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The Weekly Bulletin 

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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.

What we believe:
All members of the Deal community feel valued, connected, respected, and supported.
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Principal's message: 

It was a truly happy moment when we flung the doors open on the new school year this last Monday and welcomed in our new and returning Vikings. The building heaved a sigh of relief as it felt its purpose renewed; experienced Deal staff smiled as they were reminded of the pleasure of working with their charges; and new staff remarked time and again about the student culture all around them and the good things it portends for the coming year. It was a smooth week, and within a day or so it felt like we hadn't been away - just somehow all magically refreshed and ready to go.

The first week also served to remind us of some of the nuances of attending a middle school. I'll go over a few of them here.
  • At the door: metal forks, spoons, cutting implements, and glass bottles shouldn't find their way into lunch boxes or backpacks. Our door security team will temporarily hold them for students; at the end of this last week students came to retrieve their items - each with a name on it! - from the front of Ms. Neal's office. We will provide any needed implements at lunch. And speaking of bottles: only unopened bottles or containers (non-glass) can be brought in. Students will have to either finish a drink outside or dispose of it at the door. Thermos and bottles for lunch can, of course, be brought in as long as they remain sealed.
  • Drop-off: please be careful. There were apparently a couple of fender-benders at the entrance to Fort Drive this week. The intersection at Nebraska Avenue is clearly not suited for the type of morning and afternoon traffic we get. Drivers should exercise incredible caution anywhere near the school. Please drive slowly in front of school - students may dart out from between cars. Please drop off or pick-up your student as quickly as possible - delays quickly pile up. Finally, please proceed all the way to the turnaround at the end of the road rather than doing a three-point turn in the middle. It makes a significant difference.
  • WMATA Buses: Metro provides buses for students in some areas. Metro will be providing guidance to students who ride the buses and rail on behavior expectations through presentations in the coming weeks. If a student misbehaves on a bus, we will work to determine who they are and will work with Metro to temporarily restrict the student's access to the bus. There are no adult monitors on the buses - so please be clear with your child on your expectations for their behavior on the bus or rail. For any concerns with Metro (missed pick-up, late arrival, etc.) please call their Bus Operations number at (202) 962-1825. 
  • Change in bus departure time: Afternoon buses will now leave Deal at 3:35 rather than 3:31 in the afternoon. There should only be a minor change in arrival times with this shift.
The big events this week are the 6th grade parent workshops - held two nights in a row with the same line-up of sessions. With nine possible sessions, there will have to be some selection to match your interests and child's needs. These are invaluable sessions lead by Deal staff to get the year off to a great start. Parents have often remarked to me that these sessions answered questions they just weren't sure how to get addressed. Don't miss out! (There will be a 7th grade parent evening in early October and the 8th grade High School Night later on in October, so those parents shouldn't despair!).

Don't forget - Back-to-School Night is September 20 at 6:30pm. I hope to see all of you there!

Take care,

James Albright
Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA)
Happy second week of school!
The Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) is excited to have you and your child back. For all you new parents, welcome! Below are several important pieces of information.  Please join the us at 6:00 pm on this Wednesday, August 31st, before the 6 th grade workshop, for coffee and to answer any questions you may have about the ADCA. 
Please email me at if you have any questions. 
Lori Jackson (Xavier 8th grade and Talia 6th grade),  ADCA President

Win an iPad Mini or iWatch!
Contribute to the ADCA by the end of the day Friday, September 2nd! 
Our suggested contribution is $150 per student, but any amount is welcome and all contributions are tax deductible. Your contribution will help with: family/community events, annual music production, sport teams and clubs, teacher support, technology grants, edline, library books, and more!  Contribute online here . Thank you!
We Need Volunteers
Thank you to all who already generously volunteered online! We still have several critical slots available - some International Night slots and for our annual Gala! The ADCA tried to break out individual jobs for each big event so that no one is overwhelmed. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to any ADCA board member. Thank you!    Sign up to volunteer here.

Deal is on Facebook!
Get the latest news - follow us on Facebook!  Click here to see our page .
Important Dates
Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:
  •  August 31: ADCA New Parent Reception at 6:00 pm. Join us for coffee prior to the 6th grade workshops and we will be present to answer any questions about the ADCA! 
  • August 31 & September 1: 6th Grade Workshops at 6:30 pm
  • September 20: Back to School Night at 6:30 pm
  • September 23: Movie Night at 6:30 pm
  • September 28: General ADCA Meeting at 6:30 pm. Guest speaker to be announced.
  • October 29 & 30: Politics & Prose Book Fair
  • November 17: International Night at 6:30 pm
  • December 3-4 and 10-11: Holiday Greens Sale
Physical Education Uniforms
For those who have not ordered PE uniforms, please fill out this form  and drop off your check and form at the front office or with your child's PE teacher.
Week of 
August 29, 2016
 Bell Schedule
Monday - Bell I
Tuesday - Bell I
Wednesday - Bell I   
Thursday - Bell I 
Friday - Bell I 
- Urgent - 
Register Now!
 All students must be reenrolled for this school year.
Parents who have not proven residency should bring their proof
 of residency to the Deal Welcome
 Center to complete enrollment
 documents. Students without proof of residency by Friday, September 2 will be withdrawn from Alice Deal Middle School.  
Upcoming Dates

August 31
ADCA Reception, 6:00pm
6th Grade Parent Workshops, 6:30 pm

September 1
iReady Assessments
New To Deal (staff), 3:30 pm
6th Grade Parent Workshops, 6:30 pm

September 2
iReady Assessments

September 5 
Labor Day 
No school for staff and students 

September 8
ALT Meeting 3:30 pm

September 9
Grandparents Day, 2 - 4 pm

September 10
8th grade BBQ, 12 - 2pm

September 12
Start of ADCA Donations Week 

September 15
Start of Hispanic Heritage Month
Faculty Meeting, 3:30

September 17
7th grade Family Fun Day

September 20
Back-to-School Night, 6:30

September 21
ADCA Executive Board Meeting

September 22
ALT 3:30 pm

September 23
Term 1 Midpoint
Movie Night, 6:30 pm

September 26
Hemlock - 6th grade

September 27
Hemlock - 6th grade

September 28
Hemlock - 6th grade
ADCA Meeting, 6:30 pm

September 29
Hemlock - 6th grade
Author visit: James Conti (pm)

September 30
No school for students
Staff professional development

International Baccalaureate 

What makes an IB lesson different?

The IB Middle Years Program provides teachers with six lenses through which our units of instruction are framed. Often students are taught new information and practice skills without knowing why those things matter and how they impact the real world. Using the IB's global contexts allows teachers to provide a lens through which students can understand why what they're learning matters. E ach unit has one global context selected from six options. This week, let's look at orientation in space and time.

Orientation and space and time explores personal histories and family journeys. It also helps us understand turning points of humankind and how we are all connected through time and space. Seventh grade French and Spanish courses are currently investigating communication skills through this context. Students will be discussing how where they live matters impacts how they communicate with other people, and why different communication styles are more appropriate for some settings than in others. Students will interact with their teachers and each other to find their way around a city, a skill that requires not only verbal accuracy, but also demonstrating an understanding of formal and informal communication techniques.

Media Center  News

Center Hours
B efore School 8:00 - 8:40 am
  After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

 Students are welcome for independent reading and homework. Please review the expectations and complete the permission slip available in the Library or on our website  Alice Deal Library Pass .

Alice Deal 

Have you lost something during the school day? Check out the lost and found section of the website ( for photos of items found in common areas at Deal, including in the cafeteria, field, and gallery. Lost items will be kept for approximately two weeks before they are donated. To claim an item, please ask a staff member in the cafeteria to guide you to the lost-and-found.
We make an effort to identify labeled items and make announcements for students to pick these up in the Welcome Center. Please help us by putting your full name on all lunch boxes, back-packs, and other items you bring to school on a regular basis.

Don't see what you've lost? Most classrooms have individual lost-and-found areas. Consider checking in with your teachers. You can also stop by the lost-and- found in the cafeteria as not all items may be pictured.
Bus Information
Here is a link to the bus route schedule.

If an issue occurs with your designated school transit service, please contact the number below:

Bus Operations
(202) 962-1825
As always, please send an email about bus problems or concerns to 
DCPS Attendance Protocol and Policy: Things to Remember
Important: please provide a note for any absence as soon as possible (day of or soon after) to The note can be emailed to or brought to the attendance office next to the school entrance. It is also suggested that you email your child's teachers so that they can plan accordingly.

Students must submit a note from their parents to be excused from being absent from school. DCPS' list of reasons an absence can be excused are limited to:
  • Death in the family
  • Illness (doctor's note must be provided for absences that exceed 5 days)
  • Medical appointment
  • Emergency
  • Religious holiday
  • Court summons
  • School activities (DCPS sponsored sports events, academic activities etc.)
  • School visit (tours, interviews, etc.)
If you have any questions or concerns more, please contact our Attendance Office at
or by calling (202) 939-2010.
Student & Parent Information

New: Clubs and Activities Start 9/6
Deal clubs and activities will start next week after Labor Day. The list of clubs, dates, and locations will be included in next week's bulletin in a table towards the bottom. The only activities this week that are currently on the calendar for students are football and volleyball tryouts and meetings about cross-country and cheerleading.

New: Getting Started with Edline
All teachers at Deal use Edline, an online system for reporting student progress as well as communicating general class information such as nightly homework.  Class pages (including homework calendars) will be active beginning this week and progress reports will be posted beginning September 6th.    
Returning Edline users will use the same account information as last year to access the system. New 7th and 8th grade Edline should have received account activation codes last week through homeroom. Sixth grade students will create Edline accounts during the second week of school and activation information will go home at that point. If you need support for your Edline account, pleaseemail

New: 6th Grade Parent Workshops
On August 31 and September 1 from 6:30 until 8:15 pm, Deal will offer workshops for 6th grade parents. The workshops will provide an opportunity for parents to gain insight into life in middle school and to learn strategies for ensuring their child's successful transition to Deal. There will not be a general opening session. Parents will report directly to the workshop of their choice at 6:30 pm.  Sessions will run concurrently.

Session 1 from 6:35- 7:05
Session 2 from 7:10 - 7:40
Session 3 from 7:45 - 8:15
  • Special Education at Deal
  • Edline
  • Athletics at Deal
  • IB Middle Years Program
  • Challenging (but expected) Development: Middle School Years
  • Organization and Communication at Deal
  • Supporting Your Reader at Deal
  • Homework
  • Band and Choir at Deal
Para los que hablan castellano: Sr. Albright tendra una cita de 7:10 a 7:40 Miercoles y Jueves.

(Mr. Albright will be available to conduct a session for Spanish-speaking parents from 7:10 until 7:40 on both Wednesday and Thursday.)

Childcare will be available. 

New: 6th Grade is Doing Something Grand
Grandparents of 6th graders are invited to a special Open House on Friday, September 9 from 2:00 until 4:00 pm.  Our special guests will have an opportunity to visit their grand child's class and enjoy a special reception in honor of Grandparents Day (September 11). Please RSVP by Friday, September 2.

New: 6th Grade Team Emails
New: Deal Lost & Found
Have you lost something during the school day? Check out the lost and found section of the website ( for photos of items found in common areas at Deal including in the cafeteria, on the field, and in the Gallery. Lost items will be kept for approximately two weeks before they are donated. To claim an item, simply pick it up from the Lost & Found at the top of the East Gallery stairs near the Nurse's Office.
We make an effort to identify labeled items and make announcements for students to pick these items up in the Welcome Center. Please help us by putting your full name on all lunch boxes, back-packs and other items you bring to school on a regular basis.

Don't see what you've lost on the website? Most classrooms have individual lost-and-found areas. Consider checking in with your teachers.You can also stop by the lost-and-found to double check, as not all items may be pictured.

New: 1st Semester PE Students
All students taking PE are required to wear a PE uniform. All PE uniform order forms should be returned to PE teachers with cash or check (made to "ADCA") by Wednesday August 31st. 
New: Peer Mediation Program
The Peer Mediation Program of Alice Deal Middle School is seeking students of all grade levels and experiences that want to help their peers resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. Mediators will meet on Mondays after school from 3:30 - 4:30 pm beginning September 12th. Please see Ms. White, the 6th grade counselor, for more information. 

Deal Library Open!
The Deal Library will be be open after school Mondays through Thursdays until 4:30 pm. Occasional changes to this schedule will be posted in this bulletin. Students who plan to use the library after school should have a permission form on file for this school year ( We can't wait to see you!

New: Beginning of Year Assessments
Students will take a number of "baseline" assessments as we start the year to give teachers the information they need to best support their students. Though important, these assessments are not time consuming and should not cause your student any concern. Baseline assessments will take place in ELA (SRI & writing), math (iReady & MAP), and Individuals & Societies (SAGE) classes over the next two weeks.

New: Learn to Row
There is a lot we share with Wilson High School - and one of the most fun activities is crew. Deal 8th graders participate on the Wilson crew
team.   Learn to Row is a free 2-week program offered by Wilson Crew to any eligible DCPS student in grades 8 through 12 interested in learning more about rowing crew. No experience necessary! Rowers will learn rowing safety, boat handling and the basics of the rowing stroke, while being introduced to the rigor and teamwork that characterizes Wilson Crew. All rowers who successfully complete the Learn to Row program are invited to join the Wilson Crew Novice team. Check this out for more information.

New: Team Jo'Burg
Welcome back! After a restful summer, Team Jo'Burg (Johannesburg) is excited for the start of this school year. If you have not done so already, please complete the following survey to ensure that you receive all team newsletters ( Team Johannesburg will also make a HUGE push to get everyone (parents and students) on Edline with an Email. Edline is the main way for students (and parents) to keep up with assignments and grades for all classes.  Please do not hesitate to contact Team Johannesburg at with any questions/comments/concerns. We look forward to a GREAT year!
New: Team Nassau
Welcome to Team Nassau! If you have any questions, please contact us (Mr. Chanudomchok, Sr. Donaldson, Mr. Kirschenbaum, Ms. Philip, Mr. Silberman, and Ms. Wesselhoft) at Families, please remember to fill out the survey at We are excited to spend the year with you! 
New: Team Santiago
Team Santiago wants to thank parents and students for a wonderful first week. Tutoring will begin the week of September 5th, so be on the lookout for tutoring times!
New: Team Oslo
Ms. Simpson, Mr. Reddy, Ms. Farrar, and Mr. Otterstatter would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child to Oslo, the capital of Norway! This is the 'land of the midnight sun', the birthplace of the Viking, and (according to the UN) the best place to live in the world. Besides all that, Oslo is the home of the Nobel, a truly special recognition of true academic excellence. The team is excited about the new year and looks forward to some incredible memories and learning experiences. Thank you for your support!
6th Grade Corner

Contact Information
Do you have concerns, questions or comments?

Ms. Chambliss - Dean of Students

Ms. White - Counselor

Ms. Buchanan - Social Worker

Ms. Neal - Assistant Principal

7th Grade Corner

Contact Information
Do you have concerns, questions or comments?

Mr. Lalonde - Dean of Students

Ms. Monkou - Counselor

Ms. DeAngelis - Social Worker

Mrs. Stallworth - Assistant Principal

8th Grade Corner

A Message from Mr. Rottman
Welcome to 8th grade! This is a big year for students and families as they put all their academic and leadership skills in to practice. This year, 8th graders will grow impressively as they make strong friendships, face tough academic challenges, lead teams and activities, travel the world, and hopefully have a little fun. The 8th grade teachers and support team are honored to work with these children and are available any time to help with issues big and small. Welcome to the 8th grade family!

8th Grade Family BBQ
Please join us at Deal on Saturday, September 10th from noon - 2:00 pm for the annual 8th grade family BBQ. This is a fun, casual way to meet 8th grade staff and families before the year gets away from us! Deal will provide entertainment, good company, drinks, burgers, and chips, but pot-luck contributions are always appreciated. See you there!.

DPCS Study Abroad Student Showcase
On September 13th from  4:30 - 6:30 pm at Roosevelt HS, the Global Education team will host a DCPS Study Abroad Student Showcase for alumni of the program and prospective student travelers. Student alumni will show off their post-travel Making Global Local projects and tell about their travels. Current 8th and 11th grade students and any educators interested in attending to gather information about global learning opportunities should email to RSVP. Volunteers are needed from  3:30-6:30 p.m. to greet attendees, manage registration, and assist students in locating the appropriate place to set up their projects. If interested in volunteering, please contact  Kayla Gatalica.

8th Grade World Language Trip Information
The world language trips over spring break are a big deal on the 8th grade! Expect more information on registration and interest meetings in the coming weeks. For now, Mr. Zhi would like families to know registration for the trip to China (tour number 1866938JY) is available here.

Contact Information
Do you have compliments, questions or comments? Let the 8th grade team know:

Kate Outten - Dean of Students
Mr. Boccardi - Social Worker

Ms. Humphrey - Counselor

Mr. Rottman - Assistant Principal

This Week at Deal...

Monday: SAGE assessments, 6th grade
Students in 6th grade Individuals and Societies classes will take the SAGE diagnostic on Monday during class.

Monday: Volleyball Tryouts
Volleyball tryouts will be held from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the gym. 
Monday: Cross Country Meeting
Cross Country will have a team meeting on Monday at 3:30 pm. 
Mon-Fri: Football Tryouts
Football tryouts will be held at 3:30. Please be sure to have all your forms filled out!

Tuesday: Volleyball Try-Outs
Volleyball tryouts will be held from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the gym. 
Tuesday: Cheerleading Tryouts
Cheerleading tryouts will be held from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the gym. 

Wednesday: Volleyball Try-Outs
Volleyball tryouts will be held from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the gym.

Wed-Thurs: 6th Grade Parent Workshops 
6th grade families are encouraged to join us at 6:30 pm for the 6th grade parent workshops. 

Deal Athletics
Fall Sports: Girls Volleyball, Football, Cross Country and Cheerleading.
Winter Sports: Indoor Track, Basketball and Cheerleading.
Spring Sports: Softball, Baseball, Outdoor Track and Soccer

Please complete the necessary forms online: 
Emergency Treatment & Consent Form at  rankonesports.

A copy of the student's current sports physical (Universal Health Certificate) must be turned into Coach Downing before students will be allowed to practice. Stop by the Welcome Center if for paper forms or more information.

Cheerleading tryouts will be held this Tuesday, August 30th from 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Please complete the necessary forms at  rankonesports.

Cross Country 
Cross Country will have a team meeting on Monday, August 29th in the Gymnasium. Practice days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. On practice days, we will meet in the Gymnasium lobby at 3:30.
This is the final week for football tryouts. Tryouts take place at 3:30 pm on the field. Please register for football using and bring your current physical to Coach Downing.

Volleyball tryouts will be held  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week from 3:30 - 5:00 pm in the gymnasium. Make up tryouts will take place Thursday. If your student has not yet turned in their medical forms, they may do so at the first tryout. Students must submit a completed emergency treatment form and consent form to tryout. Please use this link for forms:

Staff Information 
6th grade parent workshops begin at 6:30 pm on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Please see Ms. Neal for additional information.

Thursday: New to Deal Meeting
All New to Deal staff and mentors will meet at 3:30 pm this Thursday.

Friday: Professional Development
Deal's professional development on the new Essential Practices-based lesson plan template will begin this Friday at 8:10 am in the auditorium.

Friday: Schedule Changes Due
All 7th and 8th grade schedule changes are due to Ms. Baxter by Friday. Team balancing discussions should take place this week and any proposed changes should be submitted to your grade level administrator.

Please complete the Club and Activity Google Doc sent out today by September 1. If you are unable to access the form, please see Ms. Neal or Mr. Albright.

Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)

Do you have a community event or organization you would like to see included in the weekly bulletin? Please contact dealbulletin@gmail.comwith submission requests.

Winner Lacrosse Fall Ball Program
Winners Lacrosse fall ball program is offered for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The program is also 100% free of cost! Students just need a mouthpiece like they would use in football, basketball, etc. Please see the attached  flyer for details. 

Host Families Sought for 5 Teens Hoping to Be Exchange Students in DC
American Field Service (AFS)-DC Chapter is seeking families for 5 teens who would love to come to DC as exchange students. The teens are from Thailand (a girl), and Germany, Brazil, Austria and Japan (all boys). You provide a bed to sleep in (they can share a room with a sibling) and food. The student pays for their cell phone, school supplies, and activities. The student introduces you to their culture and you have a lot of fun and laughter together. If you would like learn more about serving as a welcome family (8-10 weeks) or a host family (semester or year), please contact AFS Staff Person Amanda Dennen at

The Vital Connection Parenting Class
Part theory, part group coaching, The Vital Connection is a parenting class meant for anyone who seeks to understand their children better.

This 8 week class will help you create a deeper connections, stronger boundaries, and more ease in your parent-child relationship.

No trends. No shortcuts.

There are only a few spots left!

For more information and to apply, click here.

Registration for Fall Flag Football is here! 

Flag Star Football -- held on Sundays this Fall -- is filling its final roster spots for the year. The league is Sundays-only (no midweek practices!), super organized and has two goals  -- Get Better. Have Fun. 
This is for boys  and  girls. K-9th Grade. No experience needed -- just a little positive energy and a whole lotta hustle! It's a high-energy, low-pressure way to run around and ball on the weekends.  Scholarships and financial aid are readily available. And Carl Ehrlich -- the league founder -- is never more than a phone call or e-mail away.  or 202-468-1516 with any questions."