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The Twisted Partial

T I P S 

For technicians


To AVOID AIR POCKETS on the lingual flanges, place sprues on the furthest distal tip of the partial.


Use 5 gauge sprue wax only, and slightly flatten with thumb.  



A revolutionary solution that was exclusively formulated for thermoplastics. TCS E-Z Flow is applied approx. 5 minutes prior to injection.  The unique characteristics allow it to be applied heavily without concern for the diatorics as the solution flows out of the diatorics during injection.  Partials come out clean and shiny, free of stuck-on-stone. 

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The Twisted Partial 


We are proud to offer a restoration that is so tough and resilient it can actually be twisted with no fear of breakage.  Of course, a patient is not likely to do this at home; however, it is comforting for the patient to know that they are wearing an appliance that is guaranteed unbreakable.   That means, that if they drop it in the sink, the ground or from years of wear, it is not going to break.

Technicians:   Training Courses  

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Fabricating a tcs Unbreakable

This course is ideal for technicians that are new to flexible partials.  Step-by-step hands-on workshop. Everything will be covered from design and waxing, to finishing and polishing.


Finishing, Polishing & Repairs

This course is for technicians that are already familiar working with thermoplastics but want some additional tips on finishing and polishing, repairs, relines and difficult cases.  Impress your accounts with an extra high-shine on tcs Unbreakable. 

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If you fabricate 25 TCS Unbreakable per month or more, you should be taking advantage of our Network of TCS Laboratories.

TCS Unbreakable is quickly becoming the flexible partial of choice.  On a daily basis we receive several requests from Dentists wanting to know of a laboratory that offers high quality TCS Unbreakable partials.  Through this program we list your Laboratory as a Certified TCS Processing Laboratory.


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Training with Elvis Rosado
Unique Dental Supply 
Canada - June 2011
New York Dental
Romania - September 2011


Coming Soon... 
Hands-on courses in NY lead by Elvis Rosado


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Elvis Rosado (Matrix Dental Laboratory, Valley Stream, NY) has been fabricating removable flexible partials for over 34 years.  He has trained thousands of technicians throughout the world the art of a properly fabricated flexible partial.   


We welcome Elvis Rosado as part of our TCS Team!!


To reach Elvis for technical questions:


917-747-8740 EST

Moist Towelettes     Hand Sanitizer
TCS Fresh Line 

Laboratories may request TCS Moist Towelettes and Hand Sanitizers to use as box/case stuffers.  Click here to request your free supply online.  For a limited time only. 


TCS Moist Towelettes are great for doctors to give their patients after treatment to refresh face and hands. 

TCS Moist Towelettes and Hand Sanitizers are also ideal to have in the office for staff and visitors.    

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