Volume 68, Issue 1 | January 2017
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Leaders from around Ontario upgrade their skills at Leadership Academy
Leaders of barbershop organizations from around the province met for Leadership Academy 2017 in Scarborough, Ontario this month to learn about leadership skills and their positions. 
New information announced about Spring Convention
It's 2017, and that means the 2017 Ontario District Spring Convention in London is just around the corner! Hotel convention room rates, program advertising rates, Best Seat In The House bidding, and judging panel information are now available on our website.

Stay tuned for more info on the mixed quartet contest, Joe Barbershop Chorus, theme, host, and more!
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Midwinter Convention Results
Congratulations to the quartets and chorus representing Ontario at Midwinter Convention this month in San Antonio, TX!  Tall Boys and On Q! competed in the International Seniors Quartet Contest and placed 11 and 23 respectively. The Maple Leaf Chord Company represented Ontario in the inaugural International Seniors Chorus Competition and earned the highest possible rating: superior. Only two choruses in the contest earned a superior rating, the other being the new International Seniors Chorus Champion  from Johnny Appleseed District, Vocal Seniority, 
Video of the Month
In honour of their stellar performance at Midwinter Convention, check out this video of the Maple Leaf Chord Company performing at the Ontario District Fall Convention last October.

Message From The President

WOW, what a great way to start the New Year off with our brand new 2017 Leadership Academy. We had almost 100 participants, lots of new faculty, and one special guest from the west: Rob Mance. There was a ton of singing, lots of tags, and great times. If you didn’t go this year, make a note for the second weekend in January 2018 to come join us. I promise there will be lots of opportunity to sing.

I hope that one of your New Years Resolutions was to get out and sing with your chapter and find a way to have a positive input on the risers. How many of you ever wanted to sing in a quartet? Make it happen this year… just like chorus contest, we have the ability to let your quartet enter for evaluation only, not a bad way to see how you stack up against the big boys or how they stack up to you.

Lastly, many know of my Harmony is Healing program that was started in January of 2011 (Juanita Arnold partnered with me to get some rubber bracelets). The idea behind the bracelets was that every time you touched it, you would look at and think of someone you might know who has or is fighting their battle with cancer. In 2013 at the Toronto International Convention we used the same mantra of “Harmony is Healing” and sold bands with all the proceeds going to The Hospital for Sick Children. Well, I’m bringing back my mantra, and bracelets, for 2017 and 2018. But this time, it’s for the people in our community, senior homes, shelters and even at the churches we sing for. Work with your chapter leaders to sing out and at the same time recognize that "Harmony is Healing" is such a great way to share our hobby.

Please share our passion for singing this year and have as much fun as you can.

With a Song in my heart,

Andrew Shackleton

President of the Ontario District

Historical Highlights
Fifty years ago this month, the attendees of the 1967 C.O.T.S. school performed for a crowd of onlookers in Centennial Square in Niagara Falls.

See more history from that time in the Spring 1967 Edition of the Northern Hi-Lights.
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Wait, what is this?
After a three year hiatus, your Ontario District Marketing Committee is pleased to be restarting The Trillium as a monthly e-newsletter. The new format will help to ensure that you—our members, fans, and friends —can keep up to date with important district news and information.

The Trillium is currently seeking a more permanent editor. Please view the job description here, and apply by sending an email to marketing@ontariodistrict.com. If you have material to contribute, questions about the new format, or corrections to this issue, please contact trillium@ontariodistrict.com.

It's a new year; make 2017 the year you smile the while you are singing and carry your part.

In harmony,

Michael Black
VP Marketing and PR, Ontario District
Interim Editor, The Trillium