Uncorked Bar Books Vinyl Bistro contains K-Town’s Best Wine and Bourbon Bars, an interior courtyard for intimate dining, an expansive outdoor patio for people watching on Historic Market Square, and a kitchen specializing in delicious small plates to share. Uncorked has turntables in both its Vino and Vinyl Bar and its Bourbon & Books Bar, so guests may choose the best vinyl in every genre of music to complete their experience in the beating heart of downtown Knoxville.
10 out of 10 Scientists agree that spending time on Uncorked's patio adds years to your life!
Scruffy City Hall presents a special collaboration between Ruby Amanfu + Steelism! Friday June 30th


Whether on Beyonce’s new album  Lemonade, or singing her own songs, Ghana-born and Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ruby Amanfu’s voice is one you only have to hear once to remember forever. Not an artist to be pegged, Amanfu’s musical style knows no boundaries.

In 2007, Amanfu earned Grammy recognition for “Heaven’s My Home” by way of the Canadian band, The Duhks, which she co-wrote with Katie Herzig. The following year, Sam & Ruby’s own recording of the song was also featured in a pivotal scene in the much-anticipated film adaptation of the New York Times’ best-seller, “The Secret Life of Bees," while Sam & Ruby’s Rykodisc-released 2009 album, The Here & The Now was named the #1 Album of the Year by the Associated Press.Amanfu has always been inspired by the art of collaboration. Most recently, her powerful vocals infused Beyonce’s track, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” from the album,  Lemonade.

She has also lent her vocals to Jack White, most recognizably on his debut single, "Love Interruption" as well as throughout both of his solo albums, Blunderbuss and Lazaretto. Recordings of Ruby with such other artists as Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and Hozier can be heard throughout the airwaves and on YouTube.


In September 2014, Nashville-based instrumental outfit, Steelism, were introduced to a national audience with the release of their debut full-length album, 615 to FAME. The record, featuring ten original instrumentals and one cover, became a calling card for the band’s versatile yet distinct sound, drawing influence from film score composers like Ennio Morricone and ’60s instrumental acts like Booker T. & the M.G.s, The Ventures and Pete Drake. With their latest effort, ism, Steelism offers a more holistic listening experience, inspired by mid-century modern design, early Brian Eno productions and 70s film scores. They also introduce featured vocalists into their instrumental canon for the first time. The result is a refreshing sonic palette with an invigorating twist on the Intoxicating Sounds of Steelism.
Check out the video for  Steelism - "Roulette" (feat. Ruby Amanfu)
The Southern Belles & Soul Mechanic

Preservation Pub ~ Friday June 2nd

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  Check out the  The Southern Belles - Getaway 
   Smooth Sailor's last public cruise until August!  
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More than just being heart-healthy, wine has a slew of surprising health benefits. Learn how wine helps improve skin, helps protect your teeth, prevents stroke and diabetes.

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Exclusive peak at the upcoming walking tour: Lost Tales of Scruffy City

Stand in the middle of Market  Square and look east to the building now containing Earth to Old City

Although still-young-by-Market-Square-standards, ETOC has been selling unique gifts and “Keep Knoxville Scruffy!” merchandise for over 25 years. 

Long before there was an Earth to Old City though,  RCA scout Brad McKuen had a theory about another shop at 22 Market Square, owned by Sam Morrison. Back in the 1950s, McKuen made his regular stop at Bell Sales Co. on the belief that if a record sold well at Bell it had potential for going national due to the variety of people who wandered onto Market Square from both city and countryside. 

On that day, Sam confided to McKuen, “There’s something very interesting happening here.” Over the summer, he’d sold 5,000 copies of a single record playing it from a turntable and speakers in his window. That record was “That’s All Right Mama” by a teenager named Elvis Presley ... RCA signed him and The King went on to  become one of the most famous artists in history. 

Another music-loving Market Square merchant who once had one of his 27 grocery stores on the west or “spittin side” of Market Square, “Cas” Walker, “champion of small farmers and the working class,”   was also a big supporter of country music. 

When he wasn’t punching fellow City Councilmen in the mouth, threatening shoplifters with bodily harm in his parking lot, or calling fluoride a communist plot, he was hosting “The Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour” (1929-1983) and launching the careers of such notable locals as The Everly Brothers and Dolly Parton (who first appeared on Cas Walker’s show in 1956 at the tender age of 10). Cas Walker holds the dubious distinction of being elected as Mayor AND recalled for malfeasance within 11 months of taking office. Another former Mayor, George Dempster once quipped, “If I ordered a whole shipment of S.O.B.s and they just sent Cas, I’d sign for the shipment.” 

Speaking of campers and Cas Walker, Knoxville billionaire Jim Clayton (who once aspired to become a country music singer himself), founded Clayton Mobile Homes, the largest manufacturer of manufactured homes in the U.S. 

Clayton sold the company to a fella by the name of Warren Buffet (a.k.a. richest dude on the planet), who was inspired by Clayton’s autobiography First a Dream (and can you believe it, neither one of the old coots even lived in a trailer, not even a double-wide). 

Concerts on the Square

Marble City 5 will provide the cool jazz on Tuesdays, from May 2 through August 29. The free tunes will flow, 8:00-10:00 p.m., from the Bill Lyons Pavilion. Prestige Cleaners is presenting Jazz Tuesdays. The Variety Thursdays concert series...

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