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April 3, 2012
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Vol. 26
Looking Back to Look Ahead

As we end this first quarter of 2012, I find it extremely interesting  that at the end of every year, most of us look back at our biggest success, or biggest failures, in the year that just ended. And then, we all try to figure out what to resolve to do in the next year. If you go to the so-called "experts", everyone wants you... 
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Central Tech Truck Driver Training received a call from a gentleman named Wayne Bishop who said he was a recruiter for Crete Carrier. They checked with Crete and they said he was not with them at all. He didn't leave a number for anyone to call, but was calling asking about schools in this area.

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Congress Passes 90-Day Highway Bill Extension - The House passed - and the Senate later ratified by voice vote - a 90-day highway funding extension measure Thursday, avoiding a shutdown of public transit system and highway safety and... Continue reading.
With Safety on the Line, America's Commercial Drivers Make a Difference - At DOT, our job is to help save lives by reducing serious crashes, injuries, and deaths in all modes of transportation. For the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, that means focusing on the safety of America's buses and large trucks. The agency pursues this mission through research, education, regulation, and enforcement... Continue reading.
CSA Follow-Up: Reading the New Reports - Fast-Fax follows up on last week's article about the revised CSA system with a guide to reading the new reports and a highlighting of some of the key changes you may notice. To begin, lets take a look... Continue reading.
The Guard Works: Jobs in Transportation - Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, Mar 4, 2012 - Nearly 13,000 truck-driving jobs will be created in the next four years with an average pay of $18.81 per hour, according to a Jan 8 2012 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Military veterans and Guardsmen are well... Continue reading.
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FMCSA Research Supports Truck Speed Limiters - New research released this week by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration confirms the safety benefits of using technology to electronically govern and limit the top speed of... Continue reading.
Harmonizing Schedule I Drug Requirements - The FMCSA amends the physical qualifications for drivers and the instructions for the medical examination report to clarify that drivers may not use Schedule I drugs and be qualified to drive commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) under any circumstances. The rule... Continue reading .
Online Training Update - Powered by MaxKnowledge - "Teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say." Do you agree? At the core of this quote is the concept of modeling what we teach. As educators, the ultimate goal when teaching students is to teach them the importance of being a life-long.... Continue reading.
Amish Buggy Bill Goes to Beshear - A bill to provide an alternative for Amish buggy drivers who object to using bright safety triangles on their vehicles was approved Tuesday by the House and is headed to Gov. Steve Beshear. Senate Bill 75 was... Continue reading .
It's Safe Digging Month - Call 811 BEFORE you dig - With people across the country planning gardens and other spring projects, it's the perfect time to remind you to always call 8-1-1 before you dig so you'll know what's below and can dig safely around... Continue reading.
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What is My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles is a mnemonic for?

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Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. The mnemonic no longer includes Pluto, which is now considered a dwarf planet, not a planet. Pluto does not meet the definition of a planet according to the International Astronomical Union, which states a planet must be "large enough to become round due to the force of its own gravity and dominate the neighborhood around its orbit." As Pluto meets neither of these requirements, it no longer qualifies as a planet.
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