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April 10, 2012

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Vol. 27
NOBODY is Perfect

Ok, so let's be realistic about things as we get started with this column. Life in all its facets as well as the relationships that go with them aren't always perfect. In fact, I might go so far as to say that they are rarely perfect. Fair enough to say? Painful as it may be, stop and take a minute to think of some difficult people you may have dealt with or are dealing with... 
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1. John Hancock, director of training and driver recruiting for Prime, Inc., has reported another recruiting scam... 
2. The Jacksonville school has had scammer calls to 4 active enrolled students over the weekend and today... Read More Member Alerts.
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Help Save WIA Fund
Please Note: Michael is a former DDA student and now an owner operator for Steven's Transport. Great job for both of our members. IF YOU HAVE NEWS, SHARE IT, IT WITH ALL OF US AT CVTA. PLEASE FORWARD ANY ARTICLES TO CINDY ATWOOD, CCATWOOD@CVTA.ORG
Diesel Driving Academy opens new location - BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) - In this uncertain economy there's been an increase in the number of people who want to become truck drivers. And most commercial drivers are getting up in age, which means there's a big demand.... Continue reading
Governor Declares "Schneider National Hire A Hero Day" - Today Schneider proudly celebrated the 20th anniversary of this initiative at its Green Bay headquarters with a visit from several high-ranking military officials, as well as Gov. Walker...Continue reading.
single-cell-organism.jpegTrivia Question - Through many studies, including imagery of cells using an electron microscope, it has been determined that the cell membrane consists of two layers. This is known as the bi-layer. What is this bi-layer composed of?
  1. Chlorolipids
  2. Tellolipids
  3. Carbolipids
  4. Phospholipids
Scroll Down to Find the Answer!
GAO Calls For More Oversight From FMCSA - The Government Accountability Office has called for FMCSA to improve its efforts to catch so-called Chameleon Carriers - those who go back to work under a new name after being put out of service...Continue reading.
Idaho enacts ban on texting while driving - Texting behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible decisions a driver can make. So today, I'm happy to congratulate the Idaho legislature and Governor Butch Otter for enacting the nation's...Continue reading.
Veteran Identification Driver's License Bill Signed - Governor Beshear has signed into law a bill allowing veterans to have their status included on new and renewed driver licenses. Veterans frequently seek official government identification recognizing them as veterans. Only veterans who retire from the military or who...Continue reading.
New Organ and Tissue Donation Campaign Unveiled - Secretary of State Jesse White urged all Illinoisans to join the state's organ and tissue donor registry, following the unveiling of an ad campaign. Currently there are more than five million people...Continue reading.
Wisconsin "Woman Veteran" License Plates Now Available - Wisconsin women who have served in any branch of the U.S. military are eligible to apply for one of the new "Woman Veteran" license plates available through the DMV...Continue reading.
A 93-year-old Florida grandmother has parked her car for good after driving 576,000 miles (927,000km) over 48 years at the wheel of one trusty vehicle. Rachel Veitch bought her Mercury Comet Caliente for $3,289 in February 1964. It has outlasted three marriages and 18 battery changes, she says. On March 9, she had to give up driving as she has become legally blind. Mrs. Veitch plans to sell the car instead of giving it to her family amid concerns they might not look after it. The car is said to be worth about $12,000 today and has been through three sets of shock absorbers and eight exhaust mufflers as well as surviving a rear-end collision in 1980. Irv Gordon entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1998 with 1.69 million miles on his 1966 Volvo P1800. It is reported that he has now accumulated close to three million miles on the same car.  
iPod Video at DMV Helps Sign Up Organ Donors - A 5-minute video shown on an iPod at the DMV may help increase the number of organ donors, researchers found. Participants who viewed the video, which addresses some common concerns about organ donation, were more likely...Continue reading.
Answer to Trivia Question


Through many studies, including imagery of cells using an electron microscope, it has been determined that the cell membrane consists of two layers. This is known as the bilayer. What is this bilayer composed of?

Your Answer: Phospholipids

phospholipid-bilayer-phosphate-is-hydrophilic-the-lipid-is-hydrophobic.gifThe cell membrane is composed of what is known as a phospholipid bilayer. Lipid is the biological name for a fat (fatty acids and glycerol). The phospholipid bilayer is arranged due to certain properties of the phospholipids. The bilayer has two protein layers and a layer containing more protein molecules in between.
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