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How do you communicate with your people and keep them safe?

Our ability to communicate with others has never been more technically advanced than it is right now. With technology comes challenges. Like how do you integrate the many stand-alone systems into one platform to enable Mass Communication of messages when you need it?
  • Use your VoIP phones, simultaneously, to send a message
  • Tie in your background music speakers as well
  • Send SMS messaging to each employee or registered occupant
  • Utilize the overhead paging and Fire Alarm systems
  • Visually message through all of your flat screen panels
Systems that bring all systems together is where we're headed. To help you protect the most valuable asset in your space, your people.


It's time to dive deeper into the Internet of Things and how it can effect work spaces.


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There's finally an answer to the age-old adage: "work smarter, not harder" and it comes in the form of bulk packaging.


As technology advances, so must standards. CommScope ®
has you covered. Read this article for the latest on POE standards.

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