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Candle Lighting Times:
Friday, August 11
Sephardic Minyan Mincha
Candle lighting
(Earliest Time to Light 
6:48pm )

Friday, August 18
Sephardic Minyan Mincha
Candle lighting
7:47 pm
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    Services this Week
Monday -Friday -
Sunday  Thursday-
7 :55 pm
Shabbos Morning:
Daf Yomi Class
Sephardic Minyan
Latest Shema

Following services everyone is invited to kiddush in the social hall. 

Shabbos Afternoon:
Pirkei Avos Class with Rabbi Fisch  
Mincha followed by Seuda Shlishis 
Maariv and Havdallah 

Daf Yomi
6:00am  Weekdays  
8:15am  Shabbos  
7:30am  Sundays & legal holidays   
Please join us each morning before services in the Mirkis Chapel. Hot coffee is served.

Halacha Yomi :
Rabbi Fisch will teach a brief halacha following minyan every morning 

Mishna Yomi
Rabbi Fisch will teach a brief mishna between mincha & maariv every evening. We are studying Tractate Sotah. 


is a supervised free play program for boys and girls ages infant through 3 years old and is staffed by professional sitters.

Gan Shabbat is for boys and girls in nursery and Pre-K and is led by Sarah Brown. The children are entertained with stories, games, songs, and organized activities.

Tot Shabbat is for boys and girls in 'K' and 1st grade. The children are entertained with stories and songs; they pray together and play together with organized activities led by our teenage group leaders Nechama Finkelstein & Carlie Rosenthal.  

Junior Congregation meets with distinct groups for boys and girls grades 2 through B'nei Mitzva. The boys group is led by Rabbi A.Y. Cohen and the girls group is led by Rachel Shyken. The children begin their morning with group morning prayers and continue with questions on the parsha and other activities.

NCSY Tefillah Workshop is a discussion based group dedicated to giving deeper insight into the Parsha and general hashkafa and is for boys and girls b'nei mitzvah through 12th grade. This group is led by Joey Hamaoui.
We are going to offer the opportunity to have the names of your children embroidered on the extra large tallis that was generously donated by Avi and Tzippy Zaguri. This tallis will be used on Simchas Torah as all the kids gather under this tallis for Kol Hanearim. The deadline for submission is Tuesday September 5.  For more details or if you would like to have your child's name embroidered on the tallis, please call the shul office or email us at

Special thanks to the Ansbacher Law Firm for sponsoring our annual Summer Kollel.
Todah rabah to Barry Ansbacher, Ken Jacobs and Rachel Shyken for participating as panelists in our Summer Kollel.
Special thanks to Meir and Rivka Cohen and David and Rise Pearl for hosting the Kollel couples. 

Thank you to Classic Kosher Catering, Tomato Crush and Heroe's for providing the food for the Summer Kollel.

Mazel Tov to Dina & Arie Mirsky on the birth of their grandchild born on August 6, 2017.  A baby boy!
Mazel Tov to the proud parents, Avital, Zvi and big brother Rumi!

Mazel Tov to Gail Halpert and Sherri and Adrian Goldfarb on the birth of a great grandson and great nephew born to Erica and Donnie Phillips of Chicago.
 Our condolences to Mere Schwartz (Martin) on the passing of her brother Carl Bach. 
In observance of shiva there will be a minyan for mincha/maariv at their home on Thursday, August 10,  Sunday, August 13 and Monday, August 14 at 6:30 pm.

May the Al-Mighty comfort the family among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

The Chaburah- Sunday
August 13 after Shacharis

The Chaburah is a text based Talmud study learning program with an emphasis on  practical Halacha. After preparing the source materials with a learning partner, a brief synopsis and discussion is led by one of the participants.

Talmud Class 
Tuesday, August 15 at 7:15pm with Rabbi Rabinowitz 

Learn the Talmud as you never have before! The class will slowly and methodically study the seventh chapter of Tractate Brachos and delve into its many intricacies. Previous Talmud study is recommended but not required.
Java for the Soul - Wednesday, August 16 at 9:00am 
with Rabbi Feigenbaum
Please join us every Wednesday morning for a cup of Java for your body and soul. Our weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant.  This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives.
The Morning Club Weekly Study-Thursday, August 17 at 11:30am  with Rabbi Schochet
 Join us for a weekly dose of every day Halacha. We will be studying the laws of Challah. This is an interactive class no textual knowledge required, if you have a Kitzur, please bring it along.
Nosh and Drash-Thursday, August 17 at 7:30pm
The Torah portion is read every week in synagogues. Yet for many of us there is a major disconnect between the words from this ancient text and our lives. Please join us on Thursday evening for an informal discussion and see the weekly parsha come alive like never before. Hot potato kugel from Sweeta by Ita will be served.
We are preparing our  Annual Yizkor Memorial Booklet  for our departed loved ones.   If you would like to participate with a new dedication or pay for your existing dedication
Click here to pay or contact Terri at for any changes. For those who have participated in the past, if you do not notify us we will assume  you have no changes and your dedication will go to print as is on Sept.11. 

The  Deadline for adding new dedications or making changes will be Sept. 10. 

Please email  i f you do not want your contact information posted in the yearbook directory  
Etz Chaim Bikur Cholim volunteers are available to visit the sick or home bound of the Etz Chaim community. Please contact Hilde Meyer at  904-262-5316, or, to arrange a visit.
Sherry Herring has invited the women in the community to her house for a pool party again this Sunday, August 13th between 2-4. She has a beautiful private salt water pool. Don't let summer slip you by!
 Come join us this Sunday for a day of relaxing with friends.
We will take this time to brain storm about events for the coming year. If you cant make the party, but still have good ideas for next year, please contact me.
Look forward to seeing you all there!


Phyllis Sprecher
Rebecca Estner
Galina Graff
Stephanie Levine
Talia Gahanian
Leslie Held
Samuel Sommers

Marissa & Benjay Kempner
15 Years!
Janet and Dan Cole
40 Years!
Elisheva & Michael Shields
23 Years!

Hilde Meyer
Martin Schwartz
Jay Lipper
Abe Goldenthal 
Phyllis Sprecher
Susan Goldman
Allison Jacobs
Ragen Shapiro
DiDi Jarchower  
 Bertica Hubsch

Lilo Frisch
Katy Meyer
John Prichett
Herschel Perl

THANK YOU for this week's  GENEROUS food donations!
 Momentum is great.
 Let's keep adding to this great MITZVAH!

Congressman John Rutherford to visit the JCA Following Israel Trip
On Wednesday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m.,
Fourth District Florida Congressman John Rutherford will come to the JCA to discuss his recent trip to Israel as part of a congressional delegation meeting with leaders in the region. This event is co-sponsored by the JCA and The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and is free to the community. For security purposes, registration is required by August 22.

For information on the J Institute's program or to register, call 730-2100 ext. 228.
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