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Weekly Picks Newsletter            Friday, December 9, 2016
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium sanguineum var. striatum (Cranesbill)
cnla winter symposium logo Save the Date!
CNLA  Winter Symposium

This winter make plans to head up to the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association's Winter Symposium. Held over two days its packed with interesting lectures, a trade show, pesticide certification credits and a chance to meet new people and see old friends from our industry.
Featured speakers include Rick Darke and Lee Reich!

: Wed. & Thurs. January 25 & 26
Where: Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT
         More Information: Take a look at the Schedule and Register now!

Don't forget to stop in at our booth and say hi!
Compact is the name of the game...
Bosnian Pine Cultivars
Pinus leucodermis Emerald Arrow
Emerald Arrow Bosnian Pine 5/6'

We have a nice selection of Pinus leucodermis (a.k.a P. heldreichii - Bosnian Pine). They're a nice change of pace for foundations, island beds, conifer gardens, lower evergreen screening and accent plants. It's native to southeastern Europe and hardy to zone 5. The needles are long and very stiff and rigid but the branches are fairly flexible offering a better chance at withstanding a heavy snowfall. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. They are very salt tolerant (great along the shore!), deer resistant, drought tolerant once established and slow growers. All in all a low maintenance plant.

'Emerald Arrow' (seen here) is an upright branching evergreen with a narrower habit than our others. It will grow 15' high x 8' wide.

'Groen' is the most compact form reaching only about 10' with dark green needles.

'Mint Truffle' has a pear-shaped habit with upturned branches. Grows 12' high by 8' wide.

Above available mostly in the Newtown sales yard. Call for current availability.

There's still time to warm up that landscape so stop in and take a look soon.

Planting bulbs near the sign
Dave, Angel and Greg planted some bulbs this week...can't wait until spring! 
25% Off Spring Flowering Bulbs 
There is still a selection of Allium, Crocus, Hyacinths, Spanish Bluebells, Narcissus and Tulips! Don't miss out on this special!

35% off B&B Hybrid Holly & Japanese Holly
(Does not include American Holly Ilex opaca) 

40% off 48-52" Hedge Grade & Specimen Common Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) 

50% off B&B Junipers  

Call for varieties, pricing and availability to either yard.
Sales price not included on any transferring of material between yards. In stock only, while supplies last.
Don't forget to check out the 50% Off Area in both sales yards - Don't Miss Out!   


Viburnum Asian Beauty
Asian Beauty Viburnum

Colorful fruit keeps things interesting this time of year and Viburnum dilatatum 'Asian Beauty' (Linden Viburnum) is a prime example. It's a nice, multi-season shrub with white flowers in spring, deep red foliage in fall followed by persistent cherry-red berries. A favorite of many designers, they not only retain the bright red color longer than most Viburnum, they are also a reliable fruiter on their own where most Viburnum need others for cross pollination. Plant in full sun to partial shade in average soil. Grows 8-10' high.

Winter Gold Winterberry
Winter Gold Winterberry

  Ilex verticillata 'Winter Gold' (Winterberry) is just another color option when it comes to fruit. The peachy-orange berries are loved by Blue Birds and can be picked clean by a flock in one afternoon - but only once the leaves have fallen and they are fully ripened - sometimes lasting through mid January.

Coral Bell selection
Even though Ana and Pilar have the perennial houses packed and secure they are still accessible and loaded with options for your last-minute December jobs. Dan made sure we had a beautiful selection of Heuchera (Coral Bells) this year - full in their pots and overflowing!
Have a Great Weekend!
Weekly Plant I.D.

Last Weeks ID
Last Weeks ID
Geum coccineum 'Borisii'
This Weeks ID
This Weeks ID
Avens ( Geum coccineum 'Borisii') is a perennial we wrote about earlier in the season while it was in full flower - New for us this year it was a great performer and we'll be happy to see it again in the spring. Small intense orange flowers bloom late spring and again in summer with deadheading. The fuzzy foliage creates a low mound and is nearly evergreen through the winter, with the older leaves changing shades of pink and red. Deer resistant, zone 5.

Put it on your 2017 list for the front of the border!

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