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Weekly Picks Newsletter            Friday, December 16, 2016
Hot Shot Azalea
Planning ahead: The propagation houses will be filling up as Dan's crew plant cuttings this winter. These Hot Shot Azaleas were planted this summer and will be ready 2019. 
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We will be CLOSED Monday, December 26th and Monday, January 2nd 
OPEN Tues. - Friday December 27 - 30 
Mark's Tip
Keep that Sprayer in Shape!

As deer spraying season gets into full swing, the usual problems can arise with your application equipment. Most all deer sprays have some kind of sticking agent in them, usually a latex material, that once it's dry it is very difficult to remove - especially from your sprayer. Even the travel time between jobs can  allow the sticker left in small nozzles and valves to dry enough to become clogged and inoperable. Here are some good tips to keep them in shape:

1. Carry some hot water in a thermos or jug. If the nozzles haven't dried completely, hot water is enough to get them clear.
2. At the end of the day, run some hot water through the sprayer and rinse out the nozzles and valves.
3. Pick up some pink, non-toxic RV antifreeze in gallon jugs at a hardware store and pump it through valves, nozzles and pumps, especially if you are finished for the season. This is inexpensive, prevents freezing and also lubricates o-rings and washers preventing them from becoming hard and dry which could cause leaking in the spring. It is the best insurance you can buy for a sprayer!
4. Most latex based stickers can be removed from nozzles and valves with a solvent like GOOF-OFF for removing latex paints.

Remember: Bobbex should applied when temperatures are 35ºF or higher. 

Save the Dates

As you start thinking about the winter ahead, make sure to keep these dates open for first-hand information from top professionals in our industry. Don't forget to stop by our booth and say hi!
When: Thursday, January 19
Where: Aqua Turf Club - Plantsville, CT
More info: Click here
'The Connecticut Tree Protective Association's Annual Meeting is a one day gathering of CTPA members and others involved in trees and tree care, in either a professional or personal capacity.  The meeting includes a trade show, educational presentations and a great meal!'

  CNLA Winter Symposium 
When: Thursday & Friday, January 25 & 26
Where: Aqua Turf Club - Plantsville, CT
More info: Click here 

'The Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association brings together Connecticut's largest green industry trade show. Don't miss out on two days of educational programs, pesticide credits and the opportunity to meet with vendors in your area!'

CT Groundskeepers Logo CGKA Turf and Landscape Conference
When: February 23
Where: Radisson Hotel, Cromwell, CT
More Info: Click here

The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association is one of the leading horticultural, agricultural and landscape business association in the state.

ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace
ELA logo
When: Wednesday & Thursday, March 8 & 9
Where: UMass Campus Center, Amherst, MA
More info: Click here
'The 2016 Ecological Landscaping Association's Annual Conference brings together well-known experts for a lively exchange of information and experiences. Immerse yourself in a two-day exploration of ecological concepts that support living landscapes!'


Phenomenal Lavender

These Lavender x 'Phenomenal' will be potted into 1 gallon containers and ready for sale this spring. They make a nice mounded plant with tall flower spikes growing to 24". They have a great fragrance, are drought tolerant and deer resistant! Remember, good drainage and full sun is key with Lavender.

Entrance with container evergreens
Container Evergreens: There's still a decent selection of broadleaf and needled evergreens in smaller containers for your entryways and seasonal pots. For larger evergreens call either office for availability.      

  Wood Chips Needed:  Keep us in mind this winter when you're trucks are about to overflow with wood chips. Both sales yards can use them so feel free to drop them off!  

Wood chips needed
Newtown:  Drop off anytime, the gate is open on Huntingtown Road near the intersection of Brushy Hill Rd. Look for the 'Dump Chips Here' sign.

: Please drop off during business hours. We can also use your leaves and cow/horse manure!
Call either office for details.  Newtown 203-426-4037  |  Watertown 860-945-6588

Have a Great Winter!

Hey everyone - this will be our last Weekly Picks for the 2016 Season! We hope you've gotten some useful turf tips, learned about new plants and had fun with the Plant IDs throughout this year.
Remember - even though you won't see us in your Inbox every Friday until March we are open year round! Keep sending over your Spring Quotes, stop in for some last minute gifts (some new Felco Pruners would be nice...), or just say hi! So, rest up - spring is less than 100 days away!
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Weekly Plant I.D. 

This Weeks Pland ID
This Weeks Plant ID
Last Wees ID 
Last Weeks ID 
Clethra alnifolia
Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia) is one of our
top selling native shrubs. It not only tolerates shady sites and moist soil, it's also chosen for the white, fragrant summer flowers, glossy f oliage and cool seed capsules for winter interest. They are typically found throughout the eastern half of the U.S. in swampy/boggy sites, along streams and edges of woodlands, but can also do well closer to the house in partial to full shade provided they have moist soil. (Upright habit, 6-10').

We grow C. alnifolia and also several cultivars: 'Ruby Spice' (upright habit, pink flowers 6-8')), and 'Sixteen Candles' (rounded compact form, 4-5'). Read more about Summersweet and think about them for your spring jobs!   
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