The Weekly News
July 13, 2017
15th Week of the Year
Saturday, July 15, 2017
5:00 pm
Pre sider: Kay Schmitt
Homilist: Bob Crecelius
Readers: Sue Self, Therese Gabriel
Eucharistic Ministers: Mary Jordan, Karen Diehl, Art Maines
Sacristan: Diane Cummings
Location: 204 East Lockwood, 63119
Sunday, July 16, 2017
9:00 am
Pre sider: Kay Schmitt
Homilist: Bob Crecelius
Reader:  Jenn Reyes Lay
Eucharistic Minister: Suzanne Schloemann
Location: 17 Selma Avenue, 63119

You are invited to a BBQ!

When: Saturday, July 22, 7:00 pm (right after Mass)

Where:  Paul and Sue Nauert's house

              9135 Meadowglen 63126 (about 10-15 minutes from church)

What to bring: lawn chairs, a side to share, beverage  (please feel free to bring your own reusable plates and utensils to cut down on waste. We will have plates, etc. available ,too.)

The downstairs refrigerator at church will be available to keep your cold sides cold, crockpots can be plugged in upstairs in the Fireside Room.

We will also be singing Happy Birthday to  Lisa Von Stamwitz and Sue Nauert on their  combined 117th Birthday!!!!!  That's a cake we'll  need helping blowing out the candles !

(prize awarded at the end of evening to anyone who can guess the correct age combination, family excluded.  :)


Hope to see you there!

Parish Council Nominations


It's that time of the year again...time to submit nominees for the Parish Council.


We have nine voting members on the Council, and under our Parish By-Laws, three seats open up each year and those elected to the Council will serve a three-year term. Those who are scheduled to rotate off may be nominated again. 


All those who have been registered members of our parish for at least one year are eligible to serve on the Council.  Please submit your own name and/or the name(s) of fellow registered members by July 10 to be on the Parish Council.  You can do this by e-mailing the Council chair, Caroline Reardon at or by contacting any other member of the Parish Council.  If you have any questions regarding the duties of a Council member or questions about this process, please contact Caroline.


Once nominations are received, the candidates will be given an opportunity to present themselves to the parish with a written response to two questions about this community, and those responses will then be shared with our community.  Candidates will be selected by vote of registered members to occur in late July/early August.

Wondering how to use produce from the farmers' market or local produce section of the grocery store?  Look for occasional recipes that use fresh produce here​ the next few months.  Maybe you will find a recipe for a dish to share at the Harvest Potluck Meal on September 24.  Mark your calendars now!

Old-Fashioned Cucumber Salad

2 medium cucumbers, thinly sliced 
1/3 cup cider or white vinegar
1/3 cup water 
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Chopped fresh dill weed or parsley

Parish Photo Directory

Parishioner Matt Guempel will be setting up his portable studio at Church, both Peace UCC and the Mead Center, to take portraits of parishioners before and after Masses on some Saturdays and Sundays in July.  The main reason for this project is so that we can have a parish pictorial directory. The secondary reason is so that people can update their personal photos.


You can sign up for a time slot at church.  


Matt suggests that people wear solid colors, or simple patterns, and especially if there is more than one person in the photo. You will be able to order prints from the pictures if you choose to do so, but there is no obligation to do so. Matt will have the prints processed and they will only cost the actual production cost. He is NOT making any money on this, but is doing this as a gift to the parish.


If you have any questions you may contact Matt at You may also contact Jim or Frank.

Parish Tithing


As a parish, we donate 10% of our collections to worthy causes. We do this as an act of faith, trusting that, in doing this, we will still be able to meet our financial needs.


We are inviting nominations for grant recipients be submitted no later than July 31 to Marilyn Tenholder in writing or This information will be compiled and as a community we will vote to select recipients. Voting will happen during September and grants awarded in October. This process happens on a regular schedule twice each year.  A complete copy of the Tithing System document is available at


Nominating Criteria and Process


  • All nominations to be submitted either in email or in writing.
  • Nominations to be limited to 501(c)3 entities, provided however that if the entity is a church or religious order, it is preferred that the nomination and subsequent grant (if approved) be specifically designated for ministries under the umbrella of that church or religious order.
  • Nominations to include the name of the entity, its website if it has one, the contact person and address, two sentences describing the mission of the entity, one sentence describing why that entity is being nominated, and the amount of the suggested grant (the minimum grant amount is $100 and the maximum grant amount is $1,000).
  • Nominations will not be accepted for entities whose mission or work conflicts with the values of the Sts. Clare & Francis Community.
  • SCF members who hold a position of being able to direct or control donated funds (such as an officer, director, etc.) in an entity are ineligible to nominate such entity.
  • Nominations that do not provide all of the requested information (identified above) and/or not meeting these criteria will not be accepted.  

Hear Frank Krebs' homily from July 8:

The text of archived homilies can be found here.
Caring Ministry
The Caring Ministry at Sts. Clare & Francis brings the loving presence of God, through a caring companion on the journey, when life is difficult. When we find ourselves struggling with illness, grief, depression, relationships, stress, the Caring Ministry is a supportive and listening presence - not counseling or problem solving. Don't go it alone; contact Sue Self or one of our priests to find out more, and see if it's a fit for you. We want to care for you.
Prayer List
The Sts. Clare & Francis Prayer list is available for you to share prayer requests from you to your sisters and brothers who are walking this faith journey with you.  Praying for one another when there are specific needs is one of the greatest ministries we can provide to one another. But, we cannot pray for events and happenings that we do not know about. Please share your prayers requests with the community. You can be as specific or general as you would like.  Contact Jim Schratz with all prayer requests.

Parish Office Hours 

The Sts. Clare & Francis Office, [483 E Lockwood Ave, Ste. 3, Schultz Hall (Door B) – Eden Theological Seminary, Webster Groves, MO 63119] will be open each week on Mondays, from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm and Thursdays from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Although someone is here more often than that, I am in and out much of the time. So I am making a concerted effort to have posted hours to be more available to people who might want to drop by. 



Sponsored by Friends...

Tree House

Prayer Circles 
1st Tuesday at 7:00 pm 
Holy Angels Apartments II 
3499 DePaul Lane, St. Louis. 63044 (at I-270 and St. Charles Rock Road)
3rd Wednesday at 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Library Headquarters  
East Room 
St. Louis County Library
1640 South Lindbergh Boulevard
Frontenac, MO 63131 

Healing the Inner Child
Mini-Retreat July 29
Saturday, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Registration and Coffee 9:15 am
Sts. Clare & Francis Ecumenical Catholic Community
204 E. Lockwood Avenue
Webster Groves, MO 63119

Cost: $50.00
Please make all payments to Tree House Health Ministry.

Call 314.269.3657 
For information or financial assistance.

Click here for a Retreat flyer.


  random sightings


Parish Council News

To see Parish Council meeting minutes or the Parish Constitution and Bylaws, click the appropriate link:

Minutes, June 2017

SCF Constitution & Bylaws



(click name to contact by e-mail): 

Suzanne Schloemann

Nancy Emmel

Mary Vonderheide

Mallory Rusch

Judy DeFrank

Jim Schratz

Frank Krebs

Diana Burnson

Clarence Heller

Cecelia Andres

Caroline Reardon, Chair

Ecumenical Catholic Communion

ECC Financials

ECC Midwest Partner Communities 
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
San Damiano
Little Rock, Arkansas
St. Jerome
Tulsa, Oklahoma  

  All Saints ECC
Our Mission Church
We meet at:
Trinity United Church of Christ
47 North Douglas Avenue
Belleville, IL  62220
Our Metro East ECC Mission Church meets every Sunday at 9:30 am. 

Our chapel is in the lower level of Trinity UCC.
Directions from St. Louis: 
Hwy. 64 East to Exit 12; 
RIGHT onto #159/IL St. Continue 5 miles to Douglas Ave.
(railroad crossing)
LEFT on Douglas Ave. to church.
For information, contact:
Rev. Frank Krebs (314.740.1160) or Rev. Kay Schmitt (314.620.9511). Contact Kay if you wish to ride with her.
All are welcome.
General Info

Want to get connected and involved?  Start by taking a look at our   Ministries Brochure  or check out our website at
The Parish Office  is located at Eden Theological Seminary,  483 East Lockwood, Suite 3, St. Louis, MO 63119.  
Frank  or Jim are available for appointments. You can also reach Frank at 314.740.1160 or Jim at 314.896.0125.
To Schedule Meetings at Peace UCC:
Contact Kelly, the church secretary, to get it on their calendar.   
Matthew 25
The Matthew 25 Fund helps members in our community who need financial assistance. All information concerning the people with whom we work is held in the strictest confidence. If you would like to contribute to this fund, make your check payable to Matthew 25, and place it in the collection basket. If you need assistance from the fund, contact  Peggy Montgomery
We have a SafeChurch Policy to protect our children and other vulnerable populations .

The Sts. Clare & Francis

Lands’ End Store

In partnership with Lands’ End, you can now purchase clothing and other items embroidered with the Sts. Clare & Francis logo (below).  Just follow the link above.  If you have any questions, please contact  


Please keep our Schnucks E-Scrip fund raiser in mind when you shop.  If you don't already have an E-Scrip card, please call Marilyn Tenholder (314.323.1467) and she will get one to you. There is no charge and all you have to do is activate it by either a phone call or by going online.  Simply show the card when you check out and a percentage of your purchase cost will be rebated back to Sts. Clare & Francis. Thank you!!
Sts. Clare & Francis offers information about other organizations and activities as a way of providing information that we feel is useful or relevant to our members and to the public.  As an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organization, Sts. Clare & Francis is required to abide by certain rules.  Sts. Clare & Francis is absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.  Sts. Clare & Francis is also prohibited from devoting a substantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation.  As a result of these rules, we do not specifically endorse  these organizations or activities nor do they specifically represent the views of Sts. Clare & Francis, to the extent that doing so would jeopardize Sts. Clare & Francis' standing as a Section 501(c)(3) organization.
If you have an item that you wish to submit for publication in the Weekly News, please send it to Steve Campbell  no later than noon on Wednesday of the week you would like it to appear.  If you cannot  send an e-mail, you may contact Steve at 314.603.9991.
Sts. Clare & Francis ECC
Church : 204 East Lockwood Avenue | St. Louis | MO|63119
Office: 483 East Lockwood Ave. | Suite 3 | St. Louis | MO | 63119