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The Ultimate Teacher
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A person may attend the most prestigious universities filled with professors with impressive credentials and academic achievements --- and from a worldly understanding, one would tend to believe that these are the ultimate source of teaching and knowledge. In such worshipping of traditional academia, the concept of a higher teaching source becomes blurred.

To suggest that life's ultimate teacher is God seems naïve when compared to what can be learned in traditional academia, or, on the other hand, in a faith-based traditional university that acknowledges God's Presence as the Ultimate Teacher, yet these still fail, as students become but parrots, echoing the dogma of the particular theology of that denomination. Scholastic achievement, whether secular or non-secular, becomes the idealized goal. Life is then scripted from outside sources rather than created by the guidance of the Inner Source, the Ultimate Teacher, or God.

One of the greatest examples of learning from the Ultimate Teacher was Jesus. While learning extensively what Judaism offered in his day, it was too limited. It spoke about God and how God wanted one to live, but not how to be taught by God directly. What it produced parallels traditional religious universities of today --- the parroting of theologies, rather than teaching directly from God's Presence within oneself. This does not create whole people, which should be the goal of learning --- but rather birds of a feather or collective parroting. 

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