truth of course is that most people don't get it. The reality is that everyone in business needs to understand good public relations, because without it, they will fail.

Public relations is a deep scientific topic - believe it or not!

It includes strategic planning and decision-making; market research and analysis; understanding communication theories; writing and storytelling, and much more.

In my world, and with the clients that I serve, there is diversity in the work. Some people want help with giving presentations, or putting on events. Others are looking for a better understanding of their market, who they serve, and what they want. Still, some clients just need to make an announcement and send out a press release.

The best way to know how public relations can serve you in your company, is for us to sit down and talk. This can be done over coffee, and it is usually a painless process of discovery.

Give me a call, or send and email and let's get together!