May 2017 
True North
                  Strong and Treed
It was John Moore who came up with it and I think it is brilliant. 
His wife Elaine Solway was working on her prepared remarks for a group of friends who were called together to hear the pitch for the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute campaign: The True North, Strong and Free.  
What a great idea, I thought [both the pitch-party and the line above].  Perhaps you would consider doing this also: bring your family and friends together for a social time... they visit, get up to date, you feed and water them, together you celebrate Canada's 150 birthday and then you give them the 5 minute speech on the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute.
This would help answer the #1 question that we get when someone is hearing about our campaign for the first time, "Why am I hearing about this now?" and the second question,  "What can I do to help?"
We can help you.
Here at HoH LT headquarters we can help furnish your Canada 150/pitch-party with materials that you can hand out. For instance, a post card that explains our campaign, pledge/donation cards and we can even write your speech for you.  Just ask for the 5 minute version of our message.  You can customize the message to your group as you see fit. 
Just click here and our very capable Amanda Martin will send you the material. 
What you ask for.
And what are you asking for?
-        Please go to and sign up for our monthly newsletter.  It is free and will keep you up to date on the progress of our campaign
-        Please consider volunteering to plant with us.  Public planting dates here
-        Please s pread the word.  Tell family, friends, acquaintances who are pre-disposed to our work
-        Please send money .  We have raised over $1 million for tree planting in just over our first year into the campaign.  We need $19 million more.  Tell them about our 'Canada 150 tree' promotion and encourage them to consider making a multi year pledge.  All proceeds go directly to tree planting and donations are receiptable [through the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation]
Above all, have fun.  Yes, our message is a serious one.  But a serious message is taken more seriously when we don't take ourselves too seriously in the first place.  At least, that has been my experience. 
Thank you TD!
TD Friends of the Environment presented the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute with a cheque for $50,000 while helping to plant 2,000 at Downsview Park on Sun April 23rd.  We are very grateful for their generosity, enthusiasm and confidence in our campaign.  Thank you ever so much to everyone at TD.  You represent our first 'corporate' donation.  We look forward to working closely with you in the years ahead. 
Thank YOU for showing up.
The April 23rd tree planting at Downsview Park was a huge success.  Thank you to more to than 1,000 people who showed up on a perfect spring day to plant over 2,000 trees on this federal parkland.  Once an air base for the Canadian Armed Forces, it is being converted into a magnificent public park.
The trees that we planted are 'service' trees.  Each one represents a Canadian who volunteered for military service during times of war.  We are planting 2 million of these trees on a one kilometer corridor on either side of the Highway of Heroes.  Downsview park is just a few blocks north of the Coroners Office at Keele Street and the 401, the end of the Highway of Heroes and the long journey home, taken by 158 Canadians during the Afghanistan conflict.
Thank  you to special guests Ziya Tong Discovery Channel's flagship program Daily Planet, musical guests The Trews , and the MP for York Centre, Michael Levitt.

Thank you History Channel
Our first TV campaign on History Channel in April was a great success.  They generously provided time in their schedule for our public service announcements and made the HoH Living Tribute the presenting sponsor of their Vimy Special on April 9th.  The response was overwhelming: thanks to all of you who responded to the message.  And look for more from us on the History Channel. 
Thank you for reading, for signing up for our newsletter and for your support of our campaign.
Here is to The True North, Strong and Treed.
Visit the Highway of Heroes website to learn more about ways to support, volunteer, and plant trees. The Canada 150 trees are and their way and are currently being mailed to donors....keep an eye open for these significant little seedlings. Please post photos and videos online using #150Tree. 

Yours, as ever,

Mark Cullen, CM
Chair, Highway of Heroes Living Tribute


We kicked off tree-planting  season in style! Canadians who have served in the Armed Forces have been honoured with nearly 2,000 new trees planted at Downsview Park's annual Earth Day celebration.  Contributions to the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute on behalf of TD Bank Group (TD) and Maple Leaves Forever were also announced that day.

As part of Earth Day celebrations on April 23, 2017, the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute enlisted the help of volunteers to honour the Canadian men and women who both served and gave their lives for their country.  Attendees took in a special ceremony, hosted by Ziya Tong of Discovery's flagship program, Daily Planet, that featured a special performance by JUNO Award winning group, The Trews, who sang their hit song, Highway of Heroes.

This planting was undertaken in partnership with Downsview Park and in collaboration with TD, Maple Leaves Forever, Landscape Ontario  and Michael Levitt, Member of Parliament - York Centre.

Check out the" What's Happening" section of our website to see more pictures form this event.  See if you can find yourself in the pictures if you were there!

A day earlier, hundreds of volunteers showed up at Miles Park in Ajax to help plant 1,000 trees.  Thanks to our friends at Forests Ontario for their continued support!

TD Bank Group Announce Contribution

On April 23rd, The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute officially welcomed their first major corporate partner in TD Bank Group.   Angelo Falcone, District Vice President of North York for TD was on hand to present a cheque to Mark Cullen in celebration of the momentous occasion.  In 2017, TD will provide $50,000 in support for tree planting projects to help recognize the service and sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

"The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute honours Canada's fallen soldiers by creating a living reminder of the world they gave their lives to protect," says Karen Clarke-Whistler, TD, Chief Environment Officer. "We're proud to be supporting such an important event as part of the TD Common Ground Project, which is helping to connect people across Canada in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday."

We thank TD for their generous support!

To learn more about TD's investments in the environmental infrastructure of Canada, we encourage you to visit the TD Friends of the Environment Website.
We're in the News Again!
Click the links below to watch some fantastic coverage of our campaign  on Global and CTV. 

A day of good news and celebrations continued as Maple Leaves Forever founder Ken Jewett made a special announcement of another contribution to the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute.  In addition to a $25,000 contribution made in 2016 as a founding partner, the organization dedicated to the preservation of the native Maple Tree population in Canada announced they would be providing another $10,000 to support Highway of Heroes Living Tribute initiatives.

"We are proud to once again provide support for the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute," says Ken Jewett, founder of Maple Leaves Forever, and a founding partner of the Living Tribute. "This additional contribution was made specifically to honour the three gentlemen whose vision made this campaign come to life - Mark Cullen, Michael de Pencier and Tony DiGiovanni."

Recognizing the original three founders of the  Highway of Heroes Living Tribute, Ken presented special plaques to Mark, Michael and Tony.

Thank you Ken and everyone else at Maple Leaves Forever for all that you do!

To learn more about how Maple Leaves Forever can help YOU with funding to plant native maple trees on your property, visit their website today.
Golf Tournament to Support HOH

Thursday, August 24th, 2017
Port Hope Golf & Country Club

Consider sponsoring or registering for the tournament with all proceeds going towards the purchase, planting and maintenance of trees!
To learn more please contact: Brenda Hensley

We Want To Know 
Your Story...

You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honoured friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We thank you.

We want to hear from more of you!!  Who do you honour by supporting the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute?  Where did your loved one serve?  Where did you serve?  We would  love  to hear and share your story. If you would like to share with us, please click the red button below.

Honour & Remembrance
You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honour friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We honour those specifically named with a donation in April.

We Honour & Remember:

In Memory of our Uncle/ Great Uncle Victor Allan Doiron, killed in Action Sept 5,1944. He lays buried in France, but he will never be forgotten. The Doiron Family

Honouring -  Ronald Towle, Killed in action WWII, 

In Honour of my great Uncle Bill Nykolychuk who died in World War II.  Thank you from your niece.  Charlene Surani

R.J. Schaubel; KIA 1945 WW2;   from Cameron Conway

Lance Corporal Michael Maddigan; 412029, KIA, 17 June 1916. My husband's Great Grandfather.  Jennifer Maddigan

John Chalk: September 6th,1917. Doug Chalk

Private William Greenaway KIA Aug 19,1942 Dieppe France (Great Uncle),  Jeffrey McInnes

Private Jean-Maurice Dicaire- Regiment de Maisonneuve- KIA on Sunday October 29, 1944 in Kloetinge/Goes, Holland. He was 23 years old.  Michel Arsenault

Sgt. Shane Stachnik of 2CER. Served & KIA in Afghanistan Sept 3, 2006.  Lindsay Jackson

Private Henry J. Frost from Edmonton, Alberta. WWII,  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, KIA - Normandy, July 1944.  Matt Corrigan

Frederick Francis Duff, KIA - June 1942 in the 1000 Bomber Raid over Bremen, Germany. Your family remembers. Carolyn Heslop

Orville Fredrick Parkes, 48th Highlanders; KIA on July 27th, 1943 in the battle at Agira, Sicily. What a fantastic undertaking to remember all who served for Canada. The Parkes Family; Marilyn Christie, Ralph Parkes, Marion Anderson, Margaret Smith, Bill Wallis, Barry Parkes and Ken Parkes.

Private George Lawrence Price; Dec. 15, 1892 - Nov. 11, 1918; Service #256265, who served and died during WWI. Kelly Bucci

Kenneth George Truin; Service #A48528, December 17, 1919 - March 15th, 1945. KIA, in Holland. Kay Lupton

We Recognize:
In honor of a friend, great man and true hero, Albert De Lorenzi.  From Paul AllenRoseAnne MacGregorSuzanne & Mike Ryan, Mike Schroeter & Leslie Tarulli

Joseph Edwards - June 22, 1962 to April 4, 2017. Kirsti MacAulay

Honouring Professor Dr. John FitzGibbon at the University of Guelph in appreciation of all of the guidance and patience he provided during my graduate career. Stephanie Worron

The Music Ministry of St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church in Unionville

In memory of all our fallen war Heros. God Bless!  Laura Ready

Captain Kenneth W. Robinson, W.W. II,  Linda Joss

John F.T. Warren, who served in the army in Canada during the 1960s and his father and uncles who served in WW2. Heather Tanti

Ralph Camp - Served WWI;  Norm Camp - Served WWII; and  Fredrick Miller - Served WWI, Chris Skinner

En memmoire de: CHARLES; 22'ieme Regiment Royal du Canada (2'ime Guerrre mondiale); de mon beau-pere (Ken)

Stanley Charles Preston, Royal Canadian Air Force

To my father Kenneth Lloyd Duncan who served in WWII navy and my grandfather William Tough who served in WWI as a Marine. So proud of so many of our Heroes. Velvet Alcorn

Gui L. Gratton; Dec. 4, 1922 - Sept. 7, 1996 from Windsor, ON. Served in the RCAF. David Gratton

Robert Soper ... father. Valerie Redmond

SGT. Vaughan Ingram. Fair winds and soft landings Brother Airborne!  Paul Powers

My father Michael Derek Lawrence. RAF pilot in WW 2 and the Berlin Airlift. Service Number 553773;  Robert Lawrence

All those who gave their lives for OUR freedom.  Ed Kekes

In recognition of 94 year old Russell Boswell who is a living Veteran of WW11.  Thank you to all men and women who have and continue to serve.  Barrie Eon

My Great Uncle George Bushell who fought in WW1.  Kevin Bushell

Frank Elliott; who served at Vimy, WWI.  Kevin Elliott

In honour of the soldiers from Port Colborne, Ontario, with thanks from the Port Colborne Heritage Days--Canada 150 Committee on behalf of the City and its residents.

My father was in WW11 for five years - he came home a different man. This tree will honour his sacrifice for all of us.  Joan Hall

A tree for all those who sacrificed so much for our Nation.  Evan Moses

For my Grandfather Alex Racette; a WW1 veteran. He survived the war but I acknowledge his service.  Gaston Racette

Ronald Eric Powell, WWII veteran.  Kathleen Mogk

This tree is for my grandson, Rex, who lives in Calgary. These heroes have made it possible for him to live in a free, democratic society. Thank you from our family.   David Watts

Mervyn Cook - served in WW2 with the Regina Rifles. Scott Cook

My Uncle Jim Tucker.  He was wounded by a German machine gun.  He was the closest I had to a grandfather.  I always loved when I could visit him.  Wish I had more time to have spent with him.  Glenyis Betts

Honoring all our great soldiers. Betty Nelson

To all Canadian soldiers that have made the supreme sacrifice. Our Nation is stronger because of their deeds. Lest we Forget.  Andrew Moore

My wife and my fathers both served in the military during the second world war. My father, Thomas R. Carr, was in the airforce and my wife's father was in the Navy. Both survived the war and returned home to their families. Tom Carr

Pte. Albert Malcolm Hayward, Perth Regiment, Royal Canadian Army, Service #A108410. This tree is a Father's Day gift to my Dad, Melvin Hayward, to honour the memory of his oldest brother Albert, who served in WWII. My Uncle, (who passed away about 15 years ago) was wounded (I believe in Italy), but survived, and my father proudly hangs Uncle Albert's medals in his home, a poignant reminder of his family's sacrifice. Laurie and Greg White.
Executive Director Summary  

Each month I have the privilege of writing the names of individuals in our newsletter and on our website for whom a specific, named donation has been made. Care must be taken to ensure the spelling of the name and accompanying details are presented exactly as they have been provided to us. 
We understand that people are looking to find their family member's name. It's a very humbling experience. The hand written letters that often accompany a donation share a brief glimpse into the past of a specific Canadian family. Thank you for sharing your family's story with us. Lest we forget.

In John McCrae's poem, In Flanders Fields, he writes....
"To you, from failing hands, we throw The torch..."  We are proud to provide opportunities for young Canadians to remember those who have served and died for Canada, as the children plant trees representing not only lives lost, but the hope and promise of a future impacted by the effects of climate change. Our work continues.

Scott Bryk
Executive Director
Highway of Heroes Living Tribute