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  2 0 1 7    C O M M E N C E M E N T    I S S U E   
It's that time again to showcase our amazing graduates as they move into the next phase of their journey. We've worked hard to make commencement a wonderful occasion. Here's a preview of our commencement lineup!
Theme: Moving Humanity Forward
Saturday, June 24, 2017
10:30 am - 12:00 pm 
   K E Y N O T E    S P E A K E R   
Welcome George Zimmer, 2003 ITP Honorary Doctorate 

"To build productive human relationships, the essential ingredients are trust and fairness - supported by competence, authenticity, caring, compassion and kindness. We must inspire creativity, encourage risk-taking, and boost the cultivation of reciprocity."

Founder: Men's Wearhouse
Chairman, CEO and Founder: Generation Tux. 
George  also serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Oakland Zoo and is the father of four children.

George is a  lifelong advocate of servant leadership as the most effective business management model, in addition to being a spokesman for "conscious capitalism" to address income inequality and excessive CEO pay and a stakeholder as compared to a shareholder model.  He uses his intuition and passion for consciousness research and transpersonal psychology to guide his work.

However, it was an issue closer to home that brought George into contact with faculty at ITP when his mother was ravaged by cancer. It was then that George began to support research into the therapeutic use of MDMA. He has also supported fundamental research on medical marijuana.
  2 0 1 7   H O N O R A R Y   D O C T O R A T E  
Tibet Gyatso  Buddha 
Jiacuo Rinpoche

Jiacuo Rinpoche was born in Garze Prefecture, Sichuan Province, in 1980. He entered the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy at the age of 13, where he was ordained by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, under whom he carried out the contemplation and cultivation of the Esoteric teachings. 

He is one of the most influential Spiritual Mentors in China. His book "All is According to the Best of Plans" reached one million copies in a year. 

Jia Cuo Rinpoche is unable to join us for the commencement, but we leave you with his words. 

"In Buddhism, love is mercy. When we go to love the world with compassion, war and killing will stop, the families of war, children, their suffering will be lost, and our face will no longer be a world of unrest. When we love the environment, people will have a harmonious relationship with nature."
  I N   M E M O R I A M  
Dana Al Shirawi, Ph.D.

Dissertation " El azima: Arab women, Islam, and power. How personal power is developed, experienced, and expressed by Bahraini Muslim women"

Dana lived a vibrant life full of love, hugs, laughter, singin g, dancing and smiles. She brought class and dignity with her wherever she went. She was bright and charming, as well as kind and humble. 

She received her PhD from ITP/Sofia University in Transpersonal Psychology in December 2016. That same month she married her fiancee Nauman Malik. Unfortunately, health troubles manifested on New Year's Day January 1, 2017 and she transitioned March 6, 2017 after a protracted struggle with a metabolic disease. 

Dana's husband will be present at the commencement to share a few words and accept her diploma. Read about her dissertation topic here. 
  J I L L  M E L L I C K   A W A R D   W I N N E R S
Congratulations to the award winners!

Diane Lucille Meyer, Ph.D.
2013 Sofia University Alumna
Doctorate in Psychology w ith a concentration  in Transpersonal Psychology
and certificate in Creative Expression

Micah Linton, MA
2015 Sofia University Alumnus
Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology w ith a specialization in  Creativity and Innovation

Elisa Sciscioli, MATP 
2014 Sofia University Alumna
Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology w ith a specialization in  Creativity and Innovation