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Healthy baby girl, Vashti Mooney, born to Elizabeth Tarley
Healthy baby girl, Ruby Dianne, adopted by Katie Weintraub
Teddy Workeneh Installation

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Bible Readings for next Sunday
Old Testament:   Isaiah 7:10-14
Psalm: Psalm 110:1-4
Epistle   1 John 4:7-16 
Gospel: Matthew 1:18-25

"O Come all Ye Faithful", "Away in a Manger", "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "Joy to the World"
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Vital Signs
Sunday 8 a.m.: 80
Sunday 10:45 a.m.: 180
Monday: 10
Wednesday: 60
Guests: 15
Education Hour: 41

Week of Dec. 10
General Fund Needed Each Week $9,758.48
General Fund: 
Dedicated Fund:  $50.00
(Sunday Offering Not Counted)
Dec. 17 - Dec. 23, 2017
Front of Timothy


A Note From Pastor Bill: Christmas 2017
Thank you children, parents, teachers, helpers and leaders for your work and effort in bringing us the Christmas message.
There is something very special about a children's Christmas program.   And this year, there is an added twist.  Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, this year our children's program will be during our 2nd service.  You are invited to come and hear the children proclaim the Christmas message.  I'm praying for a standing room only crowd.  When children tell the Christmas story there is something so authentic in their proclamation.  I asked a couple of them, "How do you know Jesus was born in Bethlehem?"  No question in their mind, "Because God says so." 
Jesus declared, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; yes, Father for such was your gracious will.".
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Gift & Card Tree
We now have a Christmas Gift and Card tree in the Narthex.  Help brighten the Christmas season for one of Timothy's shut-ins by choosing a name and send a Christmas card or take them a gift.  If you are unable to take the give yourself, someone from the church will do it for you.

Prison Ministry
We have two members who are incarcerated.  In addition to Christmas cards (their names are on the card tree), we would like to take up a monetary collection.  They only receive $8.50 per month.  When they were at the same prison in the same cell they were able to pool their resources.  They are now in two separate facilities.  With your donation they will be able to purchase phone time and a few extras that they would not normally receive like snacks, reading material, etc.  Please mark your donation "Prison Ministry".  Thank you for your consideration!

Together We Care Gift Cards
Are you planning to give gift cards for Christmas presents?  We have some of the favorites:  Walmart, Target, Panera, restaurants, Shop 'N Save, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and Amazon.  Please stop by the table after first service by the kitchen, or send an email to Glenn Nielsen ( nielseng@csl.edu ) or give him a call or text at 314-651-4274.

Pastor Rall's Birthday
Join us for a piece of cake to celebrate Pastor Rall's 70th birthday next Sunday.  We'll have cake with our donuts on Sunday the 24th after first service, before Bible class.

Noah Away this Sunday
This Sunday Noah Comfort Dog is at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington, MO. Immanuel has a Comfort Dog too.  Her name is Sheba and she's invited the area Comfort dogs to be at her third birthday party. Noah will join Tabby Comfort Dog (St. Paul's, Des Peres), Esther Comfort Dog (Holy Cross, Collinsville, IL) and Jessy Comfort Dog (St. Paul's, Concordia, MO) for this birthday celebration. The various Comfort Dog teams do many events together, and we strive to support each other on special days like this.
bible.jpg Ladies Bible Study
The Bible study will meet at NOON on December 19, at Louise Tiemann's. Bring a dish to share. Soup and beverages provided.

Mission Trip to Gambia
Pastor Loum is going on a Medical Trip to Gambia in March, and is inviting interested members of the congregation to go along.  For more information please see Pastor Loum.

Gambia Mission
Some remote congregations in Gambia have been unable to hear the Word of God because the evangelists have been unable to travel to worship with them.  Support for this ministry would be $100.00/month.  If you should wish to help support this important ministry, mark your gift to Timothy with the word "Gambia".  Pastor John Loum.
Second Round-Last Day to Nominate!
The Call Committee will be meeting in the next several weeks to resume the process of identifying the pastor whom God intends to be our new senior pastor.  The first step in that process is to secure nominations of potential candidates from the congregation.  In the narthex of the church, you will find a bulletin board with a ministry description for our new senior pastor.  You will also find pastoral nomination forms.  All members of Timothy have the opportunity to nominate or re-nominate LCMS pastors whom they feel meet the ministry description. Even if you submitted a nomination last spring, you should resubmit that name if you prayerfully believe that he fits our ministry description.  To assist in the nomination process, you may refer to Timothy's web site.  Just click on the "New Senior Pastor Call Process" tab.  You will find a link to a list of LCMS rostered pastors, including other essential information for completing the form.  Once you have finished the form, you may place it in the box on the bulletin board or turn it in to the church office.  Nominations will be accepted through Sunday, December 17.  Those nominations, along with those from the Call Committee, will be turned in to President Hagan of the Missouri District, who will vet those nominees as well as those whom he has identified.  Hopefully, by mid-January, the Call Committee will be able to begin screening approved nominees to evaluate their fit with Timothy's needs.
Parent Sunday School Connection for week of December 10
Sunday School Lesson 3 Bible Story - God's Servant Stephen - Acts 3
This Sunday School lesson teaches children the story of Stephen (Acts 6-7), the first martyr, the children in Sunday School learned how we are crushed by and enraged at the accusations of God's Law, but the Gospel comes to bring peace and quietness with the forgiveness of our sins. Talk with your children and point out that in church we hear from the pastor the same Word of God that Stephen preached: "Lord, do not hold this sin against them.".
Memory Verse: [Forgive] as the Lord has forgiven you. Colossians 3:13

Share Your Gifts-Egg Hunt Leadership Needed
Our annual Egg Hunt outreach is an important annual event for our children and young families.  It is a great opportunity for our church to serve our neighbors and be visible in our community.  We need a leader or team of leaders to help make this day special.  Please talk to DCE Mark Thompson if you are interested and/or have questions.  The date for EGG HUNT 2018 is March 24.
A special thank you to all the early birds who helped decorate the church last weekend:  John and Carla Hagan, Tim and Cheryl O'Neill, Cyril Loum, Rick Myers, Bob Fischer, Margaret Rall (thanks for the donuts!!), Rick Steenbock and Mark Thompson. We are also thankful for our teams of "counters," who count and record the offerings each week Missi Roden, Eileen Mueller, Nancy Weir, Andre Ranney, Gerald Brewah, Jennifer Petrus, Ed Ewertoski, Larry Copley, Armen Kayarian, Sue Thomas, Pat Diehl, Sandy Buege, and Tiffany Wohlstadter.  For each one of you and for all of our faithful volunteers, we thank God for loaning you to Timothy!

Welcome to the Family
Last week we welcomed to the Timothy family Olivia Faith Johnson, daughter of Michael Johnson and Nicole Woods.  Serving as sponsors are Philip Ziebol and Sarah Delane.

Groundwork Guatemala
Groundwork Guatemala is a ministry that is all about connecting people. Our call, as Christians, is to connect the lost to the Living Word, Jesus Christ, then equip them for a life of service to their Savior and Lord. Concordia Seminary will be sending out a mission team the 20-27 January 2018 and I am part of that mission team. Our mission team, along with an awesome team of Guatemalan missionaries will share Jesus with adults, teens and children in Guatemala City and the surrounding villages and communities as faith lessons are taught and a strong spiritual foundation is laid. As we prepare our hearts for service and our lessons and crafts for teaching, we also would like to ask that you join us in prayer for the people with whom we will be sharing Jesus, that their hearts would be softened and open to hearing the message of salvation, and that those who know Him would be further equipped as His disciples, ready to be living examples of Love to their neighbors.
And lastly our team will be taking various in kind donations with us, from hygiene kits to school supplies, to help in Groundwork Guatemala's ministry to the adults, teens and children at their ministry sites please consider donating. The list that I am responsible for is the following:  4 backpacks, 24-count colored pencils, #2 pencils, Black, blue, and red pens, Black, blue, and red permanent markers, Hand towels, Multivitamins (no gummies!) for adults and kids, Prenatal vitamins,
There are many other things needed. If you would like to give more please email me at shabalalan@csl.edu and I will forward you the rest of the list.
In Christ, Noks Shabalala, Seminary Student

Jr Youth Advent Meal- THANK YOU!
Thank you to all the families who provided very tasty dishes with a great variety of flavors.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraiser and fellowship.

Sr. Youth December Fellowship Nights
Join us Wednesday December 20 for Sr. Youth/College Age Fellowship Night.  We will meet at 5:30pm and get food from the Advent Meal in the gym.  After our fun and fellowship time - we will worship together in the Advent Service at 7:00pm.
Word of Life 'Cougar Legends' Alumni Basketball Game and Reception
Saturday, January 13th following the Annual Cougar Classic Championship Game at Word of Life.
Save the Date    
Dec. 11th               WOL Fundraiser at Raisin' Canes on                                           Hampton
Dec. 17th, 9:30 & Noon Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal
Dec. 24th, 10:45a.m. Children's Christmas Program
Dec. 24th, 11:00 p.m. Candlelight Service
Dec. 25th, 10 a.m. Christmas Day Service (no 7p.m. worship)
Jan. 1st, 10 a.m.     New Year's Day Service (no 7p.m. worship)

Timothy Lutheran Church is a congregation of the The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod established in 1925. We are a culturally diverse St. Louis City church serving as a bold witness to the saving grace of God through Jesus.  We welcome the lost, embrace unified diversity, practice authentic worship, empower servant leaders, and inspire individual outreach.

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