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A Few Scattered Seeds...                                       May 18, 2017
Athens, Acts and the FHA
Dear Friends in Christ, 
This Sunday we have a marvelous story from the book of Acts in which the apostle Paul goes to Athens, a city rich in small, colorful idols as well as sophisticated philosophy. There is much in this story about how to engage other belief systems with generosity. And there is a challenge for us to wrestle with the strange peculiarities of the Christian story.

When I re-discover one of these fascinating but somewhat obscure stories, I am reminded of how much great stuff is in the Bible that we often don't have the time or space to cover.  I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a little 5-week class this summer, after worship, where we would explore one book of the Bible: maybe Acts, or one of Paul's letters, or even the book of Revelation.  You would be encouraged to bring your reason and personal experience to bear, and there would be absolutely no biblical knowledge necessary. Let  me know if you're interested.  

In Christ, 

P.S.  Totally different subject: Many of us are on a journey to learn more about systemic racism so that we might become better agents of God's reconciliation and justice.  Our own John Haydon is writing a book on the subject (he encourages feedback on his manuscript which can be found  here). Along these lines, some of you may have heard a  captivating radio program yesterday about past federal, state and local laws openly requiring housing in metropolitan and surrounding areas to be segregated.  For example, in the 1940's and 1950's the Federal Housing Authority would openly give loans to companies to build subdivisions in the Midwest, West, and Northeast on the condition that no black families be allowed to settle there.  I highly recommend the program.   

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This Saturday
Gathering Bags this Saturday ! 

Please come to Gathering Bags this  Saturday, May 20 at 8:30 a.m.  in the Great Hall.  We need your help preparing 150 dinner bags to distributed at the Gathering meal site.  As always, all ages are welcome and encouraged! If you have questions, please contact  Joan King at .
In Our Prayers

Long term: Kate, Tanya, Jack Dargle, Donna, Joan Streed,  Janet Shaw, Stella Hensley, Candice, John, Arlene, David, Charty Bassett, Pat Birchall, Grace Dreher, Heidi Hudnut-Beumler, Barbara K., John McIntyre, Sue McIntyre, Patti, PJ Lawler, George Stolarczyk, Laura Tatum, Phyllis Babb, Elizabeth Casey, Anne, Bob Figg, Michael Jent, Eric, Dustin, Taj, Earl, Larry, Lynn, Ann, Jack, Marge . 

Especially this week : Mark, Marilyn, Cary, Gigi.

Birthdays this week: John Eversfield, Naomi Hugener, Emmaline Mueller, Frank Pitsoulakis, William Smith, Gwendolyn Davis, Seth Dietrich, Christine Walker, Richard Dadmun, Charles Drake, Mary Kay Anderson, Liesel Hermann, Mark McLaughlin.  
Anniversaries: Loni and Chris Hagerup; Donna Recht and Bob Newby; Jean and Bryan Bieszk; Hillary McCown and Richard Donner.
Home-bound: Joanne, Edith.       Candidate for Holy Orders: Drew Harmon.

Parents ExpectingAnneliese and Matt Morell; Ingrid and Andrew Davis; Jean and Justin Heffernan, adoption.

Serving in the Armed Forces: Anthony, Bill, Davin, Jeffrey, Jack, Mark, Matthew, Nick, Scott, Tom, Will.

Sunday's altar flowers are  given to the glory of God and in memory ofAndrea Sykes Foote from Kari and Bill, Tracy, Suzanne, Will, and Frances Foote and Leslie and Ian Grajewski.
 Serving this Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service:   Acolyte/Reader -  Bonnie Thomson.  Ushers - Jack Bryson, Dan Sabin.
9:30 a.m. Service:   Vestry Greeters  - Sam Harshner, Tom Herbstreith.
Lesson Reader  - Adelie Content, Chris Binder.  Prayer Reader - Andy Stillman. 
Acolytes  - Audrey Jenkins, Andy Kowaliczko, Genevieve Gottlieb, Riley Peters.
Eucharistic Ministers  - Alex/Ben Rikkers, Charlie Kobbussen, Sarah Gottlieb, Mike Pratscher, Cathy Martin Braun, Hillary McCown.  Ushers - Gigi Short, David Short, Rick Donner, Don Allen.
5:30 Evening Prayer Wednesday & Thursday  week of 5/24:  Paulie McCown, Lyn Slater.
This Sunday
T oday's Fellowship and Formation for All Ages
Nursery is available from 9:20 until the end of Christian Formation at 11:50.
Godly Play meets at 9:20 until the Peace in Rooms 5 and 7 for children in K4 and K5.
Children's Chapel meets at 9:20 until the Peace in Room 10 for Grades 1-3
15 Minute Feast  - Following the 9:30 am service, everyone is invited to gather in the Great Hall. Kids and adults enjoy fellowship.  Newcomers can meet new friends.  We can share a little more of our life stories over coffee and snacks. 
Parent Conversations - Parents of children 4 years old through 6th grade are invited to attend a conversation about the future of Christian formation following the 15 Minute Feast in the JT Room.
Final Sunday School classes  following the9:30 a.m. service-
Children's programming during the service continues through June 4th.
Adult Formation - Dr. Dierdre Dempsey, associate professor from Marquette University, presents Marc Chagall's Bible Series: An Artist's Interpretation   
  Marc Chagall would make most people's list of "Top Ten Great Artists of the Twentieth Century." Very few people would call him a religious painter, but Chagall, who was Jewish, is known for his biblical imagery. Nowhere is this more the case than in the 105 etchings that make up Chagall's Bible Series. In this talk, particular attention will be paid to how Chagall's own historical context -- his upbringing in Vitebsk (part of the Russian Empire, when Chagall was born in 1887), his experiences in exile in France and the U.S., his profound distress over the rise of the Nazis in Germany and the Holocaust -- influenced his artistic reading of the biblical text.  
Volunteer Opportunities!
Help support the Youth of All Peoples Church by Dining THIS AFTERNOON between the hours of 1 - 4 p.m. at Bayshore's Blaze Pizza.  
Make sure to present the fundraiser flyer at the register.
Go to the All Peoples Church Facebook page and click on their top cover photo to view the flyer.
You don't have to print the flyer - just show it on your phone!
(Flyers for non-smartphone users at the back of the church and in the Great Hall)
If they show the fundraiser flyer at the register, 20% of all those proceeds will go to the All Peoples youth trip to Kansas City this summer and to the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering.  
Kids Working To Succeed, KWTS, is a youth program at All Peoples Church
for children ages 8-16 that focuses on three areas: Discipleship, Job Training and Leadership. This ministry continues on Saturdays during the school year and daily during the summer months.  They teach children about a strong work ethic, Christian values and money management. The kids also work in the gardens adjacent to the church. 

Christ Church has partnered with the KWTS program to provide 65 lunches on 
Saturday June 10, Monday July 10 and Monday August 14.
If you would like to help pack the bags, deliver the food or work in the gardens with the children, please contact  Lynne Schley at  or talk to me at church!

Please continue to bring offerings for the All Peoples' neighborhood outreach food pantry.  The Sunday school children take this collection up to the altar every second Sunday of the month. The next offering is next Sunday, June 11
Next Sunday
Adult Forum on May 28th
Parishioner John Dargle, Director of Milwaukee County Parks, will be giving an overview of our Milwaukee County Parks system; the value and current state of the parks; things that make a great park system and our challenges and opportunities.

Community Event: City Reformed Church on the East Side is hosting an Immigration Workshop on Saturday, May 20th. 
"Church Between Borders" will offer reflection on the Biblical mandate to welcome the stranger, and consider what that means in our current context in Milwaukee. Light breakfast and childcare (ages 1-5) will be provided. 
To Register, click  HERE.

On June 4th, our bishop, The Rt. Rev. Steven Miller, will be joining us for our final indoor service of the season. 
The loose offering in the collection plate that Sunday will go to the bishop's purse.
Following the service, we 
will have a festive coffee hour.
Contact Chris Binder at  if you can contribute items such as 
Juice, breads, fruit, muffins, bagels, coffee cakes, etc. for the reception.

Save the Date for Drew Harmon's Ordination
to the Transitional Diaconate at All Saints' Cathedral  Saturday, June 10th at 10:30 a.m.
All are welcome!  
Christ Church is honored to host a reception  of light refreshment following the ordination service. Contact Cathy Martin Braun at if you would like to help.
Good Shepherd Campaign

Good News from the Good Shepherd Campaign
It is with great joy, gratitude and humility that the Good Shepherd Committee announces a fund raising total to date of $2,255,000!  Although this once seemed impossible, it was possible through the generosity of 188 donors who saw a need and stretched to fill it.  Our donors span an age range of 90 years, a fact not too many places could match.
In recent weeks, givers clearly were moved by the need for full fire suppression and by the matching gift opportunity.  As donors, you doubled the amount needed for the match, resulting in over $500,000 being received in the last 3 weeks.  You told us loudly  and clearly that safety is of the highest priority, along with accessibility, hospitality and functionality.  You spoke with your gifts, and we thank you.
Where do we go from here?  In the months ahead, the Building Committee and the Vestry will map out plans to finalize architectural drawings and construction bids.  We will put together an interdisciplinary team to develop space use plans during construction.  We will talk with space users about their desires for specific areas, such as music, preschool, and hospitality.  We will continue to quietly pursue additional funding in order to minimize the eventual borrowing which may be needed to fully fund the project.
Mostly, we will give thanks. We will dream about the future.  We will give prayerful thought to the work and ministry God would ask us to do with and in our new space.  Who is this "we"? 
It is you.  For this, we give thanks, now and always.
Children and Youth
Middle School and High School Youth Group 

Looking Ahead: 
Click HERE to see what's coming up!

Exam Study Day for high school students on
June 3rd from 
noon - 4 p.m.

Vacation Bible School will be held with the UMC of Whitefish Bay, August 7-11. 
All students K3 - 5th grade are welcome to participate. 
Also, we have a special two-day program for 2 year old children.
  • 6th - 8th grade students are invited to be junior counselors.
  • High school students are invited to be counselors.
For more information, contact Anna Harmon.   To register, click HERE

Parent Conversations - Sundays, May 21st and June 4th
Parents of children 4 years old through 6th grade are invited to attend a conversation about the future of Christian formation at Christ Church on  May 21 and June 4, following the coffee fellowship time. We will gather in the JT room to look at the models and content that have and haven't worked well in the past, to share ideas, and to brainstorm the things that are most important to us about our kids' faith formation. If you have any questions, please email Anna at
Small Groups  
  • Sunday Night Bible Study:   7 p.m. Contact Christine .
  • Monday Evening Centering Prayer Group:  5:00 p.m. at the Bentons. Contact Helen
  • Tuesday Morning Women's Faith Group: 9 a.m. in the J.T. Room. We are reading The Sacred Fire:A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity, by Roland Rolheiser. and ending each session with a short Bible Study. Contact Helen.
  • Downtown Small Group: Tuesday 12-1 p.m. at Quarles & Brady. Contact Seth or Dan.
  • Wednesday Morning Men's Scripture Group: 7:30 a.m. Contact John.   
  • Wednesday Noon Men's Group: meets in the JT Room. We are currently reading The Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Contact Ed. 
  • First Thursday Play Group - Parents with young children are invited to a monthly play group on the first Thursday of each month-  Church Great Hall.  Contact Anna Harmon.
  • Third Thursday Moms' Book Group meets monthly in the J.T. Room at 7 p.m.
    Our next meeting (on the fourth Thursday) will be  May 25th. We are discussing Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, by Matthew Desmond Contact Anna Harmon . .  
*For more information on Adult Small groups, click here.    
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